More and more information emerges: Google is probably only changing the Pixel 4a (5G) a little and then reselling it as the Pixel 5a.

Google Pixel 5a: In the first half of the year, Google could introduce a first new smartphone for this year, the new model is most likely an a-device again. According to previous experience, it is the cheapest smartphone of the latest generation. But is it even worth waiting for this device? According to the latest and already known information, this is unfortunately not the case.

With the release of the latest preview version of Android 12, the new smartphone is also shown in the source code. There it is listed under the same code name as the Pixel 4a (5G) already had. In addition to this, the first major, tangible leak from a few weeks ago, unfortunately all of this does not sound particularly “new”. According to previous knowledge, this means a pixel 5a that is simply just a pixel 4a (5G).

Google no longer without 5G: More and more leaks suggest that the Pixel 5a has little new to offer

Already the known case dimensions allowed this conclusion, the identical code name only confirms the assumptions of some international colleagues even more. Perhaps the Pixel 5a has a slightly newer processor than the Pixel 4a (5G) and, with a bit of luck, even a 90 Hz OLED display. Compared to the regular Pixel 4a, the annual upgrade would be decent.

Google would probably not introduce a smartphone without 5G this year either.



Another certification appeared recently, which seems to confirm the imminent market launch of the Pixel 5a. A few days ago an insider promised the event for June 11th, although the presentation may be reduced to a simple press release. Google doesn’t necessarily make a big thing out of every idea of ​​new hardware, as is usually the case with other manufacturers.

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