On March 11, Boss Level, a new comedy thriller by Joe Carnahan, will be released in Russian cinemas. The director of “Skirmish” and “Smokin ‘Aces” has been working closely with Frank Grillo for a long time. It was he who got the role of Roy Pulver, a former military man stuck in a time loop and forced to die at the hands of killers over and over again. They asked a few questions to Crossbones from Marvel, the harsh trainer from Kingdom and the most charming character in “Doomsday” – and at the same time they found out what roles he dreams of playing at 70 years old.

– Congratulations on the release of a great movie! How did Joe Carnahan manage to lure you into this project, what attracted you to it?

– And he did not lure. Joe Carnahan and I worked on The Gray many years ago. After Fight, we wanted to make this film, but we couldn’t do it. In the end, Joe and I formed the production company Warparty Pictures, and this is our sixth film together. My favorite director is also my business partner.

For almost a decade we have been constantly returning to the idea of ​​”Day of the Kurk”, and now both have finally earned enough trust to invest in our film.

Liam Neeson and Frank Grillo in The Gray

– One of the most memorable scenes of the film is a kind of intro, when Roy wakes up over and over again and repeats the same set of actions. Was it filmed many times?

– Yes, we had to shoot the first scene a bunch of times – every awakening I had to do something new. So she was the most repetitive on set. Although, for example, we shot the jump from the window into the sand truck from one take.

– Probably, everything took no longer than the stage with the elevator from “The First Avenger: Another War”? You said it was filmed for six days.

“Oh no, it was much longer than six days. But they didn’t beat me like they did in this elevator!

– From the outside, it seems that “Day of the Trigger” was incredibly fun to shoot. Especially repetitive elements, as with Celina Law and her catchphrase (Celina Law played one of the hitmen – ed.). How do you keep your face on the set? Wearing a tough guy look?

– No-no, I’m usually on the set that still gouges. Joe and I love to have fun and always try to make it fun on the set: a lot of music, a lot of laughter. Sometimes we joke that having so much fun and then getting paid for it is just illegal.

– Sounds like the right approach.

– Yes, in such a business it is better to have fun, otherwise it makes no sense. Even if the film doesn’t succeed, it’s always fun to get involved in the process. I never come to the set thinking, “I wish I hadn’t been here.”

Frank Grillo and Mel Gibson on the set of Day of the Trigger

– The entire film is imbued with the spirit of video games, from its structure to the Street Fighter competition in the underground club. The logical question is: how closely are you familiar with games?

– Of course, I played all these games when I was a child. But in general, my real guide to this world is my son Rio, he is a serious gamer. He specially equipped his room for this and devotes a lot of time to this, so all my knowledge is from him.

And so, I have something to do only with old games, with everything retro that is in the film.

– By the way, about Rio – it is he who plays your son in the film and spends quite a long time on the screen. Does he have any kind of passion for acting?

– You know, Rio had a passion before, before the film. He really liked filming and acting, he made amateur films with his friends, he even wrote scripts.

And now he’s a gamer! Trigger Day comes out, and I tell Rio, “You know, now you might be offered other roles as well.” And he replies: “Well, no, I don’t want to … Unless if Marvel calls.” He has very clear requests.

Grillo as Crossbones, the villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

– Are there any famous images in action movies that you would like to try on yourself? Or maybe time for more dramatic roles? Roy got a lot more depth in the film than is usually the case in entertaining action films.

– You know, at my advanced age I really like to shoot action. I will stay on this path as long as possible, as much as it makes sense at all. My mate, Liam Neeson, has been doing cool roles for almost 70 years – I want to follow in his footsteps if I can.



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