Already on March 18, HBO Max and KinoPoisk HD will simultaneously release the director’s cut of Justice League. By the four-hour epic from Zach Snyder, there are quite high expectations from the fans – it was not in vain that they sought its release. If you nevertheless decide to defeat this titan in one session in front of a laptop or TV screen, this is a reminder material for you. Based on personal experience.

Remember why we love Zach Snyder

Nobody can predict what the alternative version of Justice League will be. But one thing is for sure: fans of Zack Snyder waited for their finest hour and did a completely unprecedented thing.

Why is Snyder’s version so important?

First of all, I think because of the “300”. Decades, maybe centuries will pass, but the legendary character of this film is unlikely to ever be blown away. The perfect combination of serious, pretentious style, good shooting and limitless potential is to blame for everything. In addition, there is still a good “Dawn of the Dead” and “Sucker Punch”.

And of course, during the league’s darkest and most drawn-out moments, remind yourself that Zack Snyder has directed The Guardians. After all, a separate caste of people is still the best film adaptation of comics in the history of cinema. And since Snyder has directed The Guardians, we will forgive him for the four-hour epic about the League.

Stock up on snacks and coffee

Film lengths are a potential problem. And in cinemas “Justice League” will not be shown, and after all there it would be most convenient to run out for popcorn and cola.

Unfortunately, the producers of snacks did not pay for this material, so we will not advise any specific ones. But stocking up on food to your taste is really worth it. “Snyderkat” is conceived precisely as a full-fledged film, therefore it is recommended to watch it at one time and on the big screen.

No, no, yes, your hand will reach for additional fuel for the brain. For example, I stocked up with an oreo cookie in honor of one of the movie posters.

Remember all the awkward questions (and get ready to look for answers)

A wonderful heading “Inconvenient Questions” is our support, friend and comrade when watching “Snyderkat”. It accumulates all the shortcomings and nonsense of the 2017 version, which the director’s cut can fix.

Disclaimer: Kanobu is tolerant of viewers who love Justice League 2017! But there is indeed a rather long series of questions about the film, its logic and plot decisions.

There is a theory that all the answers are hidden in a pristine, ideal version of Snyder. Editing and dramatically reducing the picture can really affect its meaning. Let’s see how much Snyder’s version turns out to be more logical and slimmer than Whedon’s version.

Browse our hub

From the moment Snyder announced the director’s cut, Kanobu has meticulously pieced together all the promotional material, hints and theories about the upcoming League. All of them are collected in one explanatory material.

In addition to news, the hub has collected the best articles about Justice League – a review of the old version, accompanying DCEU films and some thoughts on why the superhero team did not work out.

Refresh the Bible

Understanding the references at the level of Superman-Jesus and Longinus’s spear from kryptonite is not difficult. But in the Old and New Testaments, there are many more fascinating moments that a director can turn into metaphors.

You can joke about “biblical references” as much as you want, but Snyder himself began to play along with the audience. At least one would like to think that the Joker in the image of Christ is such a meta-humor.

One way or another, we advise you to skim through the most famous biblical stories: this broadens your horizons, and understanding the film can simplify

Put on a good soundtrack

There may be valid claims to the 2017 film, but unlikely to the soundtrack. Of course, it is not as contrastingly beautiful as the tracks for Suicide Squad. But Danny Elfman always creates melodies at the level, and the rock version of Come Together is capable of inspiring a superhero mood in anyone.

View (or read) recaps of previous films

I hope you, like me, sometimes want to ask Zach Snyder: Zach, why don’t you shoot TV shows? The director’s and theatrical versions of his films are so full of events that you can’t remember everything.

Especially for this, there is a glorious tradition of recaps abroad (from the English recap – resume, summing up). And if knowledge of English allows, you can remember “Man of Steel” and “Batman v Superman” in just 4 minutes.

Unfortunately, Russian-language resources are rarely engaged in recaps (as they say, a note to the hostess). But even a quick glance at the description of the plot on the Wiki will be useful.

Optional – still revise the “Justice League”

A hybrid film from the efforts of Snyder and Whedon came out in 2017 – almost four years ago. Details and plot twists for such a period are erased from the memory of even the most devoted fans.

To fully compare the two versions, you still need to refresh your memory of the first “League”. In general, I did not like this film at all, but even it has positive moments. And even if, in your opinion, they do not exist, the contrast from a lighter “theater-goer” and a more serious “director” will be interesting.

And, in the name of Superman, don’t forget – Zach Snyder once directed The Guardians!



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