Cloud II from HyperX came out in 2015. Many gamers have appreciated them for their reliability and convenience, for high-quality performance at a relatively low cost. But in 2021, it’s time to move forward, so meet the wireless version of Cloud II.


The HyperX Cloud II Wireless body has remained the same: a wide, springy headband, stamped metal cup holders that completely cover the ears. There are a minimum of plastic parts, all power elements are made of metal, and even the oval cup lids are made of aluminum alloy.

The headband is wide, 39 mm, with a thick elastic insert. It distributes the clamping force well over the entire area of ​​contact with the head. Adjustment on the length of the “protrusion” 35 mm on each side. Large ear cushions, made of soft eco-leather, filling – memory foam. Ears of almost any size will fit in them, including the depth (20 mm).

Condenser microphone with noise reduction, fixed on a removable flexible arm 80 mm long, connected to the left ear cup. A mute LED is mounted at the base of the microphone.

There are three controls: two buttons and a volume control. The buttons are responsible for turning on / off the headset and microphone, they are well differentiated by touch. The LED on the left earcup glows green when turned on and turns red when the battery is less than 15% charged. The capacity of the latter is 1500 mAh. The manufacturer promises up to 30 hours of continuous operation at 50% volume.

The built-in battery can be charged and the firmware updated via the USB Type-C connector mounted on the left earcup. The complete half-meter cable is of good quality, but rather short, you have to use an extension cord for convenient placement of the headset when connected to the network. The battery is fully charged in an hour and a half.

Connection to a PC and other devices is carried out via a 2.4 GHz radio channel using a USB “whistle”, which is inserted into any free socket. Declared compatibility with PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

In work

The impressions from use are positive. Continuous work for more than 5 hours revealed only one drawback of the Cloud II Wireless – the ears and skin in contact with the ear pads sweat quickly. But this is typical of many headphones with a similar design of cups and is partially solved by replacing the material of the ear pads (there are no replaceable ones in the kit). But they fit snugly and almost completely cut off background noise, and the bass becomes more rolling.

53-mm emitters confidently “play” from 25 Hz and do not hide small details. This creates an additional sense of presence in games and movies, especially in a combat environment. Compared to studio monitors (for example, Sony MDR-7506), the sound of the Cloud II Wireless is not so “transparent”, but there is no “deafness” characteristic of many headsets.

The microphone is comfortable, does not interfere with conversation and actions, clearly conveys speech. Extraneous sounds are cut off, works well with conference software. Switching on and off is accompanied by a clear sound signal, the glow of the red rim on the bar is noticeable with peripheral vision, and does not irritate with brightness.

The claimed 20 meters of wireless signal coverage in an apartment or a room with capital partitions cannot be achieved, some of the sounds are lost, but within 10 meters the connection does not junk perfectly. In the line of sight, the headset worked confidently 18 meters from the transceiver.

A full Cloud II Wireless battery lasted 28 hours of use. The low battery signal (sound and light) sounded 2 hours before the headset was completely turned off. This is convenient and allows you to schedule charging times or do it in advance.


HyperX Cloud II Wireless is a simple, high-quality headset. The headband and earcup design has proven its reliability back on the HyperX Cloud II, and the Wireless version adds complete freedom from wires. All structural elements are practical in work and thought out to the smallest detail, you get used to the controls in a couple of minutes. The product has not yet appeared in Russian retail. If the price does not exceed the manufacturer’s declared $ 150 in ruble terms, then the Cloud II Wireless can be called one of the best solutions in this segment.

HyperX Cloud II Wireless Specifications

Article: HHSC2X-BA-RD

Headset type: female, closed

Speaker frequency range: 15 Hz – 20 kHz

Impedance: 60 ohm

Emitters: dynamic, 53 mm

Sound pressure: 104 dB SPL / mW (at 1kHz)

Harmonic distortion factor: ≤ 1%

Weight without / with microphone: 0.3 / 0.309 kg

Complete cable: USB Type-A — Type-C, 0,5 м

Battery life: up to 30 hours

Battery: Li-ion, 1500 mAh

Carrier frequency of the radio channel: 2.4 GHz

Reception range: up to 20 m

Microphone TPP: electret condenser

Directional pattern: bidirectional, noise canceling

Microphone frequency range: 50 Hz – 6.8 kHz

Microphone sensitivity:-20 dBV (1 V / Pa at 1 kHz)



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