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It was seriously hard to read this book I m prolife, yes even in the instance of rape, and personally don t agree with birth control either But seriously, this book wasn t a story, it was a prolife, anyone who thinks abortion is ok is an evil person, pamphlet The woman who runs the abortion clinic Well she s a crap parent with a drunk daughter who of course was on birth control And how many people in one story can have an abortion that ruinned their lives and gave them cancer Drivel This book could have been so awesome if the author told a story instead of pushed an agenda. Francine Rivers did such a great job portraying the big issue of abortion in this book The main character, Dinah, a godly young lady, who is serving the Lord has the unexpected happen to her You know the why do bad things happen to good people ordeal Her perfect life is shattered by rape and the consequences multiplied by an unwanted pregnancy which now brings the question, What to do with this child Her life as she knows it is over, unless she does what everyone else seems to think she should do, gets an abortion That would solve it all No bad reputation, no ruined life, no reminders of the bad thing that happened to her, as far as those around her it seems to be the perfect solution but what about the emotional scars abortions can leave No one wants to talk about the facts, or give her any real information on the long term effects of a decision like this Her family is being torn apart, her faith stretched to the limits, and time is running out What will she do This book is so worth the read, for many reasons, but it especially gives insight about the damage abortion can do to a woman physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually I wonder how many women are out there that no one knows what they have gone through or suffered in the course of their lives after having an abortion, whether out of choice or possibly being forced or coerced into one What does God have to say about it Is society s view on the issue an accurate one in light of His Word This book certainly gives much to think about. [Free Kindle] ☩ The Atonement Child ♟ A Beautiful Repackaged Edition Of Francine Rivers S Classic Novel That Breaks Through The Many Taboos Surrounding Abortion In One Terrifying Moment, Dynah Carey S Perfect Life Is Shattered By Rape, Her Future Irrevocably Altered By An Unwanted Pregnancy, And Her Doting Family Torn Apart Her Seemingly Rock Solid Faith Is Pushed To The Limits As She Faces The Most Momentous Choice Of Her Life To Embrace Or To End The Untimely Life Within Her Since this book was a Christian novel about an unwanted pregnancy, one would also expect a strong anti abortion message, but one also would expect a novel Ms Rivers delivers on the former, but not the latter The novel was not without some good points and strong writing, but rather inconsistently At times it appeared Ms Rivers forgot about the quality of the novel altogether Having read Sure As the Dawn I should have been prepared for the fact that Ms Rivers is capable of churning out some really bad junk, as well as her quality novels This sad abortion of a promising novel is one of the times when Ms Rivers drops her standards Yes, I am a Christian and anti abortion and I agree with much of her message, but that doesn t change the fact that the novel has some big problems that, if not Ms Rivers, some good consultants or editors should have fixed Right from the beginning there were some factual errors that put holes in the story so big that you could fly the space shuttle through them and had me gritting my teeth in frustration If she has no medical background, she really should have consulted with a gynecologist before starting the book based on erroneous assumptions like that painful cleaning done in the ER, it is called a DC and prevents pregnancy Possibly, she figured all Christian readers are idiots, so she doesn t have to worry about accuracy or Truth just like the Supreme Court decision she so severely bemoans in the book To me the Truth is important not less so for a Christian, but so Since there was much to like in the book in spite of its flaws, I will end with a positive note Ms Rivers does not take a simplistic black white, secular bad Christian good approach Instead she chooses a thoughty Secular and Legalist bad True Christian good She does not spare the perfect, perfect Christians aka hypocrites in this book The father is a total Christian Slimeball, who thinks his role as spiritual leader is a blackjack God gave him to pound on the inferior females in his life Dean Abernathy is so typical of many I know, primarily men, who love the fetus but not the child and certainly not the mother One can t help but wonder how many of those who scream bloody murder, literally, during anti abortion protests have never lifted a finger to help unwed mothers with their burdens or are content just to add to those burdens I guess they never read what Jesus had to say about that in Mathew 23 and Luke 11 46, but Joe paraphrased it so wonderfully in his confrontation with the Dean one of the book s high points that maybe they ll see the message here in case they skip over the verses of the Bible that address their own sins. Sanctify unto me all the firstborn, whatsoever openeth the womb among the children of Israel, both of man and of beast it is mine Exodus 13 2First Sentence It was on a cold January night when the unthinkable, unpardonable happened.I think the first time I read this book I was to young to fully comprehend the emotional carnage that this book brings I had to take breaks, put the book down and read something else, or just not read for a few days.Some times it s so hard to follow God s word, to do what He wants Rivers portray this struggle so beautifully, so real to live.To date all of Francine Rivers books had made me look at live in new light. What a deep read The premise of the book is rape and abortion, both horrifically nightmare inducing topics If you have a weak system, do not read this book If, however, you do find yourself desiring to place your feet into a rape victims shoes, please put them on carefully A very heart wrenching look into the REAL church culture surrounding abortion and the hypocrisy we tend to hide Francine Rivers never fails to provoke intense reflection and a desire to live a better life This book will bring you to your knees literally, and you will go through a box of kleenex You may even find yourself challenging your own church family to better educate and love their own I read this at a time when a woman made news for being fired from her teaching job after becoming pregnant, and while under different circumstances I find myself questioning the morality Would they have her abort the baby and keep it a secret, enabling her to keep her job What a humbling thought As christians, we are called to love and again Ms Rivers points out the inner selfish desires that cause us to overlook the voice of God pleading with us to open our hearts and arms. After reading several other books by Francine Rivers, I was highly disappointed by this novel While most of her books have a clear evangelical message only bordering on preachy, this one was blatant in its aims I understand that her goal was to unpack abortion, and the regrets and ramifications it causes however, this book felt like a con list for the procedure thinly veiled by a story, rather than a well written plot about a central issue While I enjoyed the main character and her love interest, the rest of the characters fell flat They were simply tools used by the author to show another pro life point Also, I feel like the psychological wounds of the rape causing Dynah s pregnancy were largely glossed over in order to focus on the author s goal To me, an author, or any kind of Christian artist should make people ask questions, think about things in a different way But in this book, Rivers simply beats her point into the ground with every angle she can get In doing that, she failed to write an effective novel. So terrible I tried to give Rivers one last chance Even though I already suffered through Redeeming Love, everyone said I should give this one a chance I thought it was supposed to be a novel, but its actually pro life propoganda, which wouldn t be so bad if you classified it as such But it fails in every way possibly as prose. Warning This book and this review discuss rape, pregnancy, and abortion.Yuck.I m tempted to just leave it at that, but my frustration with this book deserves than a one word review.To start, I can t really remember the decision making process when I chose to read this I know it fulfilled a category in a reading challenge I was casually participating in, but so would a thousand other books Maybe I should have known better than to read a Christian novel about rape and pregnancy, but like, five years ago I read and loved Redeeming Love by the same author, so I figured I was relatively safe.Booooo This isn t even a real novel It s three hundred pages of pro life propaganda I think what pisses me off most about this fact is that Rivers could have told this story with a protagonist who got pregnant after having sex, but instead she chose to use rape as a means to communicate her agenda Her storytelling choices were disgusting, insensitive, and manipulative, to say the least At one point her poor main character explained that being raped wasn t even that bad it was just physical pain that went away pretty quickly No, what really hurt her was the way her loved ones tried to pressure her into getting an abortion Maybe there are real people who feel that way, but it was extremely obvious that Rivers wasn t interested in telling a story about sexual violence and healing She was only interested in convincing her readers that abortion is the evilest thing on the planet I don t really care about her stance on abortion this review isn t a criticism or a support of her opinion on that topic But I am completely disgusted by the way she chose to tell her story and express her opinions Even though I m a Christian, I almost never read Christian fiction and I think it s going to stay that way for a long time I feel so sorry for any rape victims who picked this up hoping for encouragement or compassion and instead got a sermon, and not even a very good sermon at that Even the discussion questions at the end of the book were all about abortion and had nothing to do with sexual violence, so there s no possible excuse to make for the author s agenda This is a pro life opinion piece which is so clunky that when it tries to demonize the pro choice group, even its stereotypes are stereotypes I m so sad that Rivers dragged the sensitive topic of rape into this just for cheap manipulation and drama This book was gross, gross, gross Writing an angry review is cathartic, though. The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers follows the story of a young college girl who is raped and finds herself pregnant Yes, it s intense material and an intense read.While she struggles with the decision of what to do and her faith, her family struggles and nearly falls apart in the process This is a hard topic for anyone to discuss and while the novel itself is an excellent read Rivers is by far one of my favorite authors , I was surprised to find out how close the issue was for the author When asked which book has been the hardest to write and why, Rivers responded The Atonement Child was the most personal and difficult to write because I had to face my own abortion experience Added to the considerable research I did, and women who shared their experiences with me, I went through an intensive post traumatic stress Bible study for post abortive women at our local pregnancy counseling center Reliving all aspects of my abortion decision and experience was excruciating but healing After twenty six years of being imprisoned by guilt and shame, I was free through the power and love of God Though the book was the most heart wrenching to write, it also proved to be the most life changing I ve received countless letters from other post abortive women and have learned my experience is not unique Our nation is filled with wounded men and women The character of Hannah is based on my story, Doug is based on Rick s, and Evie is based on my mother s It s an incredible story that is beautifully written It s honest and doesn t sugar coat how hard a situation like that would be Whatever your thoughts are about abortion, I think its a story worth reading.booksandbeverages.wordpress.com