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More like 4.5 starsHeartwarming and inspirational, The Unexpected Bride delighted me For real I love historical romance anyway, and theinteresting the characters theI like it This romance wasthan a one kiss at the end novel, which I appreciated There was humor, adventure, and enough action to hold my interest I read the story quickly The spiritual thread was well done and felt natural to me I have read a number of books where there are misunderstandings, but they often feel forced This story was believable to me and so was the conflict I wanted to be part of Haydon s family as much as Rainee did She was a lovable heroine and I could see why Haydon let down his guard despite his initial resistance I loved watching him slowly melt because of her sweet spirit and tender personality, but at the same time she had some fire and strength in her He admired that and so did I I loved all of the characters in this story because they were well developed This is another example of why I enjoy Love Inspired Historical romancesthan any other LI fiction imprint. The Unexpected Bride by Debra UllrickHayden Bowen was married once and that wasthan enough His wife passed away and his brother thought he was doing Hayden a favor by answering an add a woman put out for a groom Jess was wrong Hayden picked the woman up at the stagecoach, after having to fight off a drunk who was trying to force himself upon her He chose to let Jess tell her about what he did Only Jess was too hurt from Hayden s horse, Rebel, kicking him because of Hayden s anger Now what was he to do with this beautiful doe eyed gal He reminded himself of his failure to Melanie constantly so that he would keep his heart protected If he opened up at all, this gal would surely slip right under his shield.Rainelle Victoria Devonwood, known as Rainee, was running from a dangerous situation into another unknown From the letters Hayden has sounded like a wonderful Christian man And he had protected her from that man by the stagecoach He was a rather handsome man and well muscled Her mother would turn over in her grave to know how improper Rainee was being by looking at a mans muscles Her father was from England and her mother from the South Her father liked all the proprieties he grew up with and mother went along with it So Rainee had learned how to become a lady, but she was still rebellious on the inside They had both died two years ago and for some reason her brother hated her If she did not leave her home she would have either died at his hand or by the old man her brother had sold her too Only she has arrived at Idaho and it seems Hayden does not want her either.This book was so full of lovable characters Hayden s family lives on their farm in three homes built close together Hayden has a home, Jesse and his wife, Hannah and than the big home is his mother, Katherine, brother Michael and sisters Leah and Abby Five year old Abby is so sweet and endearing as well as Miss Kitty the big pig who thinks she s a dog Only problem is Rainee s great fear of pigs. [Free E-pub] ♊ The Unexpected Bride ♷ After The Disaster Of His First Marriage, Haydon Bowen Has No Intention Of Marrying Again Unfortunately, His Brother Has Some Intentions Of His Own, And Plans To See To It That Haydon Finds Happiness Once So He Answers A Groom Wanted Advertisement In Haydon S Name And Sends Haydon To Meet His New Bride At The Stagecoach Stop For Beautiful, Cultured Rainelle Devonwood, Any Dangers She May Face In The Idaho Territories Are Preferable To Staying With Her Abusive Brother So Even When Rainee Learns She S A Mistakenly Ordered Bride, She Won T Let Haydon Drive Her Away She S Up To The Challenge Of Life On The Difficult, Demanding Frontierand The Greater Challenge Of Opening Haydon S Heart Again Loved this series. Title THE UNEXPECTED BRIDEAuthor Debra UllrickPublisher Love Inspired HistoricalMay 2011ISBN 978 0 373 82870 8Genre Inspirational historical romanceRainelle Devonwood has been raised by a British father and a southern mother, so she is refined and cultured When her parents are killed, signing up to be a mail order bride to the wilderness of the Idaho Territories is preferable to staying with her abusive brother Haydon Bower has no intentions of marrying again His first marriage was an absolute disaster, and he has decided that marrying isn t worth it Unfortunately, his brother has plans of his own, so he answers a groom wanted ad, in Haydon s name, and then sends Haydon to meet his new bride.When Rainee discovers that she s been a mistakenly ordered bride, she is still determined to not let Haydon drive her away She may not be wanted as a bride, but she is definitely up to the challenge of living on the difficult, demanding frontier and maybe to opening Haydon s heart THE UNEXPECTED BRIDE is the first Love Inspired Historical by Ms Ullrick but I am certain it won t be the last Rainee is a delightful heroine, strong and courageous, definitely willing to take on challenges that are outside her realm of experiences Haydon has been deeply hurt, but he is stillthan willing to jump in to rescue Rainee when a drunken man attempts to accost her, even though this man threatens to make him pay for interrupting his pleasures I enjoyed reading THE UNEXPECTED BRIDE and am looking forward to readingby this author Discussion questions are included at the end of the book 5.50 280 pages. Rainelle Devonwood is on the run Desperate to escape her brother s cruelty and avoid a forced marriage to a man whose heartlessness exceeds even that of her sibling, Rainee places a Groom Wanted ad and finds herself a husband in the Utah Territory.Problem is, her groom to be doesn t know he has a bride Haydon Bowen has lived through one disastrous marriage, and has no plans to ever risk his heart again So when his brother accepts a mail order bride in Haydon s name, he s none too pleased Still, since a member of his family is the sole reason the young woman is so far from home with nowhere to go, he and his family take Rainee into their home until she can find another groom.Now Rainee and Haydon face a mutual problem avoiding the lure of romance Haydon is determined to never love again Rainee, feeling the sting of his rejection, simply wants to find another groom and disappear from the Bowens lives.But God has other plans.THE UNEXPECTED BRIDE is chock full of joy and sorrow, laughter and tears, and a whole spectrum of other emotions As Rainee peers over her shoulder in fear of her brother s inevitable arrival, Haydon s gentle nature and protective instincts leave himthan susceptible to the young beauty s charms Rainee s bright spirit and curious nature make her a completely lovable character, while female readers will lose their hearts to Haydon within a few pages.Debra Ullrick knows how to spin a tale, and how to develop living, breathing, walk off the page characters Readers will fall in love with this spunky heroine, the gentleman hero, and the entire Bowen family especially little Abby Kitty also becomes a valid character, but I won t spoil the storyline by talking about her Warning Do not open this book unless you have time to read it all the way through Rainelle Rainee Victoria Devonworth will do whatever it takes to get away from her abusive brothereven if it means putting out an ad for a husband She could only hope the ad was answered sooner then later Haydon Bowen has had it with love After the torment that Melanie put him through, he ll never marry again However, Jesse has other plans in mind To help his brother out, Jesse answers Rainee s ad and now Haydon finds himself looking for a woman at the train platform Haydon is only slightly concerned about what happened to Jesse before he left when he sees a classy woman being accosted by a surly man Haydon jumps in to the hero and finds out that he s rescuing Rainee How does one deal with a woman they don t want Jesse is in no position to get rid of her, now will Mr Bowen s mother hear anything of it She s now a guest in her home Rainee is thankful and will do whatever she can to stay away from her brother Ferrin, even if it means answering another man s ad for a wife I love stories like this Often times I wish I could have lived back in those times The formality used is sweet and stuffy at the same time I cannot imagine calling my husband Mr in these days and times I appreciated the romance and suspense that this book presented I did see the ending happening as it did though, so this book was a bit predictable for me. A mail order bride, an unwilling groom, and a pigMarriage to a stranger from the rugged West is a far better choice for cultured Rainee Devonwood than staying in the home of her abusive brother She hopes the Idaho Territory is far enough away that he will never find her But all her plans go haywire when she arrives in Paradise Haven and discovers the man she came to marry didn t order a bride and doesn t want a wife What will she do now Debra Ullrick does a great job of bringing to life the Bowen farm Each character has its own unique personality, including the family s pet pig, Kitty She puts her heroine in an impossibly awkward situation, yet Rainee responds with grace and allows her faith to carry her through Haydon is a great character He s a responsible man who loves family and home, but I wanted to smack him a time or two for the way he treated Rainee Once I learned what motivated him, I could understand his hesitation to marry again The Unexpected Bride is a fun and exciting historical romance that is sure to tug your heartstrings and make you smile I really wanted to give this book a 4.5 but didn t have that option. Wonderful Story I absolutely loved this book I was swept away in this beautiful love story from the first paragraph until the very last line Debra s storytelling ability is phenomenal Each scene was described in such detail, I felt like I was actually in Paradise Haven, in Idaho Territory The story never slowed it s pace, it continued to build with each turn of the page Rainee Devonwood place a groom wanted advertisement in hopes of escaping a terrible and life threatening fate As soon as she receives a response from her future husband, Rainee flees for her life into unfamiliar territory Haydon Bowen s, brother Jesse, answers the ad in Haydon s name, without Haydon s knowledge, until Jesse sends him to meet his future bride at the stagecoach stop After the disaster of his first marriage, Haydon has NO intention of marrying ever again But, Rainee quickly falls in love with Haydon, and she refuses to let him drive her away This book is a must read for anyone looking for a heart touching love story 3.5 stars