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Read for a work project Another book from the Dear Canada series, this time featuring a collection of short stories by popular children s writers Hoping for Home includes short stories featuring male main characters, which provides a different outlook from the traditional female main characters. [Free] ♈ Hoping for Home ♾ In These Eleven Original Stories, Characters Bravely Face The Challenges Of Settling Into A New Life In This Wonderful New Short Story Anthology, Eleven Of Canada S Top Children S Authors Contribute Stories Of Immigration, Displacement And Change, Exploring The Frustration And Uncertainty Those Changes Can Bring Told In First Person Narratives, This Collection Features A Diverse Cast Of Boys And Girls, Each One Living At A Different Point In Canada S Vast Landscape And History With Unforgettable Protagonists Such As Miriam, A Warsaw Ghetto Survivor, Now Reunited With Her Family In Montreal Wong Joe On, A Young Chinese Immigrant Who Faces Racism In A Small Saskatchewan Town And Insy, An Ojibwe Girl Who Makes Her First Trip To A White Town In Northern Ontario Young Readers Will Be Moved By The Opportunities And Difficulties That These Characters Face, As Each One Ponders What It Means To Be Canadian, And Struggles To Fit In Too many of the stories were events covered by Dear Canada in separate books so they felt unoriginal Several didn t go with the theme of the collection Two characters had the same name One story made absolutely no sense Couldn t get interested in the characters since they were only given short stories At least the Christmas collections are about characters readers are already familiar with. Dear Justine Greening If you could commission someone to write a British version of this and make it part of the primary PSHE History curriculum, that would be awesome Canada totally has the right idea on this. Hoping for Home is a great read, especially for those interested in learning about Canadian history, without having to commit to reading one long story The diverse short stories in this book, as well as their historical background, make this book a must read, especially for Canada Day My favorite story was To learneven a little.It was my favorite because it was most interesting and I like interesting books and stories. A collection of stories about immigrants to Canada They come from different eras and different locations and sometimes the journey is within Canada. story of immigrants to canada spread over time perios 1700 1900s interesting different arrivals some funny some sarcastic some very sad