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i think that i like this book because it t so excitied and a lot of secret it s so funny Lsobel have to find answer that why Young mi hate and followed her And she s so scared because her parents didn t tell about The Black Pearl to her.Ant then she want to know that why Young mi want to kill her so she have to go to Cheju do because Young mi said she have to go there if she didn t go Young mi will kill her.So she goes there and finding story about Young mi.Finally she meets Li Nam Su and ask about Young mi story.He can tell about Young mi story very clear because he s her brother.And then she bring The Black Pearl back to Young mi s mother and Young mi is gone it s so excitied and funny to me.i m really enjoy this book i really like this story. `DOWNLOAD E-PUB ☠ The Black Pearl ⇸ Jack Looked At His Watch It Would Be Four Hours Before The Train Arrived In Seoul He Suggested Telling Ghost Stories A Woman Volunteered She Stared At Jack Her Dark Eyes Were Strange And Not Very Friendly Suddenly, She Asked Jack If He Believed In Ghost Jack Laughed And Said Of Course Not She Looked At Each One Of The Young People Jack S Hands And Feet Were Suddenly Cold His Friends Were Uncomfortable Too They All Looked Down At The Floor What Kind Of Horrifying Story Did Make Her So Mysterious