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Another great book by Kimberly Cates I accidentally read the third book in this series by accident, because I didn t realize it was part of a series Once I started reading, I was immediately drawn into the story Kimberly Cates is a very talented writer She makes the characters so real, you feel as if the they are part of your circle of friends in a very short time The book starts with the main character her name escapes me at the moment who is a librarian, buying an old, delapitated house, that has long been the haunted house of the neighborhood She moves into a very small town, where she is the newcomer She has an unfortunate encounter with her neighbors almost immediately after moving in and that starts the beginning of a rough start for her at her new house She is in her 30 s and hasn t had a house she can call home for as long as she can remember Her father had promised to buy her this house when she was very young, but had never lived up to that promise I can t say muchbeyond this as it will give away the story Very enjoyable read, extremely hard to put down Two people come together, each thinking romance was out of the question because of their parents and the struggles they had Naturally, a HEA ending was in the works but I like the characterization, especially Emma. This book showed people who all had suffered from a want to belong Cade s love for Finn seemed very real I loved how Finn put Emma first to everything I like that Cates included a misunderstanding between the main couple towards the end, because it shows to us readers how they will handle things in the future. Really good book, loved the story and the characters I m totally getting into Ms Cates work The end was a little predictable, but still good Only complaint is that she didn t build up to or draw out the 2 or 3 really suspenseful exciting parts she just kept on going like they were no big deal Other than that, really enjoyed the book. pretty good book to read Very engaging and emotional read If you are looking for a light and fluffy read, this will not be the book for you. She dealt with him with the aplomb of Sigfried Roy handling a jillion pound lion. *Free E-pub ☠ Picket Fence ↠ Finnoula O Grady Had Never Had A Home Growing Up In Foster Care, Finn Had Spent Her Childhood Longing For A Little House With A White Picket Fence Years Later Her Dreams Came True When She Inherited The Rundown March Winds But Someone Else Was In Love With Her House Young Emma, The Lonely Niece Of Her Next Door Neighbor Cade McDanielCade Knew Nothing About Being A Single Parent The Only Love And Caring He D Ever Done Were For The Old Houses He Restored For A Living But There Was No Denying That Finn S Arrival Had Him Feeling Decidedly Human Than Usual And When Emma Finds A Child SYear Old Diary, They Unearth A Story That Brings The Three Wounded Souls Together And Begins To Change March Winds From Just A Houseinto A Home very entertaining story, tho on the predictable side for sure still, I enjoyed it quite a bit and would recommend it as a nice summer read. Book was sad in some places Glad it had a happier ending Hope to seeof want the Author is writing sometime.