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~Read Book ☨ Flaming Dove ♠ The Battle Of Armageddon Was Finally Fought And Ended With No Clear Victor Upon The Mountain, The Armies Of Hell And Heaven Beat Each Other Into A Bloody, Uneasy Standstill, Leaving The Earth In Ruins Armageddon Should Have Ended With Heaven Winning, Ushering In An Era Of Peace That S What The Prophecies Said Instead, The Two Armies One Of Angels, One Of Demons Hunker Down In The Scorched Planet, Lick Their Wounds, And Gear Up For A Prolonged War With No End In Sight In This Chaos Of Warring Armies And Ruined Landscapes, Laila Doesn T Want To Take Sides Her Mother Was An Angel, Her Father A Demon She Is Outcast From Both Camps And Yet Both Armies Need Her, For With Her Mixed Blood, Laila Can Become The Ultimate Spy Or Ultimate Soldier As The Armies Of Heaven And Hell Pursue Her, Laila S Only War Is Within Her Heart A Struggle Between Her Demonic And Heavenly Blood Angels vs Demons Smackdown Armageddon has taken place now the fight continues and the winner takes Earth Enter Laila, half demon and half angel She cannot live in either Heaven or Hell In Heaven the godlight burns her demon half and in Hell the hellfire burns her angel half She is exiled to Earth where she is alone except for her constant companion, a wolf named Volksfair If Heaven wins then the Earth will be filled with godlight If Hell wins then the Earth will be filled with Hellfire Either way Laila dies Both Heaven and Hell want to recruit her for their own agenda But Laila has an agenda of her own If she stays on Earth she will eventually perish in either the godlight or hellfire so she hatches a plan to take over Hell, rid it of hellfire, and make it her home In order to do this she must kill Beelzebub, who is a fallen angel and the ruler of Hell He is also the brother of Archangel Michael Can she bring herself to kill her former lover who she almost married I wasn t immediately invested in this story It took about 1 3 of the book before I started to get interested I found the world that the author created to be interesting, but not intriguing The story takes place 27 years after Armageddon and few humans are left around the world In fact, this story had only one significant human character that is minor to the story and introduced late in the book The entire cast of characters consists of either angels or demons That s not a bad thing and I actually liked it Another thing I liked is the way the story blurs the line between good and evil, Heaven and Hell, friends and enemies.At times I felt the prose and dialogue were a little overdramatic and other times the story seemed to be to having an identity crisis It didn t know if it wanted to be a serious dark fantasy or something a little lighter Occasionally, the dialogue and narrative would switch from aserious and formal tone to somethingmodern and casual, such as Laila saying Owie after falling to Earth in a battle with a demon that almost kills her Owie Laila of the night Laila of the shadows Laila of tears and blood Laila who has fallen and rises again, etc This Laila says owie This is probably just a quirk of my own personal preference, but the one other thing that bothered me about the dialogue is the use of the word dad instead of father or maybe in the case of a demon, sire Dad just seems too casual and human and it didn t seem to go with the overall tone of the book There was one scene where Bat El Laila s sister and an angel uses the word dad to refer to Gabriel, her father This is the only time it felt appropriate because it was apersonal moment The character of Laila was probably the most interesting to me, but I also found myself getting interested in Beelzebub as well However, I couldn t make out if he was a bad guy or good guy in bad guy s clothing Sometimes he was gentle and kind and at other times he would do something really twisted yeah, I know ruler of hell and all that The only other character that I liked was a minor character, Nathaniel, an angel who lost his wings and an eye in battle with a demon and was relegated to patrol Earth You first meet him at the beginning of the story He is a jaded and gritty character and one of the few that came off as credible.There is a light romantic element in this book The love scenes are short and behind closed doors This worked fine later in the book but I felt the first scene between the two characters was pivotal and would have benefited from a littleattention to the emotion and intimacy of the scene Overall, I liked the book but I m not doing cartwheels over it It wasn t a pager turner for me and I wasn t compelled to get back to it when I had to stop, but when I was reading it I enjoyed my time with the book once I got in to the meat of it The ending seemed to be a cliffhanger leading to another book, but I can t say for sure. This was an absolutely fantastic book I really really enjoyed it I loved it so much I kept quoting it to my wife Beelzebub was one of my favorite characters He had so many different personalities, with trying to be romantic, sweet, mean, funny He was awesome The book was pretty much non stop action with a few flashbacks about the characters, but it never slowed down the pace of the main story line The ending caught me by surprise as well I never expected it to end the way I did.I always like alternate takes on stories and hearing about the fighting of angels and demons was a nice fresh story I m an atheist so whether this was true to another fictional book, the bible, doesn t matter to me This is a fantasy book and I enjoyed it It was entertaining which is what I look for in a fiction book. In Flaming Dove, Arenson weaves an absorbing tale of the ultimate example of internal conflict a being part angel, part demon, and fully belonging nowhere In her quest for a home, she becomes caught up in the ongoing battle between Heaven and Hell for dominion over the Earth, knowing that a win from either side would lead to her death He places his heroine in quite the predicament Laila rises to the task admirably, causing the reader to root for her despite the impossibility of her goals The complexity of her character unpredictable, angry, impulsive, loving, and lonely makes her personality stand out when it could easily have been swallowed up by a face paced storyline and rapid fire action sequences Similarly, Bat El and Beelzebub are thoroughly explored, calling into question the belief that the two represent opposite ends of the spectrum There is a humanization of the major players here that draws out a reader s compassion I was flipping each screen with a combination of anticipation and dread, knowing that there was no way for everyone to wind up happy.One of the risks in writing about angels and demons is the polarization effect characters are depicted as being wholly good or wholly evil In Arenson s world, however, the angels have their own hedonistic tendencies, while the demons are barbarians with a heart He capitalizes on these traits, creating a storyline filled with internal conflict, betrayal, and sacrifice, with thousands of unnamed casualties tossed in for good measure I almost missed my bus stop a few times as I focused on satisfying the itch to find out how everything would be resolved I finished the novel satisfied with the course of events and the open doors that the author left.A second challenge in writing about angels and demons is dealing with readers preconceived notions based on Judeo Christian theology Some circumvent this by leaving faith and God out of the equation, creating an alternate environment in which these beings exist and fight one another in an age old battle of good versus evil without the oversight of an omnipotent, all powerful being Arenson, however, takes a different route entirely, referencing angels such as Michael and Gabriel and turning them into flawed protagonists While this is an innovative approach, it greatly diminished my ability to believe in the book.In Judeo Christian theology, sin is sin, regardless of the magnitude of the transgression Within this framework, therefore, it is unlikely that adultery and drunkenness would be so easily overlooked by the same God who threw fallen angels out of Heaven for their rebellion Equally difficult to swallow is the lack of human involvement, as the war being waged is over souls, not burned up land That Bat El s actions were never punished, or even really addressed, is still a source of incredulity, as is the acceptance of the plethora of lies told by those who are supposed to be good Still, I gave the author some creative license to pick and choose aspects of religion that suited his needs After all, this world was his I just wish that someone would explain to me from where Laila obtained all those bullets and grenades.There were many passages in this book that were written well, drawing the reader into the unfolding drama and rapidly pushing the story forward Even so, there were also areas where the information presented became redundant For instance, multiple references might be made to a character s current location when it has already been established where he or she is This might not have been as noticeable had the same word, such as amphitheater, not been used each time and in back to back paragraphs The author also favored the word maw throughout the novel, and it started to lose its impact by the fourth or fifth instance of its use.Stylistic preferences are subjective, but another issue that I had was grammatical in nature the confusion of direct object pronouns and subject pronouns An example of this would It was her instead of It was she This came up several times, and while it s understandable in dialogue, I was still bothered by it when it occurred outside of quotation marks.Overall, this was a fascinating fantasy novel The plot moves along quickly, the sequence of events makes sense, and the development of the characters along the way adds depth to an action filled tale. Laila s blood wars within her Her mother an angel and her father a demon, she wanders the earth after Armageddon has arrived Both factions seek her assistance in ending the stalemate between heaven and hell All she seeks is a place to belong.I was torn between giving the book 3 or 4 stars I wish you could give a 1 2 star For me this story is a sad one Laila is a tragic character and very well written The plot is a new take on the very old story of Armageddon Even the devil gets a makeover I really enjoyed this book and the ending had me on the verge of tears I did roll my eyes a few times at some of the scenes between Beelzebub and Bat El, but liked both of the characters All in all a well written story with great characters a good plot and pace. I guess this was okay It was quite interesting and or fun in places, and it was interesting to view an Armageddon story from the viewpoint of the angels and demons for a change instead of the typical human centric focus, but overall it didn t really hook me I m not sure how much of that is just me being my usual difficult to please self I have ridiculously high standards Some of my favourite authors still only get 3 star reviews and how much was that the story itself seemed quite simplistic even though the second half seemed to be trying to shove in some deeper philosophical meaning on the nature of good and evil.TBH most of my time seemed to be spent rolling my eyes at how every woman seemed to throw themselves at Beelzebub and profess to love him so much even when he was nothing but a massive horndog that couldn t keep it in his pants and not actually a very nice person Demon Whatever It was weird how much time the story spent focused on him, especially since he wasn t even the main character view spoiler I still have no idea how his supposed star crossed lover thing with Bat El happened, or why she still thought she loved him even though he d chain her to a wall in a dungeon for weeks at time whenever his demonic wife was around Zarel was a crazy demon, but I kind of felt sorry for her She just wanted her husband to stop sleeping around on her and love her hide spoiler There are good books There are really good books And then there are the books you can t tear yourself away from This is one of those books Daniel s descriptions so vivid and alive that you feel like you re right there I loved it from the first few sentences and enjoyed it to the end There are very few books that can hold your attention through every single word, but this one can It is an amazing story that I plan on reading again and again. Flaming Dove is a dark fantasy that pits angels against demons in the battle for supremacy on earth However as the battle rages, the distinction between good and evil blurs, epitomised by the dual nature of Leila, a half angel, half demon After twenty seven years, weary from the unforgiving conflict, both sides hope that Leila will deliver them victory.Banished from God s grace and abandoned by Hell, Leila searches for a place to call home among the wasteland that is Earth Leila s bleak and lonely existence provokes a sympathetic response from the reader, even while she proves she isthan able to take care of herself Leila s desires are seemingly simple, a wish for acceptance and belonging, but her very nature means that this will always be denied despite her admirable struggle to achieve this aim Arenson portrays both Leila s internal and external conflict well, through both thought and behaviour As a half breed, Leila emphasises the schizm that is present in all of Arenson s characters Arenson has humanised the iconic symbols of good and evil to communicate his basic premise that neither people nor situations are inherently, nor completely, good or evil.The angels, including Michael and Gabriel are not only righteous avengers but are also flawed with an odd vulnerability They may believe that they are fighting on the side of right but recognise their hypocrisy Neither is Beezlebub a being of evil, but instead a creature motivated by revenge and bitterness for what he feels is an unjust punishment, who is also capable of a suprising charm, and affection for the women in his life For me, Bat El is the character that I found the least credible, her change in personality and behaviour didn t track for me Arenson s imagery for both character and place are detailed and evocative I particularly enjoy his descriptions of the crumbling streets in the battle scarred towns I do feel the narrative could be tighter in places, as at times it is melodramatic and repetitive I also felt that Arenson s dialogue is often inconsistent with the character or situation While Laila is prone to dramatic declarations, I am Laila of the night, godlight and hellfire. , she also refers to Lucifer as Dad, and Bat El trades quips with Beezlebub who promises no funny stuff , the disparaty in language is jarring for me.Despite the focus on the internal conflicts of the characters, there are action packed scenes as demon hordes and angel warriors face each other in battle which Arenson skillfully describes with lashings of godlight, trails of demonfire, dripping fangs and bloodied courage These are well written and introduce tension and excitement into the story I think this is a story that will appeal to both male and female fans of the genre Arenson has written a creative and entertaining fantasy with an unexpected conclusion While I had some issues with the writing, I enjoyed the story elements of Flaming Dove, with its complex characters, epic conflict and thought provoking examination of good versus evil. Armageddon Angels vs Demons Good vs Evil These are the themes in the author s new book, Flaming Dove But, for me, the book was muchthan these larger than life themes I found the relationships especially those of Laila, the half angel, half demon, had with Beezlebub, Michael, Bat El and even Zarel, The Demon Queen, were what propelled the book forward and kept me turning the pages Mr Arenson did a magnificent job in portraying Laila her wants and desires, her sorrow and ultimately her anguish at what her life had become She is a sad tortured soul Everyone wants a piece of Laila except for her ever faithful wolf, Volkfair It is to Volkfair that Laila pours her heart out from her tragic childhood to her current struggle to find some peace and a place to call her own This is where the author shines and makes Laila come alive in the reader s mind.Being half demon half angel means she does not belong in either Heaven or Hell, but that doesn t stop each side from trying to woo Laila to their side Her power could turn the tide in the 27 year long war that continues after Armageddon failed to produce a clear winner Beezlebub, King of Hell, and Archangel Michael, Heaven s highest ranking angel, would say anything to win her loyalty There is no black or white or good vs evil here, only shades of gray Demons are not all bad Angels are not all pure and good Beezlebub plays on their former love affair, while Michael continually reminds her of her angel side and her responsibility to her sister, Bat El Laila doesn t want to help either one of them because it won t matter which side wins the war, she will lose her temporary home on Earth, the only place she has found a modicum of peace There are many twists and turns in the story that continually surprised me, but I have some slight criticism The author needs to trust his readersThere are too many character descriptions that are repeated over and over along with countless instances of dripping fangs All of these become distracting after awhile.Without spoiling the ending, I will say that the climax is exciting and unexpected Everything you want in a novel This book is a fun read, but on a deeper level it makes you think nothing is purely black or white, good or evil, it s muchcomplicated than that It takes a talented author to make you ponder these things long after you finish the book I highly recommend Flaming Dove and look forward to readingbooks by Mr Arenson. When I was a teenager I was fascinated by angels Not the puffy winged halo sporting type,the Archangel wrath of God type The fact that there was a whole army of sword wielding higher beings blew my mind TheI read, theI needed to read, and before I knew it I was knee deep in biblical reference material and spouting angelic tales to any poor soul that would listen Now like every other one of my unique and sometimes warped fascinations my futile need for warrior angel information wained and I moved on, If I remember correctly Al Capone was next on the list but one thing is forever certain once a junkie always a junkie That being said, I will ask you now to imagine my excitement when I read the blurb for Daniel Arenson s new novel Flaming Dove and discovered it is basically the literary version of Avenging Angel Crack Life on Earth hasn t been the same since Armageddon A battle that was supposed to bring peace and happiness instead brought confusion, desolation, and for Laila a whole lot of anger Being the daughter of an Angel, and the rape victim spawn of a Lucifer Laila,than anyone, finds herself at a loss Not wanting to take sides in the inevitable battle for Earth s holy possession she roams the woods like the outcast she has unknowingly made herself But sometimes hiding is not enough As the armies of Heaven and Hell search for their pawn, Laila finally realizes something until she can accept her demon angel ways, she will never be able to accept her fate in the history of the world.Having read and reviewed Arenson s work before I was almost certain I would enjoy it I am no stranger to fantasy duh and Arensonthan most has a genuinely unique way of storytelling, but even with the expected rapture, the quick reading, and unwillingness to put my Kindle down what I didn t expect was to gasp, sigh, grit my teeth, cuss my Kindle and cry.This was not just a story about an emotionally lost half breed girl It s wasthan epic battles and avenging angels It was the discovery of ones self, the inner battle between good and evil It was about accepting our fates, understanding our future, and blazing our own paths to happiness regardless of our ancestry This was a story about choosing your own way of life.Now I m sure your next question is Misty, how in the hell can you wrap all of that up in 294 pages and to that I say It s simple Perfectly executed inner dialogue Off the charts characterization, and battles so intense that even the smallest of deaths left a dent in the reader s armor If there were flaws I failed to notice If there were holes, I must have taken a different path, because to me Flaming Dove is what a fantasy novel should strive to be.Happy reading my fellow Kindle ites and remember Michael may be made of stone, but in the end everything can be broken.