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When I looked back over my old ratings I wondered why I had rated this lower than Blood Harvest I felt I remembered this as better and I thought I had a better handle on the overall plot Also, I had rated a Dicks novel above a Cornell Seems unthinkable.Now, this is a good book The characterisations of the TARDIS team are brilliant, Cornell captures the dry humour and interactions of the era perfectly and Nyssa s struggle with her memories of Traken and vampirism is really interesting to go through.However, once I got into it, I realised there isn t actually that much there Quite a lot of it seems to be spending a long time explaining Blood Harvest and connecting what was in this book to both State of Decay and Virgin Gallifrean lore As such I found my concentration wandering in these sections The book itself is also not very thick the shortest since Birthright so if you cut out a lot of the extraneous material it is probably closer in length to a Telos Novella Also, the choice for this to be a contemporary set novel felt a little odd to me, it didn t really add anything to the plot or feel and was not something that was generally done in the Virgin series by my count there are only two others.What it does do well is give a great horror story filled with plenty of blood and heart literally in the former case Worth checking out.One thing I won t mark it down for but I wanted to note, rereading this now in Virgin chronological order I found that I was missing the New Adventures team Having spent 28 novels, 3 short stories and 3 comics collections with 7, Ace and Benny, jumping out to another TARDIS team albeit one of my favourites gave me a bit of a jolt Will probably get used to it as it becomes of a pattern. The Peter Davison era of DOCTOR WHO is the one I grew up with I did start watching the show in Tom Baker s last series and have clear memories of watching The Keeper of Traken and loving it but I also remember already knowing who Romana and K9 were, so must have watched it before , but really Peter Davison was The Doctor when my love for the show truly cemented And yet despite owning the DVDs I never really go back and re watch that era It s not that I find it bad necessarily, it s certainly not the gaudy car crash the same team would soon produce with poor Colin Baker which, even as a pre teen, I realised wasn t good , but still I find something insubstantial about it The episodes get nowhere near my memories of them and the main emotion I take away from any re view is disappointment.Still though, reading Paul Cornell s lovely capturing of the era was like sinking back into the cosiness of childhood The Doctor is here and maybe a slightly dynamic version than often appeared on screen , Tegan is here and perfectly captured and Nyssa is given much, much to do than was oft the case The story is big and grand and has ambition and let s be fair, blood and gore than would ever have been pulled off in the real Nathan Turner era.It s a grand tale of ancient evil, mischievous time lords, Earth in terrible peril and The Doctor being the brightest person in the toom Just the way I want it.With a whole year of no DOCTOR WHO ahead of me, I imagine I will be dipping and into my book collection kept in a geeky box until my bed and my word, GOTH OPERA is a good place to start. #Download Epub ⚣ Goth Opera ⛅ The Time Of Humanity On This World Has Come To An End The Long Night Is Starting The Age Of The Undead Is Upon Us Manchester, The Vampires Of Great Britain Have Received A Message The Long Awaited Arrival Of Their Evil Messiah Is Imminent It S Time For A Recruitment DriveOn Holiday In Tasmania With Tegan And The Doctor, Nyssa Is Attacked By A Demonic Child She Escapes Unharmed Except For Two Small Wounds In Her NeckWhy Are The Descendants Of The Great Vampire So Desperate To Obtain The Blood Of A Time Lord And What Is Their Connection To A Forbidden Ancient Gallifreyan Cult Goth Opera is an urban fantasy vampire novel as seen through a Doctor Who lens It s got an interesting plot, some nice creepy moments, great dialogue and the characterization is very much on point I specially liked that the author knew how to write Tegan too many writers make her a useless complaining machine and cared to show her relationship to Nyssa The writing is tight and compelling, while still being emotional, fun and thrilling I was not surprised to learn that the author is indeed the same Paul Cornell of The Witches of Lychford fame.I picked up this book after reading some recent Doctor Who novels, expecting it to be like those an entertaining adventure that felt like an episode of the show but did things with setting and imagery that would have been too hard to accomplish in a tv show And it is that, but it s also a great adventure and far daring in prose and plot than those modern Who novels Absolutely recommended. The Doctor Who novel Goth Opera, written by Paul Cornell, is a fascinating one It was published way back in 1994, and was the first of the Missing Adventures , which did the now standard trick of inserting new stories into a previous era Nowadays, this is Big Finish s bread and butter, and indeed, this book is connected to BF s current projects in than one way.For one thing, it gets into Gallfrey in a fascinating way The Seventh Doctor novel Blood Harvest a prequel to this in a timey wimey way was the book that brought Romana back to Gallifrey, but this is the one that really has her satisfyingly interacting with it the Romana Presidency extends right out from this story Plus, references to the Deca, and an ancient Gallifreyan cult who believes that Rassilon was infected by the Great Vampire Further, there s an early echo of the Time War here The renegade Time Lord who drives the plot is doing it because Gallifrey as we know it exists in the distant past, and in the present that is, 1993 , Gallifrey and the Time Lords no longer exist by her reckoning, the Time Lords are an evolutionary dead end, and they must become vampires to survive And when she s looking for the Doctor using the Time Scoop, she flips through his regenerations, including his final form in the future.But the thing is, the main drive of such a story can t just be fiddling about with continuity It has to have an emotional core, and this one has a really good one, taking the character interactions of the Davison era and pumping them up, filling the characters with a rich interiority, and having them bounce off each other Tegan s sympathetic, Nyssa s active, and Five is both The secondary characters each have their own personalities and their own mini arc.Does this story have flaws Oh hell yes, including a couple of scenes that read like a bad Hellblazer ripoff, and a character with a Deep Dark Secret that manages to be both a predictable cliche and not really fit with the rest of that character s arc It s not my favorite of Cornell s books, but I think it s very interesting, lots of fun, and a good place to start on the books and on Cornell for fans who are already invested. The Doctor once again confronts some Vampire24 January 2012 This is the first of the Missing Adventures series published by Virgin Books which involve adventures featuring the previous incarnations of the Doctor and his companions This particular adventure involves the Fifth Doctor, Tegan, and Nyssa, and is set between the episodes Snakedance and Madryn Undead The book is about vampires and is sort of a sequel to the New Adventures story Blood Harvest, though the first book involves the Seventh Doctor, so in the Doctor s life, it occurs after this story, however this story, in the normal time line, is set after Blood Harvest all very confusing, but if you are a fan of Doctor Who you do end up getting your head around it The story was originally drafted so that the Doctor fights the original literary vampire Dracula, however they decided to change it so that instead of using a clich d vampire, they created the vampire time lord Ruath In this book, she wants to turn the population of Earth into a horde of vampires, so she sets Earth into a time loop where it is perpetually night She then creates a mist that will turn anybody it envelopes into a vampire As can be expected, the Doctor and his companions defeat the vampire, and because she is a time lord, they also discover her Tardis which is disguised as a gothic looking manor, as is depicted on the cover These stories would be a little difficult to write than the New Adventures since they occur in a time line that has already been set, namely during the lives of the previous Doctors, where as with the New Adventures the time line is still developing Apparently this book has the first mention of the destruction of Gallifrey, though this does not become gospel until the later series it seems that the writers have tried to incorporate the books into the new series, though just barely The other difficulty is the trick of writing a sequel that occurs before the original and one would suspect that the Doctor would have memories of the events in this book I am probably being a little harsh on these books, and while I did read quite a few my friend Paul and I would swap titles I do remember this one I have glanced over the availability of these books now being over 10 years since they finished the series and it is clear that many of these books are now out of print It is still possible to purchase some of them, and I almost have an urge to attempt to do just that, if only to get another fix of Doctor Who They weren t bad books, however I would hardly call them literary masterpieces either. Ok people some women read Harlequin romances as a guilty pleasure Not me I m afraid you are about to be inundated with Doctor Who novels since geeky sci fi fantasy is MY guilty pleasure The best part about Doctor Who adventures is that they don t necessarily need to be read in any particular order because the adventures could happen anywhere by any doctor at any time Because I am a bit OCD, though, I will probably read them all in order series by series Don t judge.Goth Opera is one of the thirty three Doctor Who Missing Adventures books, published by Virgin Books, between 1994 97 This particular book features the 5th Doctor and his companions Tegan and Nyssa.From GoodReads The time of humanity on this world has come to an end The long night is starting The age of the undead is upon us Manchester, 1993 The vampires of Great Britain have received a message the long awaited arrival of their evil messiah is imminent It s time for a recruitment drive.On holiday in Tasmania with Tegan and the Doctor, Nyssa is attacked by a demonic child She escapes unharmed except for two small wounds in her neck.Why are the descendants of the Great Vampire so desperate to obtain the blood of a Time Lord And what is their connection to a forbidden ancient Gallifreyan cult My desire to read vampire fiction comes and goes in waves I wasn t feeling it when I started this one, but I quickly got into it And it made me want to track down some 5th Doctor episodes.Overall, as my first Doctor Who book ever I really enjoyed it I thought it felt like how Doctor Who should feel, though perhaps slightly slower moving Given that it was written to fill the void between filming and was in the lead up to the 1996 movie that I have yet to see I felt it captured it The writing wasn t stellar, but it was good enough I wanted a guilty pleasure read and that was exactly what I got And it was such a quick read that I was on to the next book before I knew it The length of these books makes them perfect to plow through on a vacation One book down four hundred or so to go Not even kidding a bit When I decided to read all the Doctor Who Missing Adventures published by Virgin Publishing, I also decided to read them in Doctor and Doctor Companion order That is, chronological according to when they would take place in the series, not the original publication order So, after just finishing the last book in the series, The Well Mannered War, I m now reading the first book in the series, Goth Opera, which includes a nice introduction by Peter Darvill Evans, the book series editor Goth Opera is also a sequel to the New Adventures book Blood Harvest, despite the fact that Blood Harvest features the Seventh Doctor and Goth Opera features the Fifth Doctor, as played by Peter Davison, as well as featuring Tegan, and Nyssa I thought about skipping the book until I d read Blood Harvest but decided to read it anyway and re read it when I read Blood Harvest Goth Opera opens in Tasmania at a cricket match The Doctor s taken Tegan there in order to give her a holiday after her second encounter with the Mara But Tegan is not enjoying her vacation Soon, the Doctor and his companions are involved in a plot by vampires to take over the world and turn all humans into vampires Aiding the vampires in this is Ruath, a Time Lady that the Doctor has encountered before or that he will encounter again in his Seventh form Nyssa is kidnapped and turned into a vampire And Ruath even turns the Doctor into a vampire, though the process takes longer to affect him Eventually, the Doctor is able to turn the tables on the vampires, eliminate many of them, and even turn other new vampires back into humans, or in Nyssa s case, back to being a native of Traken.The story was good, with several interesting characters However, I m not a big fan of vampire stories Still, I enjoyed this novel. This is another occasion where I m glad to say my initial impression of a novel I first read 20 years ago remains the same Goth Opera launched Virgin Publishing s New Adventures range, and I still think it s one of the strongest books published under that banner.It was a very good choice to get Paul Cornell by then the clear stand out talent of the New Adventures series to write the first one in a seemingly backward looking range featuring Doctors prior to the seventh It was an even inspired choice to make this a sequel to a New Adventure which had been written by one of the leading lights of the TV series Blood Harvest.I should say that hindsight shows what must have been a deliberate choice both Goth Opera and its prequel work very well as individual novels and the links between them are only slight In fact, in the case of Goth Opera , the only really negative part of the book is a continuity laden chapter, slapped in the middle of the story, which lays the connections on with a trowel Cornell has said how difficult he found that chapter to write, and I do sympathise I understand why it needed to be there, but I can t help but think the whole thing would have worked better without it.Still, as with the Gallifrey set sections of Blood Harvest , this is the only negative element of a very strong work And one of the most interesting things about a comparison between this and Blood Harvest is the way the two authors both of whom have a great deal of respect for the other tackle the depiction of vampires in completely different ways Dicks, uses Gothic horror tropes as a way of telling a cracking good story, whilst Cornell s influences are rather modern, with an Anne Rice style examination of how the converts feel about being part of a new species And, my word, that works well It s always frightening to see monsters in recognisable settings, and although neither I nor Doctor Who had been to Manchester at the time the book was published, Cornell s success in bringing the city to life really adds to the scenes depicting the carnage the vampires unleash.It s an interesting move, pitting Peter Davison s Doctor still the most human of all the Doctors against such a colossal force All his traits are here bravery, vulnerability, compassion and the irritation during those times when he feels people are not according him the status he deserves His companions are true to form, too Nyssa seems a born victim but has enough strength of character to resist the worst aspects of the changes that come over her after she converts, while Tegan has enough depth to come across as far than the mouth on legs role she may have been consigned to in a lesser work It s ironic, really, that it was the New Adventures who began life with a short lived too broad and too deep for the small screen tag, since with Blood Harvest as a good example a better budget could have made most of them eminently suitable for television It s the Missing Adventures who tended to try and expand what could be achieved within tight parameters, and to me this was always their biggest strength and their biggest failing, often simultaneously Start as you mean to go on Goth Opera isn t a story that could have fitted into the actually non existent gap between the TV stories Snakedance and Mawrdryn Undead everything about it is rather too mature, knowing, and downright scary to have passed muster as weeknight family entertainment Look at the depiction of Hugo Lang an evangelist fired up by the desire to fight metaphorical demons because he believes them to cause harm than that of friends or family who get close to their victims We share the Doctor s discomfort at this point of view, and even though the reason behind it is predictable enough, it s still a well handled revelation.So, leaving aside an overblown continuity chapter, this is a strong work indeed I wouldn t want every book I read to be like this, but I am pleased I revisited it and that my 20 year old first impressions were quite right It stands up very well indeed, all these years later, and is yet evidence as to why Paul Cornell is one of the best Doctor Who writers out there. The timing for this read follows my having seen Peter Davidson, Janet Fielding, and Sarah Sutton live at ReGeneration Who Con 3 2018 It couldn t have been a better pick as the novel features these three actor s characters in a story that breaks the bounds of the show limitations in dramatic and fulfilling ways on all fronts Tegan and Nyssa are fully realized characters, and The Doctor is well characterized for his fifth incarnation although, this may be one of the generic points his companions were much character driven Some truly messed up and surprising elements, baby vampires forcefully following a primal nature, the interconnectivity of Gallifreyan origins with those of their vampire rivals under utilized in the series but it s also easy to see how show runners would want to carefully steer away from vampire trendiness and preconceptions I also very much liked the awkward shoe horning in of Romana s role this is apparently a companion book to another story one need not have read the VNA, Blood Harvest I m interested in the Doctor s Theta Sigma designation, and in the stories of his earliest compatriots Ruath features prominently.These characters are my old friends That s just how it goes They re part of my DNA, and that s probably not going to change I m thankful for the amazing fans that keep them alive and well the largest of whom are the authors, range editors These books are timeless.