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Good BDSM details, but I didn t love it overallWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 6 10PROS It s evident when reading this author s BDSM works that she has actual experience with the lifestyle Her characters don t simply play lip service to dominance and submission Those are ingrained traits in them, clear in each description of their actions, their mannerisms, and their thoughts Slade is a sexy stern Dom This is my favorite quote from him There are at least four different forms of bondage that will stop you moving your shoulders for the rest of the night Do you want to try one out CONS I was a little frustrated by the lack of backstory, specifically how the two main guys became friends They live in a large enough city for there to be multiple BDSM clubs there are even mentions of bi specific ones so it s a huge BDSM community they re a part of but they re not close enough friends for Rip to know what Slade s sexual preferences are Okay, but then why are they close enough for Rip to call Slade when he s in trouble and for Slade to come running repeatedly when that happens This author has a habit in some of her works of using descriptors for her characters rather than their names for example, the other dominant, the older man, the submissive, etc I found it particularly over the top in this story.Overall comments This is a cute enough story and it provides excuses for a few hot D s scenes But I got pretty annoyed that Rip kept manipulating their relationship in such a way that he forced Slade s hand forced Slade into rescuing him from one club or another I guess in the end I just don t like brats very much People who don t mind them might like thisthan I did. This is by far my second favourite of the series..Loved Rip and Slade x Kim Dare s books are the light side of the D s relationship, with the couple being committed to each other by the end Gayday is no exception Rip and Slade are friends, with Rip being a gay submissive and Slade being or so Rip thinks a straight Dominant When Rip finds himself out of his league with a Dom at a BDSM club, he puts out a Gayday call for help to Slade to come and help him out, Slade agrees Rip s brattiness and mouthiness brings about a spanking from Slade and he is Slade s sub for the night Rip s Gayday calls continue, while Rip wants to be owned by Slade but believes him to be a straight Dom Slade is reluctant to admit how much he looks forward to those white knight times The situation that brings it all to a forefront shows Rip is not the fragile flower he acts like Rip and Slade are interesting characters, and it was a shame the story wasn t longer. Steamy cute m m romance short about a bratty submissive who keeps getting himself in trouble and calling his dominant straight friend to rescue him. I received this story from Kim for winning a contest on her blog Thanks, Kim I really enjoyed the story Quick, fun read about a gay sub that wants to keep a straight Dom s attention on him, and keeps putting himself into situations where he needs to be rescued Only it stops being fun for both of them when they get attached to the game and it becomesdangerous one night.My only minor grief is that the Dom knew the sub had him as his beck and call, but he didn t punish the sub for that in particular I know there were other issues in play at the same time, so it wasn t the foremost issue that needed dealing with, but I still thought it ought to have been dealt with, since we know Slade had the thought himself, even if the games had been fun Then again, some Doms arerelaxed than others on how rigid their sub s submission has to be, and Slade admits that Rip doesn t submit in certain ways very well.All in all, a great, fun read, and I ll probably pick up several of the other G A Y series books that sound like fun This was my first one 4 stars. 3.5 starsI wish there was a backstory about their friendship Rip didn t know that Slade was bisexual, but they re good enough friends that Slade rescues Rip night after night from BDSM clubs I really enjoyed this one, but it was just too short I wish there was an epilogue Awesome little story about a bratty sub that goes to great lengths to turn a good friend into his Forever Dom One could spend a lot of time questioning character motivations, level of realism, etc The fact is that Ms Dare helped me suspend disbelief and go on this kinky little ride with entertaining characters and I enjoyed every minute of it Then again, I have a soft spot for bratty, little subs. Gayday Gayday is my favourite from the GAY novella series Rip is a bratty sub who needs rescuing, and calls upon his dominant, straight , friend for assistance A cute and sweet quick fix from Kim Dare.Favourite lines Gayday you know, like a mayday signal, except the distress flag I m sending up is rainbow coloured, Have you ever heard me say I m straight {READ E-PUB} ì Gayday! Gayday! (G-A-Y #11) å A Gayday Signal As Rip Happily Explains To His Rather Straight Friend Is Just Like A Mayday Signal, Except In This Case, The Distress Flag Going Up Is Decidedly Rainbow ColouredWhen Rip Needs A Friend To Rescue Him From His Date By Pretending To Be His Disgruntled Master, It S Obvious That Another Sub Isn T Going To Be Up To The Job He Needs A Dominant, And A Straight One Will Do In A PinchSlade Isn T Thrilled About Being Woken Up In The Middle Of The Night And Asked To Rescue His Bratty Little Friend, But He Can T Bring Himself To Leave A Sub To The Mercy Of An Unknown Dominant Either And, Even If Most Of His Previous Lovers Have Been Women, He Can T Quite Resist The Temptation To Show Rip How He Would Act If He Really Were Catching His Sub Flirting With Another DominantWho Knew A Straight Dominant Could Have So Much Fun Playing White Knight To A Gay Submissive Reader Advisory This Series Is Connected Solely By Theme Each Story Can Be Read As A Stand Alone Title And They Can Be Read In Any Order This story had me cracking up Don t miss it You won t be disappointed As with all of Dare s G A Y series, there is humour as well as love, trust, and of course, great Man on Man action.