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@Read Kindle ð Horse Power ⛅ Carole, Stevie, And Lisa Have Been Looking For A Fourth Member To Join The Saddle Club So When Carole Introduces Her Friends To Kate Devine, The Championship Rider, The Girls Know They Ve Found The Perfect Fit Except That Kate Doesn T Want To Ride Ever Again Good for before bedtime It s a quick but lovely read Tak jako v echny d ly D vek v sedlech, je i tenhle prost mil Stra n p jemn ten , takov jednohubkov , ide ln ke k v na balkon nebo pro zkr cen dlouh chv le ampionka m moc nenadchla, ale ani nevybo ila z pr m ru ostatn ch d l. The gymkhana is finally happening at Pine Hollow Carole, Stevie and Lisa have made a new friend, Kate, just in time for her to help out Except the three girls have a secret agenda They want to convince Kate to start riding again Due to too much competitive riding, Kate has lost her joy for riding The girls think they can help bring it back by showing her the fun a small town gymkhana can bring.The main plot of this book is fun, but the side plot, Stevie s brother s crush on Lisa, was incredibly amusing Bonnie Bryant s take on teenage boys and their crushes, dreams of first dates and the realities of first dates, and the general newness of having feelings for people is handled very well I could neither put the book down nor stop laughing during the build up to Lisa and Chad s date, and definitely not during the actual date Probably the most realistic take on this I ve ever read.A fun read, can t wait for the next book Another delightful edition to the series I forgot that Kate showed up this early in the series Some of my favorite books take place on her ranch, so I was really excited to see her One of the things that I think this series does really well is handle the idea of dating and romance from the perspective of girls so young I think a lot of authors forget how innocent and uncomplicated feelings about boys can be for 12 year old girls and I loved how most of Lisa s arc in this story was about her excitement for her first date as a milestone of growing up, rather than actually having much to do at all with the boy in question It felt authentic and very sweet.