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4.5 StarsI read A Thin Dark Line some years ago than ten and loved it, so when it was offered on an Audible Daily Deal I snatched it up The audio just enhanced an already riveting mystery Annie Broussard is a Deputy in Bayou Breaux Police Department hoping to make Detective When a suspect in the brutal murder of Pam Bichon is exonerated on a technicality the community is outraged along with the Detective in charge of the case, Nick Fourcade Annie already had ties to the murder because she was the officer who discovered Pam Bichon s body, but when she crosses paths with Nick she gets dragged further into the case and the dark side of Nick Annie is both fascinated and wary of him, and scared of the electric current of attraction they share Annie is a newer cop with ideals, innocence, and determination that Nick sees as an asset to the case The fact that Marcus Reynard, the chief suspect, is suddenly fixated on her doesn t hurt matters either Nick s convinced Marcus is guilty, but as Nick and Annie team up and dig deeper, Annie s not so sure She doesn t want to pin a murder on the wrong guy, she wants justice and she wants the truth It s evident that Annie is rattling someone with her investigation, because gory presents and sinister threats start coming her way The mystery as well as the internal politics Annie must navigate in the police force made for a captivating read The romance was just icing on the cake Nick and Annie s relationship felt dangerous and passionate, and an element to the story made it sort of forbidden, or at the very least ill advised, but these two couldn t stay away from each other After finishing A Thin Dark Line this time I was impressed and haunted I couldn t stop thinking of the solution and how things turned out, while the romance aspect was everything I hoped for, I was very sad for a particular character, and I think the voice and inflection the narrator gave this character every time he she had a scene made their predicament resonate with me deeper than it did with just reading the pages I highly recommend the narration Karen Peakes made Annie Broussard s character come to life, and did a fine job with the male voices as well The accents and the Cajun French were spot on I was held in the spell of A Thin Dark Line all over again and I totally recommend it to any fan of romantic suspense mystery Fans of Sandra Brown, Linda Howard, or Lisa Gardner will gobble this up There were a couple of issues that were a little too tidily wrapped up, and a couple of things I still had questions about by the end, but it didn t impact my enjoyment The mystery, while published than eighteen years ago stands up well, and didn t feel dated As I said above, it had been years since I read this, so I totally forgot the identity of the murderer I thought I remembered, but I ended up being completely wrong Nice to be surprised twice Story 4 StarsAudio Narration 5 StarsOverall 4.5 Stars A Realestate agent is found dead and mutilated in one of her vacant listings There are several other deaths peppered throughout southern Louisiana that have had the same MO The authorities are stumped until Nick Fourcade a detective finds evidence pointing toward a man who knew the victims, however, the incriminating evidence is thrown out on a technicality The local public becomes enraged and father of the latest victim try s to shoot the suspect, on the courthouse steps, upon his release Annie Broussard is the deputy who found the body and is doing her own investigation into who is committing these gruesom murders Late one evening while she is off duty, Annie comes across intoxicated Nick Fourcade while he is beating said suspect She must for his own good arrest him before he beats the suspect to death This makes her very unpopular with the locals and she is completely shunned by her fellow officers This in turn makes her even determined than ever The characters were very believable and had distinct and very different personalities The story was fast moving and kept me guessing Karen Peakes did an excellent job narrating. Before reading this book, Tami Hoag was just another author s name to me Of course, I d seen her books for sale when I window shopped at Wal Mart and similar venues but being prejudiced against best sellers, and against any books characterized as thrillers, I d never had any interest in reading any of her work However, for my birthday last month, my 11 year old grandson Philip who knows that I like to read as much as he does decided to gift me with a book when he spotted a special sale at the local public library paperbacks for a quarter and this was the one he picked My expectations for it weren t particularly high, but I thought the kindness of the gift deserved a prompt reading I was delighted to have my prejudices stood on their heads This is officially characterized though not in the cover copy as the fourth book of the author s Doucet series However, that nominal series is apparently very loosely connected, only by having main or other characters from the fictional Doucet clan and a Doucet appears in this novel, though not as the protagonist Our protagonists are sheriff s deputies Nick Fourcade, a detective, and Annie Broussard, a uniformed deputy who d like to be a detective The book is also counted as the opener of the Broussard and Fourcade series, which is apparently connected but it has a resolution to the mysteries involved in this volume, while leaving things open for new ones Back in the late 80s, I visited the rural Cajun country of south Louisiana, where this book is set So I could visualize the scenery, hear the accents and dialect, and appreciate the immersive evocation of place and culture that Hoag conjures Hoag herself was born in Iowa and lives in Florida but she s clearly very familiar with this area, and has frequently set her fiction here The plot is very taut, respecting all of Aristotle s classical unities it unfolds over a period of about two weeks leading up to Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday a season which is a big deal in heavily Catholic south Louisiana mostly in and around the small town of Bayou Breaux, population around 7,000 As the book opens, we learn that one Marcus Renard has just been set free on a technicality after being arrested by the sheriff s office for the hideously savage rape and murder of a prominent local businesswoman The authorities are certain he s guilty but is he Soon after, the community begins to be terrorized by a serial rapist.Like all serious fiction, this novel is fundamentally concerned with moral issues, the answers to which aren t obvious and force readers to think Here, the issues particularly revolve around the relationship of law and justice, and the ethics of vigilantism Personally, my view of the latter is nuanced and less unconditionally condemning than some people s but Hoag forces us to consider the dangers of too facile a resort to extra legal vengeance, and the valid reasons why our and other civilized legal systems provide safeguards for the accused The solution to the crime s is anything but obvious early on, I was 100% convinced of the identity of the killer, only to change my theory much nearer the end to another solution I was equally certain of only to be wrong both times I was totally blindsided by the denouement But this isn t just an intellectual puzzle it s a story about vividly drawn, three dimensional people and their interactions.This can be a very dark novel and I m told that s often characteristic of Hoag s work The murder and rapes themselves aren t directly described and the sufferings of the victims, and the gory details of the crime scenes, aren t alluded to than they actually have to be But while the average modern American doesn t have any real sense that genuine moral evil is a reality which he or she could ever have any need to take into account, Hoag clearly has a very lively sense of that reality, and she doesn t intend to let us close the book without sharing it In a fallen world that wants to try to hide its fallenness, that s not a bad authorial aim While it s not a romance, the book does have two instances in 590 pages of explicit unmarried sex Obviously, I didn t approve of this behavior but I did understand the psychology of it, and the scenes aren t in themselves actually disgusting But disgust would be a healthy reaction to the sexist and lewd attitudes of many of the male cops, and readers might want a barf bag handy when perusing some of the comments from these characters Hoag isn t presenting these as role models disgust is the reaction she wants there There s also a certain amount of bad language, including f words, much of it reflecting the real life tendency of this kind of speech to be a feature of cop culture.Action heroine fans should take note that, though the cover copy doesn t stress this aspect, Annie packs heat, and her police training has given her skills in hand to hand combat and using firearms which just might turn out to come in handy And fans of action heroes will appreciate the fact that while Nick isn t Superman, he can take care of himself very well in a fair fight I have to mention a bit of reader response criticism here My wife is a fan of the TV series Handcrafted America, and I sometimes see parts of it when she watches it A recent episode featured the construction of an instrument called the frottoir, resembling a solid metal washboard with distinctive bending, which is an essential element in performing zydeco music, a characteristic Cajun musical style developed in the last century That was quite interesting to me and in this book, I encountered several references to zydeco music It was pretty cool to have seen this background on TV, in time to allow me to understand what this is and what it sounds like Since I m trying not to get drawn into another open ended series right now, I m not planning to pursue this one But I d definitely recommend Hoag as a serious mystery writer, and I d be open to reading of her work sometime. What a weird book.This doesn t even read like a Tami Hoag book The main plot is a mess investigating assault and murders of women with multiple character POVs I don t get the romance between Annie Broussard or Nick Fourcade The setting of Louisiana could have been interesting, but ultimately fell flat I just couldn t get behind Nick being an abusive police officer and Annie getting harassed by her fellow officers for daring to do the right thing.I forgot I had A Thin Dark Line until I started rummaging through my bookshelves I honestly didn t recall a thing about this book either so even though I had this book for years, nothing came back to me as I reread this Annie Broussard is a deputy looking to eventually become a detective She finds herself fascinated by Nick Fourcade who is a loose cannon on the force When Nick lashes out at a suspect, Annie steps on to stop the assault This leaves Annie with a man who becomes obsessed with her Nick also becomes obsessed with Annie initially thinking she is part of some conspiracy to ruin him.I didn t really like any male in this book Annie deserved better than Nick In the end I think we re supposed to think Annie will keep Nick on the straight and narrow Annie is put in danger repeatedly by her fellow officers and gets crapped on She has an old flame try to tell her what to do and push his feelings on her Maybe if Annie had a strong female relationship it would have helped balanced the overly masculine POVs I didn t believe the person who ended up being the suspect It just read as false and something to throw out there And I hated how things ultimately got wrapped up The writing was so so since we had multiple POVs And we had Annie investigating and being harassed and Nick barely doing a thing it felt like The flow was off I found myself getting bored at parts There were so many red herrings in this I just didn t even care at the end who was responsible for what I read this cause Hoag has a new book coming out that is a continuance of this series Hopefully it s better than this. Arrested for the murder of a local businesswoman, Marcus Rennard is soon freed on a technicality Deputy Sheriff Annie Broussard feels an obligation to the dead woman to find her killer Rennard may look guilty, but when she runs across Detective Nick Fourcade beating Rennard, she breaks it up and arrests Fourcade As the men in the Sheriff s office harass her for being disloyal to the brotherhood, Annie digs into the murder case She soon discovers her only ally is the cop she put behind bars.Another great book by Tami Hoag I had a few suspects that I kept jumping between I was very surprised when the killer was revealed I read this one when it first came out and loved it This time around I listened to the audiobook which was excellent My rating 5 Stars. Tami Hoag s new book The Boy comes out next month and it s the second book in the Broussard and Fourcade series Ms Hoag has become a favorite writer of mine but I had not read the 1st book in the series, A Thin Dark Line.I really enjoyed this one the location, the characters, the suspense and can t wait for Ms Hoag s new book.One note In this book, Deputy Annie Broussard is really shown some male chauvinism in the workplace after she attempts to arrest one of their own, Nick Fourcade What she had to endure felt really real and was well done by Ms Hoag Granted a male would have to endure some stuff , but as the sole female it s definitely taken to a different level. .Download Ebook ☨ A Thin Dark Line ♃ Terror Stalks The Streets Of Bayou Breaux, Louisiana A Suspected Murderer Is Free On A Technicality, And The Cop Accused Of Planting Evidence Against Him Is Ordered Off The Case But Detective Nick Fourcade Refuses To Walk Away He S Stepped Over The Line Before This Case Threatens To Push Him Over The EdgeHe S Not The Only One Deputy Annie Broussard Found The Woman S Mutilated Body She Still Hears The Phantom Echoes Of Dying Screams She Wants Justice But Pursuing The Investigation Will Mean Forming An Alliance With A Man She Doesn T Trust And Making Enemies Of The Men She Works With It Will Mean Being Drawn Into The Confidence Of A Killer For Annie Broussard, Finding Justice Will Mean Risking Everything Including Her LifeThe Search For The Truth Has Begun One That Will Lead Down A Twisted Trail Through The Steamy Bayous Of Louisiana, And Deep Into The Darkest Reaches Of The Human Heart This is the first book that I ve read by Tami Hoag I really enjoyed reading it keep me in suspense You think you have figured out who the murder is, some thing else points the finger at someone else in the book It is about a murder case that you following trying to find the truth Deputy Annie Broussard is the one who finds the body, she is takes a stand against another cop, which causes her to become the enemy of some of her co workers, then she starts to work with the cop, Nick, that she arrested for beating up on the prime suspect of the murder Annie and Nick partner up, but each one take different leads in the case Annie is put in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the prime suspect, which she believes that he is the one that committed the murder, but Nick follows is leads with the husband being the one who murdered his wife I thought I had the murdered solved, but I was sure surprised when I found out who the true murder was 4.5 stars out of 5 A THIN DARK LINE VGHoag, Tami standaloneSet in Bayou, the novel centres around a mission to nail a killer who walked free because of a technicality On his trail, the cop whose mistake cost him the case, and his deputy, Annie Broussard, leading Nick Fourcade into an obsessive search for justice and truth, and Annie in to a dilemma where she must defend or accuse him.I always enjoy Hoag and particularly like her books set in Bayou country She writes great sexy men and strong women, add attraction, threat, suspense and you ve a great read CAUTION there is some mutilation of animals. Read this many years ago and remember enjoying it immensely Still as enjoyable the second time around Particularly liked the setting and murder mystery aspect of the novel.The main character of this novel wasn t a shrinking violet by any means and she did stick to her ideals in this story There wasn t a lot of romance per se in this novel, it took a back seat to the murder mystery As the main characters I did feel that Annie and Nick were well suited and well matched, each complimented the other.