Read E-pub ☤ Still Waters ☲

This was definitely a fluff read, but it was fairly enjoyable The characters were not exactly believable and her Southern accent just seemed so stereotypical, but it was still a fun read I would say that the murder mystery part of it was predictable, and looking back at the story, it should have been, but I didn t predict who murdered the disliked businessman or why, perhaps in part, because I didn t want that person to be the murderer. I chose this book from my stacks to take to the beach on vacation It s than water logged and still in Florida I really enjoy Hoag s books but this one, while enjoyable, annoyed me a bit Elizabeth and her teenage son, Trace, flee Atlanta and end up in small town Still Creek Naturally, Elizabeth is gorgeous and dislikes men The sheriff in town, Dane, is gorgeous and dislikes women And they end up in bed together Naturally.Elizabeth happens on a dead body, the first murder in this town in decades The sheriff is surly and lusty towards her if he grabbed her by the arm and steered her one time.seriously and she s determined to find the killer, despite never having done anything like that before Also, enter the Amish with their dislike of the English.I know quite a few Southern people and have never heard the word sugar in conversation as Elizabeth Enjoyable, but somewhat annoying Read E-pub ♶ Still Waters ♵ When Elizabeth And Her Son Start Looking For A New Home, Still Creek Seems The Answer To Their Dreams But On Their Arrival The Locals Are Distinctly Cool, And When Elizabeth Gets Involved In A Murder Case She Finds There Is To It Than Meets The Eye A fairly enjoyable romantic suspense, although I didn t particularly enjoy either of the main characters I felt the book was a little slow in places, but this is an author I will be reading of. Great mystery, so so romance I really love Tami Hoag s early romances and I am puzzled how an author who does romance so well and mystery so well, can t seem to blend to two in this book.Elizabeth has been kicked to the curb by her SOB, rich ex husband She and her son land in Still Creek, MI and she buys the local paper She also has to fend off everything with a dick due to the SOB ex and his lies during their media circus divorce She finds the dead body of the town s wealthy sleaze and everyone assumes she slept with him and most believe she killed him including the county Sheriff, Dane He believes everything the media wrote about her, until he gets to know her and then he changes his mind But his ex did a number on him and he wants nothing but sex from any woman, even Elizabeth. Tami Hoag is quickly becoming a favorite author I like a shivery, suspenseful murder mystery without being bogged down with details and gore I ll save Kay Scarpetta for the best medical examiner ever, though.I don t think Still Waters is part of any series, like her Elena Estes series or the Bayou Breaux series both are worth a read.Elizabeth Stuart is a twice divorced Texan who has gone from poor to rich back to poor and has packed up her life after her rich second ex husband shredded her name and reputation to Atlanta society and her teenage son and moved to Minnesota Still Creek, Minnesota The only tie she has there is a college roommate who was like a sister to her, since Elizabeth has no family Elizabeth buys the town s newspaper, thus becoming an outsider and a reporter, neither of which earn her much trust in the town The last big mistake she made was stumbling upon the body of Jarrold Jarvis, his throat slashed and his body slumped over in his car.Somewhere in the mess, she reports the truth, her son is a suspect, an Amishman gets a little forbidden crush on her as he repairs her house, and the local sheriff butts heads with her It doesn t help that the sheriff s teenage daughter and her teenage son decide they like each other.As far as characters go, I like all of the ones thrown in There aren t too many to try to sort out, but enough to pick your suspects from I was right by the way, I just don t think it was believable, if that makes sense Pace, timing, setting, Hoag s got it I wouldn t mind a little forensics since we ARE dealing with a modern day murder mystery Intriguing enough to pick up another book by this author Don t expect too much and you ll be fine. This was a possible 3 1 2 stars It was a bit on the predictable fluffy side The character development was pretty decent The twist wasn t badit was a good idea although I figured it out long before it was revealed One thing that grated on my nerves a bit was the main character s use of the term of endearment sugar I realize she was southern but she ran it in the ground a bit I listened to this one and the narration was fantastic It was read by Joyce Bean. 3 stars for the mystery 1 Star for the romance No shocking twists, but a decent enough mystery to keep me guessing Some exciting moments towards the end One scene that could have been quite the thriller, but was skipped over with only a brief recap after it happened, I wish she had spent time on the junkyard The biggest problem, it took 10 chapters of the two main characters hating each other, and him being a jerk, to even get to the mystery I usually wouldn t mind the build up of the relationship, but this one I could never get into He started as a jerk, and she seemed fake Like she was this one person on the inside, then put on the southern girl act for others Which is why so many reviewers probably had an issue with the Sugar usage It did feel fake or forced I usually like Tami Hoag, but this one was my least favorite so far. Este foi o primeiro livro que decidi experimentar a autora Tami Hoag Foi a elucida o da capa e tamb m a sinopse que me deixaram algo curioso Imaginava que esta autora fosse como a Patr cia MacDonald ou a Mary Higgins Clark, e afinal n o tem compara o com uma nem com a outra O estilo de escrita mais el stico, digamos mais descritivo.Neste livro, a carga psicol gica sobressai mais carga policial que quase nula, ou seja, a hist ria centra se mais propriamente nos personagens da cidade rural onde houve um homic dio a vida de cada um, os seus sentimentos mais profundos como desilus es, receios, trai es O ritmo lento como passo de caracol, n o h ac o que vibrasse o enredo, mas a forma de como os personagens s o despidos em palavras e como se relacionam uns com os outros, interessante Fiquei bastante familiarizado com a Elizabeth e o seu filho, com o Dane e a sua filha, com a Joyln, entre outros Senti como se eu pr prio estivesse a viver nessa cidade rural, e ainda fiquei a saber mais sobre a cultura dos amish.Quem matou o magnata local Todos guardam os segredos e s o suspeitos E s no ltimo capitulo que revelado o assassino.Gostei muito e pretendo ler mais livros da autora. Fabulous book if you love the court room CSI type books like me I also like that they add in just a little twist of romance to it Not enough to make you wanna put it down and puke but just enough to keep you interested in that part of the story.