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I have been buying Tami Hoag books for awhile and just have never gotten around to reading them So I finally chose a book and got to it Ashes to Ashes is book 1 in the Kovak and Liska series, and I am so glad that I finally decided to pick one up and read Tami Hoag is a brilliant writer.I loved the characters in the book I also loved the premise of the story I also loved the twists in this book The premise of the story, to catch the Cremator A serial killer so twisted he puts the best villains to shame A team of experts getting the run around, false leads, so much mystery in this book I loved it Only one thing that I wished, was that we could have gotten of a story in our villains POV To read his thoughts was so disturbing to me I would like to have known about what made him tick, what made him do what he did.The characters were so very real to me They were so believable My favorites were Kate Conlan, and John Quinn Something kind of odd with this though it that they were like the main characters than the main characters were The main characters of the series are Sam Kovak and Nikki Liska, but they were on the back burner And it saddens me to know that Kate and John will probably not be in future books of this series Kate is a tough girl, been through a lot in her life, closed herself and her heart off a lot and then comes face to face with matters of the heart She does not let anyone get the better of her and she stands her ground very well John is also a tough guy who has made mistakes in the past He is your normal good ole boy pretty much and he is relentless when it comes to solving the mystery.So for my first experience with Tami Hoag, I would say it was pretty darn good, and I look forward to continuing with this series and other series or standalones that she has. 4.5 bumped up Good stuff Believable cast of characters, lots of tension and suspense Nice details Very competently written The only criticism is I thought the killer turned out to be too much of a cliche Also thought the sex scenes were a little over the top You know, where both characters climax together and the world moves and fireworks explode in the sky kind of sex [Read Book] ☪ Ashes to Ashes ♟ He Performs His Profane Ceremony In A Wooded Minneapolis Park, Anointing His Victims, Then Setting The Bodies Ablaze He Has Already Claimed Three Lives, And He Won T Stop There Only This Time There Is A Witness But She Isn T Talking Enter Kate Conlan, Former FBI Agent Turned Victim Witness Advocate Not Even She Can Tell If The Reluctant Witness Is A Potential Victim Or Something Troubling Still Her Superiors Are Interested Only Because The Latest Victim May Be The Daughter Of Peter Bondurant, An Enigmatic Billionaire When Peter Pulls Strings, Special Agent John Quinn Gets Assigned To The Case But The FBI S Ace Profiler Of Serial Killers Is The Last Person Kate Wants To Work With, Not With Their Troubled History Now She Faces The Most Difficult Role Of Her Career And Her Life For She S The Only Woman Who Has What It Takes To Stop The Killer And The One Woman He Wants Next 3.5 stars rounded up.A little long winded in some places where they are reviewing and reviewing their profiles and the witnesses Sometimes it felt as though I had already read the analysis and did do some skimming The plot has a lot of moving parts characters but it was fun trying to second guess who the serial killer was I had identified one twist, but missed another as I really wanted someone else to be guilty I liked Kovac and Liska and how their characters were portrayed I liked Kate and her role as victim advocate, but I didn t like Quinn FBI guy to the rescue Quinn had to grow on me as I think he handled his past with Kate poorly She was the damaged one, not him.I didn t like that the serial killer s viewpoint was written in present tense I don t like present tense or the back and forth of changing tense And as an armchair editor, I just have to repeat that it s long winded and I think I would have edited it down a bit. never underestimate the taste of the American public for pure garbage The writing sucks, the characters suck, but somehow..they keep buying it.This may be one of the most horribly written books I ve had the displeasure to read I really tried to give it a chance since a friend told me how much she enjoyed it..needless to say, I won t follow her advice re what to read again I was trapped at home while out on disability and had nothing else to read that is the only thing that made me stick it out til the painful bitter end. So I really liked this book I was captivated and taken on a journey My guesses for who done it were all wrong However, which is part of my 4 star rating is that it was too easy for the author to chose The Who done it I ve seen it be that way so many times, at least one aspect, I didn t think a seasoned writer would go there Anyway, my other problem was with technology and pop culture references which dated the book.Everyone had pagers including Cate who used a pay phone to return a page Not a problem as this is an older book But a few chapters later, Care says she has a cell phone So why did she use a pay phone It seemed like someone went through to try and update the technology in the book and forgot a few places because the rest of the book pagers and pay phones weren t mentioned.Then the pop culture references I caution all my beta authors about this The authors uses references to actors in her day as resembling certain characters Bad for two reasons, one not everyone finds the same men attractive George Clooney and Kurt Russell were never my cup of tea and took away visually from the supposed hot guys they were tied to in the book But importantly, these references date a book Those guys are not the it guys of today and only remind the reader that the book is old.And for those reasons it s not a five star book but it s a really good read. Even though this is called the first Kovac and Liska book it s really not The book focuses on Kate Conlan who is a former FBI agent and her former lover Special Agent John Quinn These two do appear in Ashes to Ashes but after that, I can t even remember if we see them again This is a pretty good start to the series that stars Kovac and Liska not everything is going to involve serial killers though, some of it just involves terrible people doing horrible things to someone else I did love the dialogue in this one and the ending was really good So I finally finished Mindhunter the other day and started going back through my Hoag backlist She did a really good job with the mystery thriller aspect of this, while also including profiling in this Kate Conlan is now a crime victim s right advocate Living in Minneapolis now, she hopes to recover from her broken marriage When she is called in to deal with a young woman who may be a potential target of a serial killer due to what she saw The FBI is called in, and there enters John Quinn who is a profiler Due to their past with each other there s some friction Quinn is also dealing with the fact the local police are not exactly welcoming at first Or let s say Kovac is not at first Liska weirdly keeps hitting flirting with him or whatever that was You realize that in the next book, Kovac had a thing for Kate Conlan who he often says resembles Rene Russo I do wonder what would have happened if Hoag pushed things along in that line I did like Kate a lot and wish she show up in future books She s great at her job and has an overbearing and gross boss John annoyed me a bit here and there with regards to Kate I did like the team aspect when we get down into the local police Kovac and Liksa complement each other and I can see why Hoag kept writing about them They may not be in this story as much, but what we do see makes you yearn for We also get into the mind of the serial killer in this book called The Cremator The writing was really good and the flow works from beginning to end.The setting of Minneapolis seems bigger than what I always thought it would look like if I ever went there in real life We get a lot of local politics happening in this one too I did love the ending in this one and have to say that the reveal was very well done. This serial killer thriller is full of tension and I really didn t know who the serial killer was until the author wanted me to know Well written Tami Hoag This is the first book I ve read by this author and I will look forward to the next one Besides the thriller aspect I enjoyed the interplay between the police detectives and the relationship between FBI specialist Quinn and Kate the victim advocate. 3.5 wish it could have been better stars.I wish I could have given this book a higher rating I think I have been spoiled by SB and her suspense books This was well written but, to me, it could have been about 30% shorter Way too long, way too many details in the first half of the book Not enough time with Quinn and Kate Some killers are born Some are made I will try from this author Maybe check out a shorter book the next time The series is called Kovac Liska based on two police Sergeants in the novel I liked both of those characters and would be interested in following up on their story if there is one He turned the water off, climbed out of the shower, and toweled himself dry He had an athlete s body, solid, roped with muscle, leaner that it used to be The reverse of most men in their mid forties Liked that Quinn was a bit older I need a drink , she said. My co worker and I were always baffled by this book Running a small used bookstore, we never understood why we had seven copies of this title and no other Tami Hoag When an eight one rolled in, I decided I had to know It was either a horrible disappointment or was go good that it had been issued to every mystery fan in the area.I read it It was the latter.A vicious serial killer, wonderfully realized characters, city level political intrigue, and one of those introspective romances I can be critical of mystery novels, but this immediately went on my Manager s Pick shelf.