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3.6 Stars Wordless and all about people killing and dying, this book of short tales is dark, creepy, violent, and murderous, but with a sense of humour. Le tipiche atmosfere graffiate dell illustratore elvetico in forma di short shortissime stories.Il tema principale di questa raccolta, come si evince dal titolo, la morte.Qui sono raccolti 19 tra i suoi lavori dal 1985 al 2004.Come succede con le raccolte alcune storie possono piacere ed altre meno, in questo caso diciamo che ci troviamo in una situazione di pareggio.Ott, autore che amo, da il meglio di s nel racconto lungo e secondo me condensare dei concetti in 2, 3 pagine non gli molto congeniale.Consiglio questo titolo solo ai veri fan, per chi invece volesse approcciarsi a quest autore consiglio Cinema Panopticum. A collection of twenty years of short short stories, scratchboard, black and white, wordless, pretty amazing artwork, but I had just read three books that are or contain longer stories, and this one, with , and less focus, had less impact for me I think I would have rated this higher had this been the only book I had read from Ott who was is the lead singer of The Playboys as well as an amazing atmospheric dark, creepy comics artist This collection includes two I had just read in The Dead, including The Millionaire and Washing Day, which are the best things in this collection So these are horror, crime, and as someone else reviewed IT ALWAYS ENDS BADLY, every story I love the epigraph, You have to do something while waiting for death, Hakan Nesser , and this helps you get something about his work that I hadn t captured yet, the humor These are brutal, but in part because of the black and white, not really raw slasher stories, and you slowly realize they are funny, or that horror can also be funny, as Hitchcock and other horror artists know I see he knows and has worked with the graphic artist David B, which might help you get the tone of his work He includes two pages at the end of the book of, not acknowledgements, but what he calls inspirations, from literature, film, comics, music, everything, and this might help you get the tone of his work, too, his intentions There s a love of noir and fantasy and romance for classic cinema that comes through here in the work, not a contemporary feel. An excellent collection of short stories from one of my new favorite authors Dark, creative and thought provoking I ve never read anything quite like them. Wunderbare, manchmal makabre, manchmal humorvolle idealerweise beides Kurzgeschichten, ausgef hrt in h chstem Detail auf Schabkarton Comics in einigen hnlichen Formaten, relativ schnell zur z nftigen Pointe, aber trotzdem wird genug Zeit genommen, um ein eindr ckliches Ambiente zu erstellen Mir gef llt das Licht unglaublich, und wie sich der Leser auch an Situationen herantastet Dazu gibt es kleinere Bilder, oder Sammlungen zu Themen Auf jeden Fall sehr viel Unterhaltung pro Seite. Un recueil d un auteur que je ne connaissais pas jusque l Le graphisme et le titre ont attir mon oeil et je n ai pas regrett d avoir attrap ce livre Un best of de l auteur, assez copieux, sur presque 20 ans de carri re Mais aucun dialogue ne vient perturber la lecture , l est l ironie Le graphisme est tr s particulier car l auteur suisse travaille la carte gratter Le noir domine naturellement l oeuvre Beaucoup de cynisme, parfois un peu trash On sent l univers rock de l auteur ce qui est loin de me d plaire.Des sc nes de vie ou de mort d ailleurs , mises en sc ne presque cin matographiques Un recueil d vorer et surtout admirer. Very dark Ott has some real issues, but the art is convincing and done well. A compilation of his best work If you are into nightmarish worldless graphic novels than this is worth a read Soo good And sooooooo weird Creepy Unsettling Original. Hist ries, contes i microrelats negres negr ssims, sense necessitat de di legs, amb il lustracions expressionistes tremendament impactants On rics, fant stics, salvatges, atemporals o ambientats en el noir dels 50 a centreeuropa, postals mexicanes i f bules dist piques.Una del cia Un festival. `Download Book ☈ R.I.P. ↼ This Omnibus Collection Of Thomas Ott S Short Shock Ending Horror Stories Imagine EC Comics Done With No Words, And Executed In An Impossibly Lush Black And White Scratchboard Style Collects Material Originally Published In Three Now Out Of Print Thin European Style Graphic Albums During The S And S, Plus A Few ExtrasPresented In The Same Deluxe Format As The Now Sold Out Cinema Panopticum For Which A Softcover Release Is Planned For And The Number , RIP Offers Up An Even Dozen Tales Of Murder, Suicide, Oppression, Terror, Mutilation, Crime, Marital Strife, And Nuclear Annihilation