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READ KINDLE ê Too Much Temptation Ý New Edition Found HereHe Made Her Feel BeautifulAwkward, Insecure Grace Jenkins Has Had Little Experience With Men But That Hasn T Stopped Her From Dreaming Hard About Noah Harper Gorgeous, Strong And Darkly Sexy, Noah Has A Rough Edge Beneath His Polish That Promises No Mercy In The Bedroom When Grace Learns Noah S Engagement Has Ended In Scandal, She Shyly Offers Him Her Support And Her Friendship But Noah S Looking For Something Extra Noah Wants Grace Badly He Wants To Possess Those Curves That Go On Forever, To Savor Her Sweet Innocence, To Take Her To The Limits Of White Hot Desire Again And Again What He Doesn T Want Is Anything Complicated Than That, And He Knows Grace Is A Woman Who Deserves Better Grace, However, Knows Exactly What She Wants The Kind Of Ecstasy Only Noah Can Give Her Brazenly, She Accepts, And Noah Promises To Make All Her Secret Fantasies Come True Too Much Temptation4 StarsAfter discovering his fianc e in flagrante delicto, Noah Harper calls off the wedding much to his powerful grandmother s chagrin In contrast, Grace Jenkins, his grandmother s shy and sweet personal assistant, is much understanding and offers Noah her unconditional support Noah, however, has other plans for Grace ones that involve keeping her busy in his bed for as long as possible A surprisingly charming and enjoyable read Grace is a very sweet and innocent heroine, but still manages to stand her ground in the face of Noah s alpha maleness While she does exhibit a certain preoccupation with her full figure and weight, this never becomes the focus of the conflict, and one of Noah s most endearing qualities is his love of her curves Noah is seriously sexy, but it is his tenderness and protectiveness toward Grace that makes him an especially appealing hero The story is the weakest element as there is no actual plot to speak of other than Noah and Grace s admittedly excellent sex scenes Noah s fractious relationship with his crotchety grandmother is resolved far too easily, and the hints at an underlying animosity with his former fianc e s lover remains underdeveloped Moreover, said fianc e is let off the hook far too easily for her deceitfulness In sum, this is a wonderfully sweet and low angst romance perfect for a lazy afternoon read. This was a book my sister shoved at me and told me to read Boy am I glad she did This was a really awesome book Grace is not just a little plump She s a big girl, and once Noah actually starts looking at her, he likes everything he sees The love scenes were very hot, the hottest I think I had read at that time I don t tend to find too many of the very erotic type romances as romantic, but this one was More on the modern romance side, where it s not so much We re married at the end of the book, but I think I want to marry you Here s a ring Although there is a good epilogue that put me at ease.Noah was quite the forceful, demanding type lover, but Grace seemed to enjoy that aspect of him She was a virgin, but was definitely going to educate her in the joys of making love It was funny that he really let himself go after he had gotten betrayed and closed the door of his life on his ex fiance At first I was worried that he was just using Grace as a solace from his heart, but it was very clear how fast he came to fall in love with her Grace had loved him so long, that she really had no resistance to him It was fortunate that at heart, Noah was a good guy and wouldn t take her heart and step on it.This book is a good reminder to the larger women out there that there is a man for you, who will find you as irresistible as an hot fudge sundae Just don t give up on him. Some good ol cheese does the soul wonders So my friend who used to readI know you re probably shaking your head, giving me dirties and wondering why I m still friends with someone who used to be an ex reader She s not all that bad, I promiserecommended this book to me It s the book she remembered the most from her reading days and it was the first book that introduced her to reading in general So I said I would give it a go. Every once in a while you come across a little gem that just puts a smile on your face, and has you engaged from page one.That is exactly what this book did for me This was a short, sweet read and I absolutely loved every minute of it I LOVED the characters Noah and Grace were amazing together, and boy did I ever wish I could be in Gracie s placeespecially in the bedroomThe evolution of Grace and Noah s relationship was wonderful to read I really enjoyed the writing in this book particularly the humor and bantering between Ben and Aggie, and Ben Noah s relationship.Throughout the story I was kinda waiting for the other shoe to drop on Grace because it seemed that Noah was too good to be true, but he was the amazing man that Grace believed him to be and didn t hesitate to claim and stand up for Grace when she needed him the most.I CANNOT WAIT to read Ben s story because I think when he meets his match he won t know what hit him