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I read the book Shattering Glass by Gail Giles This was an awesome book because it really related to me It was right around my age group and some of the problems they have, boys have my age too Shattering Glass was the best book i have ever read for many reasons I m not much of a reader which was why I pick the shortest book It was only 215 pages and I really enjoyed every part of it The book is very suspenseful because the climax of the story doesn t happen until the end of the novel This keeps the reader on their toes until the end I couldn t wait to start reading it again to see if anything would happen The book was very well written the quotes at the beginning of the chapter were awesome It lets you get a peek of what will happen in the end This was my favorite part of the book.Shattering Glass was written in first person Young Steward, the narrator, was kinda like me, he was athletic, he had good grades, tough parents, and was a follower instead of a leader He was perfect for the role as a narrator because he kept a lot inside the reader got to see how he felt about certain things I really took great advice from the things that happen to Young I now realize even how being a follower can be good or bad Young Hadn t been told to do anything bad yet, so being a follower was perfect until he was told to break up with Ronna Then he realized how doing what he was told to do wasn t always a good thing I am now writing my own destiny and being a leader The book Shattering Glass had many ups and downs It was about a chubby, nerdy kid named Simon Glass who was bullied Then a group of popular boys had enough of people picking on him They decided to be his friend and transform him into being the most popular kid in school They did this until he started to get cocky The cockiness ends up not being a good idea for Glass in the end I wouldn t recommend this book to anyone unless it s a high school boy It has a lot to do with our everyday lives and what things go on in our heads Women wouldn t really like this type of book because it is told from the viewpoint of a high school boy This book is also perfect for someone like me because it is a short read This book was so good I would read it again if i had the time I hope the next person that reads this book enjoys it as much as i did It is a very suspenseful book, will keep you wanting to read and never put the book down I don t like being teased Giles tells her readers in the very beginning that her main characters are going to kill Simon Glass We don t find out how or why until the last page I didn t like the characters or even the plot I only finished the book to find out why they killed the kid.Year of Pub 2003Publisher Simon Schuster Children s Publishing, New York, NY I am a huge fan of Gail Giles and her books absolutely creep me out like nothing else.These aren t ghost stories or anything like that They re the evil things that we do to each other without any sort of supernatural bent or demonic involvement or whatever That makes them much scarier than most of the stories Stephen King writes These things happen every day, in every city in the world.We know from the very first sentence that things are going to end very badly for Simon What we don t know is how or why.Each chapter begins with a brief statement from other characters discussing Simon s fate these statements are from several years in the future and those are the only clues we have as to what s going to happen and how everyone else will be impacted Obviously I can t get too in depth with what happens, because spoilers But if you re ever interested in why people who are otherwise good can do horrible things, this book has your answer.This book is beyond unsettling Highly recommended. Yeah As YA mystery thrillers go, this one was okay Well, not okay Tolerable at best is probably a better way to describe it This book tried to do something that could have been really cool, but kind of failsepically This review s not very long, because most of my issues aren t big, but they take up so much of the story it s all I ve got Shattering Glass is about four popular high school guys who want to turn the least popular guy in school into one of the most popular Been there, done that But, by the summary and the first few lines of the book, you know the loser, Simon Glass, dies So it becomes how do the four guys go from trying this social experiment to murdering Simon.My main issue with this book is the characters The narrator, Young Stewart, has zero presence The kid s basically a douchier version of Nick Caraway Young goes through no development and is pretty much a pair of eyes to watch the story unfold This wouldn t be that bad if any of the other characters wereyou knowninteresting.I could tell Giles tried to make Rob this charming, yet manipulative bastard, but he kinda fell flat I could never understand why people did what he asked Young told us its because he s charismatic, but I never picked up on it In fact Rob was nothing but the same asshole I ve read about a million times before Giles tried to make Simon this overambitious loser who tried to surpass Rob and the others, but again, he fell flat Instead of ambitious and two faced he came off as confused Simon s gimmick was doing something nice for someone then doing something equally selfish in return, but his character came off as confused, like he didn t know what to do.The mystery aspect wasn t anything amazing We know what happens, but this book relies on the build up We re suppose to see the changes these characters go through, but instead we get a rushed climax that really didn t do anything other then end the book too quickly Combine that with forced dialogue and boring characters and you ve got Shattering Glass. wow I really really really loved this book and the way Giles uses so so so so so so so much dramatic irony and suspense to really pull you in Throughout the book, you get semi bored, but get the urge to continue reading and find out what happens The ending hits you right in the face and couldn t be twisted I really fell in love with the characters and became attached to their emotions myself to the point where I knew their next move every time until the very end. 3.5 stars.This is one of the fastest books I have ever read I devoured it in about an hour It has such an incredibly slow build up of impending doom that I couldn t put it down.Unfortunately the build up was actually better than the explosion The ending left a fair bit to be desired but the rest of the book mostly made up for it Good, quick brain scrub Just what I needed. The author did a wonderful job showing how Rob felt, and, at the end, really makes you understand why he wanted to change Simon Glass so much. Shattering Glass by Gail Giles is a dark take on today s need to be socially accepted in this instance, the popularity status ladder in high school Throughout the novel, you see many instances where some of the main characters are following the lead of their charismatic leader for no other reason to remain in his good tidings, resulting in their ability to stay in his group of accepted peers friends Like most high schools in real life, everyone has something to hide and in the book it is no different No one questions why the most popular guy in school is taking in the nerd, until it is too late and his true personality motives are revealed In Shattering Glass, Gail Giles tells the story of how Simon Glass, the hated school nerd and scape goat for aggression, is taken under the wing of arguably the most popular guy in the school, Rob Hayes Although at first it seems that Rob feels sorry for Glass, Rob s close group of friends quickly decide that it is Rob s way of getting back at Lance Ansley, Simon s biggest bully and the most popular guy in the school Within Rob s group of friend there is Young Steward, from whose point of view the story is told Young is the first to question Rob s motive, but does now say anything out of fear of being unaccepted or losing Rob s favor or attention Although things start out great and everyone seems to be benefitting from the adoption of Glass into their group, it is not long until Glass starts to develop a backbone of his own, going against Rob and his commands This is the start of when Rob s ugly side comes to the surface Rob s leash around the boys, including Young and Glass, grows tighter and his moods are sudden and violent Glass and Young notice this, prompting them to search for secrets that Rob might have in the school data base and library What they find changes their entire viewpoint of Rob Keeping the secret until the favorite s dance, the pity Young feels for Rob causes him to fall back into complement while it seems to make Glass unruly The book finishes at the favorites dance with Glass changing the votes to ensure that they go against Rob s wishes While fighting with Rob, Glass exposes Rob s secret while enraging the other boys Humiliated and furious, Rob and Bob beat Simon near to death, taking out Coop s knee, crippling him for the rest of his life, on accident while Coop was trying to protect Glass the reason Coop got into a good college Meanwhile Young watches innocently and in the end it is him who takes the blame for everyone else When Young is first introduced into the book, he is described as one of the most popular guys in school, but throughout the book it is revealed that Young isn t really popular except for the reason that he just happened to be friends with the right group of people Young Steward is the type of person that would usually blend into the background, but as luck has it, he was able to befriend a group of people with high popularity status A big effect on who Young Steward is as a person all tracks back to his family life Both of Young s parents, established therapists, overanalyze every aspect of Young s life, micromanaging him to the point where they control what classes he takes in high school, what he will be going to college for, and what his future career for life will be Needless to say, Young s life is not just stressful for him, it is a struggle to be accepted by his friends and his parents Young is a people pleaser through and through throughout the book this does not change much Whether it is pleasing his parent, his friends, his girlfriend, Young will go to any lengths not to let down the people in his life A real critical turning point in the book for Young is when Rob asks him to break up with his dedicated girlfriend Ronna, who he loves very much Young has an internal struggle because he knows that whatever decision he makes, he will let someone down Rob or Ronna In the end, Young makes the decision to let down Ronna, causing him to feel disgust, anger, and disappointment in himself At this point, I think that Young realizes that he can t please everyone, which only makes him try harder This shows when, after Glass is murdered, he takes the blame for everyone else so that they don t have to suffer I rated this book five out of five stars because I liked how it was centered around the human need for acceptance, control, and how we deceive others by lying or hiding things about ourselves Despite the extreme ending, I think this was a very hones book portraying the stress put on the lives of highschoolers I would recommend this book to a mature audience 14 who like dramas, fiction novels, or are just looking for a fun, easy to read novel with a twist I think this is a book that both genders would enjoy and one that people of any ethnicity as long as they don t mind a few swear words or graphic violence would enjoy as well. {DOWNLOAD E-PUB} ⚠ Shattering Glass ⛏ Simon Glass Was Easy To HateI Guess, Really We Each Hated Him For A Different Reason, But We Didn T Realize It Until The Day We Killed Him Fat, Clumsy Simon Glass Is A Nerd, A Loser Who Occupies The Lowest Rung On The High School Social Ladder Everyone Picks On Him Until Rob Haynes Shows Up Rob, A Transfer Student With Charisma To Spare, Immediately Becomes The Undisputed Leader Of The Senior Class And He Has Plans For Simon Rob Enlists The Help Of His Crew Wealthy, Intellectual Young, Ladies Man Bob, And Sweet, Athletic Coop In A Mission Turn Sniveling Simon From Total Freak To Would Be Prom King But As Simon Rises To The Top Of The Social Ranks, He Shows A New Confidence And A Devious Side That Power Hungry Rob Did Not Anticipate And When Simon Uncovers A Dangerous Secret, Events Darken The Result Is Disquieting, Bone Chillingand Brutal Shattering Glass, by Gail Giles, relays the tale of a group of popular boys who decide to take an outcast, Simon Glass, under their wing and turn him into Prince Charming Rob, the leader, is insistent on controlling everything and making sure everything goes according to plan When it starts to become too much, Young Steward, the narrator, can only watch as his friends start to take matters into their own hands One of my favorite aspects of the story was that it was not written from the hero s point of view, rather a bystander s While it is still in first person, it seems like the reader is viewing the story through the eyes of someone watching the events unfold Giles was very descriptive when writing She managed to describe everything without making the book too heavy in detail She added adjectives in just the right places to make her sentences advanced For example, she wrote, As we jogged, our sneakers slapped against the wet sand Coop ran, slow and steady, at ease than I had seen him in weeks The way Giles wrote the story did not seem cliche at all I also liked how she infused subtle humor into an otherwise serious book The dialogue, the actions, and the way she describes the environment all have a dark comedy feel to them Giles has a very firm grasp on a typical high school and the characters are very enjoyable She creates a sense of mystery to shroud each character None of them are what they seem, and only Young, the narrator, is able to see the darkness behind their masks of goodness I think Giles raised awareness to the fact that everyone has an ulterior motive behind a seemingly good action She portrays Rob, the main character, as an attractive, intelligent, well liked boy while also making him rather sinister Even Simon, the sniveling, unpopular nerd has a dark side This reminds me of myself Every kind action is meant to benefit myself Although it feels good to help someone, I find it feels better when people like you for being helpful Something I didn t like was that the author kind of gave us an ending in the middle Every chapter began with an interview or testimony of someone who knew Young, Rob, Simon, and their friends They told the reader what happened after a certain incident, which we don t find out about until the end The testimonies described how the lives of each boy changed drastically after the incident This was the reason for an extremely abrupt ending While I do think the story was ended appropriately the way she wrote it, if she hadn t told us what happened after, the story wouldn t have been cut off right after the incident occurred However, while I was reading, I found the sneak peaks into the future very entertaining I think this story is meant for a slightly older audience than myself Brace yourself for some mature topics and offensive words.