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This book, I m sorry to say wasn t very good It was okay at best Her later writing is much better in my opinion.Here is my synopsis Rude, harsh, cowboy has rapist like thoughts about his new neighbor The two hate each other passionately They end up making out.He talks tenderly to her, they fight, vowing to never engage again in the best sex they ever had.The meet again, fight and end up having sex again.Okay, there was to the story than that, but it is so annoying to me, that now, I ll always remember this forgettable book It is a mystery, a mild thriller , but honestly, even if you are a Tami Hoag fan, skip it It s very predictable and cheesy. 2 stars Romantic Suspense I really enjoyed this book until I reached the halfway point The storyline was good, but how many times does Hoag have to tell me that the character is stubborn lonely loyal a misfit I get it already I didn t lose my memory from the prior chapter Or the one before that, either I would have rated this book much higher if not for the annoying repetition. I loved this book, the town, the characters, the unexpected twists, and who doesn t want a rough, sexy cowboy with hands of steel Hot and steamy J.D wins my vote I am banning this novel and banning any Tami Hoag novels from my reading list This is in spite of the fact that she is a very good writer who can weave a great tale of suspense and mystery However, her portrayal in this book of a sexual abuser as just an honest, truthful, and good man who was flawed, is beyond unconscionable The first time the main character met this man, JD, he verbally and sexually intimidated her by getting up in her face and declaring he was going to f k her The second time she met him he continued to verbally abuse her and then grabbed her and kissed her to prove he meant what he said Yes, he was honest about his intentions, which just said he showed his true colors as a sexual predator I continued reading thinking the guy would become the evil villain of the story, but no, Hoag has the main character attracted to him I realize that this happens in BAD romance stories, which can even have a guy rape a woman and she still falls for him and a torrid romance ensues This idea that an abusive man can turn out to be a good guy is criminal brainwashing that has to be eliminated from our culture Hoag does go on to try to develop the character as a tortured and repressed man, but it was tainted by her opening scenes with the guy The fact that a best selling author would do this and get the book into the hands of thousands millions is heinous We women, and men, have to stop believing it is okay for men to behave that way, ever No truly good man would ever do what Hoag has this character do at the beginning DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. It has been a while since I read anything by Tami Hoag but I had this one in the TBR pile so I picked it up, as it seemed an interesting romantic suspense.I am happy to say that I really enjoyed The book opens with the crime being committed You know who the victim is but during that scene, the identity of the killer is not revealed.We then proceed to get to know the heroine, Marilee, a court reporter who has decided she needed a change in her life and travels to Montana to be with her friend Lucy However, when she arrives at Lucy s home in the mountains she finds the place ransacked and a mysterious and overbearing man who warns her away and tells her that Lucy is dead Shocked Marilee decides to stay and find out what happened to Lucy.There are several mysteries surrounding the town but the one about who killed Lucy is apparently solved to everyone s satisfaction having been labeled a hunting accident Marilee sees it as ironic the fact that the death of her friend only brought a slap in the wrist to her killer Surprisingly she is informed that she is Lucy s heir and the letter she left for her leads her to think that someone may have been behind the accident.Undecided on what to do with her life and the property Lucy left her while at the same time intrigued by the people she meets Marilee decides to stay in town for a while She soon develops a relationship with JD Rafferty, the owner of a neighboring ranch who has been feeding Lucy s animals and keeps thinking of Marilee as just another Lucy JD wants to buy the property and is determined to fight the Hollywood crowd who has recently invaded Montana leading to the prices going up and the ruin of local ranchers This is the crowd Lucy ran with, so Marilee is also interested in them and what are they really involved in.Things are not what they seem and when people die the tension between the locals and the newcomers rises while at the same time Evan Bryce, the Hollywood tycoon who has been buying land, seems to have found a way to get to Rafferty s lands through JD s brother s wife.We do know who the bad people are from the beginning, it is a question of why and how then of who Marilee and JD are not new as characters in the sense that we have read about the city girl who meets the lonesome cowboy before but I liked how Hoag wrote them and their story worked for me This is a romantic supense that is very heavy on romance, Rafferty was a bit overbearing and Marilee had to fight for every inch of his heart Some people might have a problem with him as this feels as an old fashioned romance I liked how the tension builds near the end when we find out what is really happening and the final confrontation scene For me it was an interesting and compelling read.Grade 4 5 Lucy and Marilee Jennings became friends when they were both court reporters in Sacramento Lucy quit to buy a home in New Eden, Montana a year ago Marilee decided to surprise Lucy by driving up to Montana for a vacation Unfortunately, the surprise is Marilee s when she learns Lucy was killed 10 days ago in a hunting accident A doctor who was hunting confessed that he didn t even see her Marilee is not so certain that Lucy s death is an accident Lucy left Marilee her home and ranch and the neighbor JD Rafferty is very interested in the property As Marilee starts digging into Lucy s life in Montana, she wonders if blackmail was involved I liked the western feel of the book with its cowboys, horses and great outdoors Marilee finds sizzling romance but other seedier encounters are going on with the wealthy crowd in New Eden Tami Hoag did a good job with her descriptions of the Montana countryside. *READ DOWNLOAD ⇻ Dark Paradise ✓ New Eden, Montana, Is A Piece Of Heaven On Earth Where One Woman Died In Her Own Private Hell Now It S Up To Ex Court Reporter Marilee Jennings To Decipher The Puzzle Of Her Best Friend S Death But Someone Has A Stake In Silencing Her Suspicion Someone With Secrets Worth Killing For And The Power To Turn This Beautiful Haven Into A And As Mari Digs Deeper Beneath New Eden S Picture Perfect Exterior, Finding The Truth Is Suddenly No Longer A Matter Of Justice It S Her Only Hope Of Staying Alive From The Paperback Edition Loved it Good vs Evil, old ways vs new ways, old money vs new money This one had me turning the pages like crazy Definitely need to start reading books by this author. 2.5 starsThis book stumbled over formulaic writing in a very unfortunate way It didn t help that I read Lucky s Lady just before reading this book, but even so the romance in this story was quite simply, and point for point, identical to the romance in Lucky s Lady 1 Lust at first sight.2 Mutual dislike.3 Man wants sex for the sake of sex.4 Woman doesn t think of sex that way.5 They can t help themselves and have wild, unprotected sex 6 She decides she loves him 7 He pushes her away because she s getting too close.8 He saves her life and realizes he does love her.9 He pushes her away again 10 She goes to him and puts her heart on the line.11 He pushes her away again.12 She realizes she s pregnant, a fact that has nothing whatsoever to do with the plot of the book.13 After a random amount of time passes he comes back to her.Actually I have to say, this formula fit Lucky and Serena pretty well It did not, however, fit JD and Merilee JD s rejection of love wasn t as natural as Lucky s, and given his love of tradition and of the land his persistence in pushing her away felt extremely forced But mostly there was the formula, and seeing the formula so, so clearly kept me from believing its application to this pair I didn t feel the chemistry I didn t buy the initial lust or the initial attraction, and I frankly didn t like JD at any point in this book This book wasn t all romance if it had been it would have gotten a 1 star But the mystery and suspense elements were pretty good.