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If you are looking for a romance novel with hot guys Deeper Than the Dead is not the book for you However, if you want a novel that is going to keep you up late and worry about what your neighbors are up to, you are going to love this novel Deeper Than the Dead has all the ingredients a good thriller needs including crooked cops, creepy kids, grisly murders, and bizarre burials.One of Hoag s trademarks is her writing voice it is consistent and smooth That alone would be enough to have her standing out from the mass amount of authors who are currently penning books Hoag is able to use this voice to create complex settings and interesting characters I was very impressed with Hoag s ability to leap from one character POV to another Usually the character hopping gives me a hopping, but Hoag was able to pull it off in a way that was very easy to follow More importantly, by leaping POV s Hoag was able to make me feel sympathetic towards the characters, even the ones who are clearly evil All of her characters were well developed and stayed very consistent to themselves throughout the entire novel.As soon as you open the book you are launched directly into the middle of a torture scene Mixed into the victims thoughts are flashes of a letter that has clearly been written by a child, glorifying their father The next scene is set in a fifth grade classroom and ends with the discovery of a decomposing body The scene is important because it introduces you to many of the main characters in a way that is both interesting and believable.Deeper Than the Dead reads very quickly, which is a good thing because once you start to read it, you will find that putting it down is very nearly impossible. I have read Ms Hoag, but it has been quite a while back so I was happy to revisit her This was OK for me A good suspenseful who done it with so much going on that the reader was led from one suspect to another before the big reveal A good job throwing out those breadcrumbs I appreciated that the author comments in the notes that she knew she wanted to tell a story set in the time of Dallas, shoulder pads, big hair and Miami Vice as this was her growing up time as well as mine What I thought was interesting was that she had to get rid of all the high tech that is in our world today No cell phones, no computer or google searching, no FBI data base, fingerprints being matched visually We have come a long way That said I felt the detectives fell a bit flat, especially the hot shot profiler from Chicago Perhaps he was not being fed all the same tidbits that the reader was It took an awfully long time to get to the rather drawn out ending I was also a bit amazed that in this small, idyllic town there were SO many dysfunctional people And I mean a lot Goes to show you that we never know what goes on behind closed doors Entertaining Yes Edge of my seat Not really. [E-pub] ⚇ Deeper than the Dead ♀ Librarian S Note This Is A Previously Published Edition Of Kindle ASIN BYERC A Serial Killer Terrorizes A Small California Town In This Gripping Thriller From New York Times Bestselling Author Tami HoagCalifornia, Four Children And Young Teacher Anne Navarre Make A Gruesome Discovery A Partially Buried Female Body, Her Eyes And Mouth Glued Shut A Serial Killer Is At Large, And The Very Bonds That Hold Their Idyllic Town Together Are About To Be Tested To The Breaking PointTasked With Finding The Killer, FBI Investigator Vince Leone Employs A New And Controversial FBI Technique Called Profiling, Which Plunges Him Into The Lives Of The Four Children And The Young Teacher Whose Need To Uncover The Truth Is As Intense As His OwnBut As New Victims Are Found And Pressure From The Media Grows, Vince And Anne Find Themselves Circling The Same Small Group Of Local Suspects, Unsure If Those Who Suffer Most Are The Victims Themselves Or Those Close To The Killer, Blissfully Unaware That Someone Very Near To Them Is A Murderous Psychopath I pushed myself through the first 50 pages I try to give every book I pick up a fair chance I then gave it even time and it did move ok for a bit But it s asking too much of me I just can not suspend disbelief enough to finish this 1 A gay male kindergarten teacher What can I say It s about as believable as a unicorn He lives alone with his two dogs and he s the heroine s BFF He literally referred to himself as her sidekick Argh He comes across to me as the stereotypical gay man who wants to be a straight woman Pro tip Gay men do not want to be straight women Every time he shows up it s like nails on a chalk board.2 The book is too conscientiously set in 1985 Again and again the year is mentioned If I wasn t able to retain major plot points I d be watching tv not reading.3 The cops are psychic They know that In The Future we will have computers and fax machines and national data bases that will make our jobs so much easier That s about it, I ve read just shy of half the book and I m done Oh the killer Forgot about him, because I just don t care. If I had read this book first in the series, I would have never read books 2 and 3 Everyone except for three out of the four kids was terrible Every adult was the worst ever I felt like there were just too many characters for you to really focus on I think if Hoag had either stuck with the lead detective to tell her story, or switched between him and the FBI profiler, it would have worked better Instead we had at least 10 or POVs I think And we had the serial killer plot line, the sociopath kid plot line, the teacher and FBI agent falling in love, the detective trying to run his case, the one kid dealing with his terrible mother and absent father, another kid dealing with her parents, etc Nothing hung together very well IMHO.I can t tell you much about the characters besides what I said above I liked the characters of Wendy and Tommy the best Everyone else was awful.The writing was not typical Hoag either I feel like she was mimicking 1980s thriller books back in the day which is the only way I can try to grasp why there was a lot of misogyny in this book I just felt turned off by the two male leads, such as they were for this book.The flow was pretty bad though I think the main reason was that we had so many POVs and you found yourself or excuse me, I found myself getting impatient to get to who the serial killer was and the rest of the book felt like background noise I get why Haog did it though, she follows up on two plot lines from this book Wendy and her parents along with the pre teen boy who is a bully and abusive in book 2 I will say that though the setting is the 1980s and Hoag makes a big deal about not relying on DNA evidence, this book was pretty weak We don t get to see how not having DNA hampers the case at all The town brings in the FBI to profile the serial killer He is able to put together a pretty good profile of the killer I really did want to see issues like the Kinsey Milhone series does with her having to go and read microfiche, she had to go and interview a ton of suspects, her having to do a lot of nitty gritty work This whole book was the cops going around and acting like jackasses for the most part to suspects, suspects wives and to kids at some points in the book.The ending was a miss for me I don t know what big takeway I was supposed to get, but unless Hoag has another book in the series I don t see what the payoff would be. Audiobook narrated by Kirsten Potter 3.5 Set in a California town a few hours from Los Angeles, in 1985, Hoag s thriller begins when four children stumble upon the partially buried body of a woman while playing in the woods Her eyes and mouth have been glued shut and it s clear she s been tortured As the children s teacher, Anne Navarre, tries to get them the help they need to process this horror, the local police turn to an FBI investigator, Vince Leone, to help develop a profile of the killer.Hoag writes a tight, suspenseful tale The action is fast paced, and I was completely captivated from beginning to end I liked the characters, especially Anne and Vince This is the first book by Hoag that I ve read it won t be the last Kirsten Potter does a fine job performing the audio book She has good pacing, and enough skill as a voice artist to give each character a unique voice I particularly liked the way she voiced Anne and Vince. I listened to the audiobook There was a lot going on all at once and all of a sudden here in small town California multiple murder suspects for multiple murders, families in discord and chaos no wedded bliss here , children stumbling over dead people, one of the children is a sociopath, and even the police are not exempt from investigation.One of those called in to investigate is an FBI agent from Chicago, but from his accent you would think him from New Jersey or New York I bet the narrator has seen Chicago s police chief Garry McCarthy he hails from NJ and NY on the news, who happens to be the one and only person in Chicago who talks like that First rule of narrating If you re doing an accent, please get it right When I can guess the killer right off the bat, as I did here, it always gives me mixed feelings about the book Either the writing was lacking or I am a genius I usually have to go with the former, and for that reason 2 stars. Absoluut een meer dan geslaagd eerste boek dat ik gelezen heb van Tami Hoag The book took off from the very beginning Every chapter was filled with suspense and drama and honestly, I couldn t put the book down I especially loved how Tami Hoag described the characters and their surroundings with such detail I actually felt like I was living in Oak Knoll The book had me guessing who the serial killer was the whole time and just when I thought it was this person, new things happen and made me change my mind completely She really did a phenomenal job review link Set in the Eighties, Deeper than the Dead is a sinister and disturbing yet nostalgic and impressive novel featuring a small town in the wake of a mysterious murder.