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Initial Reaction After Completion Why Why, am I always deceived by pretty covers I mean just look at the cover LOOK AT IT.It is so pwweetttyy.And the story it encapsulates dreadful, painful.You know I hate biology And I absolutely loathe crop management I never understood that topic because I never bothered learning it It was plain ol boring Now imagine a book that pops genetics of wheat every other page.It is a big deal I completed it at all.The book felt like a stinky, lacklustre mishmash of Legend, Under the Never Sky and Gone with the Wind All the major points constituting the plot are derived from the said books and presented in an unflattering manner, divesting it of all it s initial charm The Plot The book presents a divided world It s a story when, the humans, blinded by their greed and hubris, advanced so far in the medical and technological sciences they started to believe they were God But there was a small group which was against all the genetic manipulation and abstained from supporting the fanatics So, when the wrath of God fell, the fanatical scientists were Reduced , marking the birth of a race which could not even speak properly The abstainers became the Luddites, caretakers of the rest of humanity The most superior of them all.The first half of the book was all over the place I couldn t make neither head or tale of whatever the hell was happening Too much new jargon presented in a chaotic fashion utter confusion.I understand every book has a new setting, a new realm which is unraveled slowly as the story progresses But in here, instead of gaining insights into the plot, it was all piled up in a disorienting manner, which totally messed up the plot.But, even then, at least the story was progressing, albeit slowly And then comes the second half.God There were many complications that had studiously come up in the first half that had the potential to make it an interesting read It would have been fun to see how the protagonist deals with them all But no.It felt, everything sorted itself out perfectly Every fucking thing I mean, every hurdle, every difficulty that could liven up the book, resolved perfectly, a little too perfectly, paving way for a lazy attempt at Happily Ever After The CharactersElliot She is just a doormat She does have some moments of awesomeness, like when she stood up to her father, when she helps Ro, when she calls Kai on his bullshit But that s it They were surely admirable, but they didn t cut out her other faults Most of the time she is being pushed all over the place by her father, by Tatiana or Kai.Ah, Kai She is so utterly stupid, when it comes to that boy Stop whining over him Get over him Move on.There is a whole wide world outside of that one boy, girl But no, every time he s rude to her, hurts her, she goes crawling back to him Every single time Ever heard of dignity or maybe self respect view spoiler I found it hard to believe she got over all the revulsion and disgust that had been drilled into her since her childhood It all got washed away in the face of true LUURRVEE Sorry, not buying it hide spoiler TW Slavery, Ableism I ve read this novel back when my reviews consisted in a few sentences written in French, but not calling this book out for how terrible it is didn t sit well with me Therefore I devoted this week s Friday Nope to this awful clusterfuck of a novel It s here. [Read Epub] ☸ For Darkness Shows the Stars ♷ It S Been Several Generations Since A Genetic Experiment Gone Wrong Caused The Reduction, Decimating Humanity And Giving Rise To A Luddite Nobility Who Outlawed Most TechnologyElliot North Has Always Known Her Place In This World Four Years Ago Elliot Refused To Run Away With Her Childhood Sweetheart, The Servant Kai, Choosing Duty To Her Family S Estate Over Love Since Then The World Has Changed A New Class Of Post Reductionists Is Jumpstarting The Wheel Of Progress, And Elliot S Estate Is Foundering, Forcing Her To Rent Land To The Mysterious Cloud Fleet, A Group Of Shipbuilders That Includes Renowned Explorer Captain Malakai Wentforth An Almost Unrecognizable Kai And While Elliot Wonders If This Could Be Their Second Chance, Kai Seems Determined To Show Elliot Exactly What She Gave Up When She Let Him GoBut Elliot Soon Discovers Her Old Friend Carries A Secret One That Could Change Their Society Or Bring It To Its Knees And Again, She S Faced With A Choice Cling To What She S Been Raised To Believe, Or Cast Her Lot With The Only Boy She S Ever Loved, Even If She S Lost Him ForeverInspired By Jane Austen S Persuasion, For Darkness Shows The Stars Is A Breathtaking Romance About Opening Your Mind To The Future And Your Heart To The One Person You Know Can Break It Rating Clarification 4.5 starsFor Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund is an ambitious retelling of the classic Persuasion by Jane Austen I ll admit now that I m not well versed when it comes to Austen and I m probably one of the last few who hasn t read Pride and Prejudice However, Persuasion is one that I enjoyed actually a couple of years ago, so Captain Wentworth is to me what Mr Darcy is to other Austen fans Overall, to experience Diana s journey through the frame of reference of Persuasion was actually quite enjoyable and well worth the time and emotion I afforded this novel.Peterfreund s story is very unique as it takes a well known classic and puts a Dystopic or slightly SciFi twist to the story I feel where other authors would possibly fail miserably in this attempt, Peterfreund took a daring approach and really made the story work She pulls you into her novel using the familiar setting of Persuasion, but at calculated moments she infuses some back story and elements that are uniquely her own She s actually quite crafty with her approach as she doesn t catch you off guard and confuse the reader, but rather has you digging fordetails as she piques your curiosity at well timed moments.I did have a hard time pinning the time reference of this novel It s definitely set in the undefined future, but there were events and details that made the novel feel almost historical in nature with the lack of technology, rudimentary medical practices and even the attire felt not of modern times It s almost like humanity regressed in many ways both in knowledge and innovation Either way, where in other novels the ambiguity would possibly frustrate me, I found myself easily suspending my reality and quite intrigued.Luddite Elliot North, the MC of this story, is probably one of the most likeable female characters I ve read in quite some time She has a quiet strength and determination about her that I found admirable Loyalty and compassion are two character traits I appreciate and Elliot carried them in spades There were times when I wanted to just scream at the other characters in this novel that either hurt or threatened Elliot in some way, but she held her own quite well, defended herself when it was necessary and walked away when she had nothing to gain I loved that about her There wasn t one moment in this story where my allegiance and compassion for this character wavered and she was a worthy narrator of this journey.Overall, I highly recommend this novel for fans of Persuasion However, if you ve never read the classic, that won t take away from the magic For Darkness Shows the Stars has to offer If anything, you ll experience twists and outcomes in a spoiler free fashion This novel is a perfect blend of engaging and captivating Well done Personally, I would just read Persuasion Dystopian retellings seem to be all the rage these days and For Darkness Shows the Stars is no exception at this point I m convinced all these authors and publishers are all thinking, let s add a bleak futuristic setting and some moral quandaries to all our plots and profit Either that or the good old vampire werewolf angel trifecta Too bad you do actually needthan that for a good book I ve read Persuasion and I ve read good dystopians, and this is neither a good Persuasion adaptation nor a good dystopian.Where to start The first half of this book was really boring I liked how Peterfreund transforms Anne Elliot Elliot from a weaker character in the original into a really strong heroine and having her take a muchactive role in managing Kellynch Hall the North Estate, but that s about it Peterfreund takes way too long setting up the backstory basically people in the future perform genetic manipulation on themselves the Reduction leading to all their kids the Reduced being mentally challenged And just to spite everyone who didn t get gene therapy, those who did blow up the world Except a bunch of people who believed gene therapy went against God s will the Luddites survived and now they use the Reduced as slave labor until the Reduced start birthing kids with normal IQ the Posts , hence the first moral dilemma of using Posts as basically slaves And of course, the second s whether or not it s ok to develop new technologies, in case that leads to another Reduction Seriously, that didn t need to take up half the book.I have to admit, those dilemmas got really interesting in the second half Elliot, no surprise, is a big advocate of Post rights against her traditionalist father and sister, but I loved how she s torn between Luddite antitechnology sensibilities and the desire to improve the welfare of the Reduced on her estate by embracing the new Post inventions Because both sides make sense, there are strong arguments for either position, and I loved seeing Elliot s internal debate with herself And some of the twists genuinely surprised me, particularly the ones having to do with illegal gene therapy they tossed a huge wrench in Elliot and Kai s relationship and really challenged Elliot s attitude towards the Posts and what they re trying to do But nothing else happens, we go directly from her being horrified by what the Posts are doing to ending up happily with Kai um, what The protocols against gene research aren t garbage, they serve a purpose, and Elliot s quick change of heart felt far too naive and convenient As for the Persuasion adaptation, I guess For Darkness Shows the Stars is best when it tracks the Austen original Because a lot of the extra bells and whistles, like all the cute letters between Elliot and Kai, really didn t work for me So they were childhood friends and Elliot eventually did something unforgiveable to Kai, really didn t give the impression of much of an epic romance And somehow Kai ended up being a bigger douche than Captain Wentworth Kai s not just cold and distant, but is almost maliciously cruel at times, not really a good thing I think Elliot went easy on him in the end.Really, For Darkness Shows the Stars falls victim to my pet peeve with a lot of the current crop of dystopians, they try to explore some really deep themes and never quite get to what they seem to be aiming for, always end up disappointing me Either make your book fun and not so heavy or get it right, dammit. People are foolish when it comes to love Elliot hadn t been She d been rational, logical, reasonable, prudent She d been cold and cruel and disloyal and distant.She hadn t been foolish.She d been the most foolish girl on the islandSo look, guys Here s the thing I m not big on bashing books especially when a new friend took the time to make a huge list of recs for me And also because this book wasn t bad in any way, shape, or form It had excellent writing, beautiful tension, and a pretty cool and unique plot It just wasn t for me.I don t mind books that arebuild up than action, I never have, but I guess in my mind I had imagined a big bang of an ending after all the two main characters had been through And, frankly, I didn t quite get the world they lived in shrugs And, again, this doesn t even bother me No, what bothers me is that I just didn t careand that s not a good thing I skimmedoften than not to get to Kai and I kept waiting for all these things to happen and theyI meanthey didn t Now, I had seen somewhere in a review that this was a retelling of a Jane Austen novel, or rather that it was based on it or whatever it s early and I frankly don t want to think of a different way of saying it, right or wrong, lol , so, in the back of my mind, I knew not much would go on But I put up this mental block and imagined how awesome it would beand sadly, with all the science and stuff, I was boredoften than not.And that s the thing If there had been even a little payoff after I d wasted my weekend on this, it might have easily been a three If there had been some action at the end hell, I KNOW this is my fault, but just saying, to be clear it might have been a four But, as it was, I was confused, bored, and always waiting for Kai to steal the show.and he can t be the only reason I like a book That would be preposterous Even if this has been the case for me, a lot, eeps So, ya know, not going to waste anytime talking about how I misinterpreted what this book was going to be about again, duh on me lol and how I only highlighted one passage for this review oneIt s madness, I tell you and instead I ll move on to something different As it is, I m going through a bit of a, hmm, not slump But I m struggling to find just what suits my fancy right now So, ya know, on to like all of your reviews..better than blabbering on about the same ol things Maybe some of you will love this in fact, many of you have and will be better suited to enjoy it as for me, I think I ll forget about it immediately after finishing this review Toodles Forof my reviews, please visitWell that wasanti climactic UnderwhelmedI m sorry butI went through all that scientific crap and waited for the hero and heroine to get to that No me gusta at all Forof my reviews, please visit Originally reviewed here I know this is an almost unpardonably early review But honestly, I waited on it as long as I possibly could before the effort of holding it in caused me some sort of bodily harm I ve been anxiously looking forward to FOR DARKNESS SHOWS THE STARS for going on two years now, and the day an ARC showed up on my doorstep was just a very good day indeed When a book you ve been dying to read finally falls into your lap, do you ever just hold onto it and savor the possibilities I do I did with this one for a little while Don t get me wrong, sometimes I just tear into it immediately But sometimes I don t Because sometimes dreaming about it while you re actually holding it in your hands is special, too So I savored and I dreamt and I started reading andI was gone My first reaction to finishing it was a sense of complete satisfaction mingled with sadness that it was over My second was thinking that I cannot wait to see FOR DARKNESS SHOWS THE STARS work its magic on readers far and wide As post apocalyptic retellings of classics go, it pretty much killed it on all levels for this devoted Austen girl.Elliot North knows how to work hard As a member of the elite Luddite nobility, she has a keen sense of what is expected of her, of which actions are acceptable and which ones could get you disowned and out on the streets It is that very sense of duty that kept her from following her childhood friend Kai four years ago, when he fled servitude on her father s estate for a life of uncertainty and, just possibly, freedom Their friendship was forbidden from the beginning, as Kai belongs to the Post Reductionist class, and ever since the catastrophic Reduction, matters or birth and class ruthlessly define every aspect of a person s life But now, four long years have passed, and at eighteen years old, Elliot is the only thing keeping the family lands going As her father and sister grow further distanced from reality, the world as they know it is changing Determined not to be left behind, Elliot convinces her family to lease the land to a group of unusual shipwrights known as Cloud Fleet Hoping the extra income will save her home, Elliot is, well, gobsmacked when one of the renowned shipwrights turns out to be none other than her old friend no longer playful, open Kai, but smart, remote Captain Malakai Wentforth Elliot knows how to work hard, but even she may not be up to the task of withstanding the flood of guilt and longing that threatens to overtake her with his return Especially given the suspicions that being to swirl in her head regarding just what he and his fleet are up to.Everything about this book soars, from its supernal setting to the dreams its characters hold in their hearts Having read and adored Persuasion for years now, it was extremely gratifying to see the massive amounts of care and thought that went into the crafting of this story inspired by Jane Austen s final novel In fact, I felt a healthy dose of admiration for the storytelling the entire time I was reading it But the wonderful bit is that it won me over on its own strengths entirely The world and its sinister history, the characters and their eerily perfect names, the writing and its effortless flow they re all so interlocked and balanced, coming together so as to make hours go by like seconds I may have been predisposed to like Elliot, but the way my heart launched itself into my throat when hers did, the way my temper rose on her behalf, and the way I held my breath at her restraint and cheered her adamant refusal to be downtroddenIthan liked Elliot Ithan liked Kai even when I wanted to hurt him And most of all, Ithan liked the brilliant ending Here is one of my favorite non spoilery passages taken from my uncorrected ARC , in which you get a feel for the way the writing lauds the original while extending it to support the strengths of these new characters and their spectacular world Elliot had had enough If you can t be civil to me, Miss Phoenix, I wish you d leave me in peace I have never done anything to you, and if you seek to punish me for past misdeeds, there is nothing you can devise that I haven t already suffered Four years of worrying about Kai, followed by all these weeks of having him back here, but hating her Was that not punishment enough You baffle me, Miss Elliot, Andromeda replied in the same high wrought tone I can t reconcile the young woman I see before me with the reports I have had What lies had Kai been spreading abroad I m sorry to hear that, but it s none of my concern I am the same person I ve always been She turned her face away from Andromeda, away from the crowd and from Kai Maybe you should ask yourself why, if I am the person you ve been led to believe, someone would put their faith in me at all People are foolish when it comes to love Elliot hadn t been She d been rational, logical, reasonable, prudent She d been cold and cruel and disloyal and distant.She hadn t been foolish.She d been the most foolish girl on the island.Great, no The killer thing about Elliot have I mentioned how much I love her is that she has all the layers She s the perfect blend of unmitigated strength and harbored regret Every moment of every day she embodies dedication and resolve, all the while trying to mask the hope and the pain she lives with every moment of every single day Here is Elliot No one came Not her sister or her father, not Benedict or the Fleet Posts or even Admiral Innovation No one appeared in the hall all afternoon but the mute, shuffling figures of the Reduced housemaids as they went about their chores Time passed, and Elliot sat in the chair, waiting for the verdict from Felicia.How much of her life had she spent waiting Waiting for a plant to sprout Waiting for her father s judgment Waiting for another letter to appear in the knothole from Kai Waiting for years after Kai left to feel at peace with her decision She fed the Reduced, she did her chores, she avoided her father and her sister, and she waited She did every duty she d been taught as a Luddite, and she lied with every breath.I d say I don t know what to say, but I do And it s this Snatch it up the day it comes out this beautiful book this meticulous, breathtaking retelling of one of the greatest love stories ever penned.Lastly, I just want to thank Diana Peterfreund from the bottom of my heart for page 117 Got it in one What s so funny That you take a little spill from a horse and everyone wants to rearrange the world so you don t suffer a moment of inconvenience No, she said, and her voice was even That I would wait a month in agony just to hear you insult me I m a miserable girl indeed, don t you think The lion s share of my rating decision is always based on my own personal enjoyment of a book And my ability to enjoy a book certainly depends on the characters and how they manage to move me, the world building, the believability, the writing style, the pull, the absence or existence of certain things, but expectations and my reading history play a great part, too This is, by the way, also one of the reasons why I want the option to rate each bookthan once I loved loved reading this dystopian young adult adaption of my favorite Jane Austen novel so much that I went on reading on my walk from the train station to my workplace, and that I did not mind the embarrassing stares from other commuters, when I soaked tissue after tissue in plain view, because feeling so sorry for Elliot North hurt almost as bad as feeling sorry for Anne Elliot does I would not say the book is perfect or flawless Persuasion is, in my eyes, but I did not expect perfection But what did I expect Obviously my expectations were somehow met, but apart from the fact that they were astonishingly high in spite of my extreme dislike for Diana Peterfreund s unicorn experiment Rampant, I did not press them into a shape before starting to read But maybe I can reconstruct them so the still undecided potential reader can compare them to her own.I am one of those young adult fiction readers who rather embrace both the still raging dystopian trend and the slowly rising science fiction tendency as long as the world building is not so vague that my reading process slows dangerously down towards a full stop, because of all the question marks in my head that beg to be dealt with, or so silly and illogical that little Miss Sneer gets comfortable on my shoulder and starts whispering atrocious ways to make fun of the whole mess into my weary ear When I encountered the first descriptions of For Darkness Shows the Stars I hoped for Persuasion in Space Some reading experiences later I shifted my hope in the direction of something like Landry Park by Bethany Hagen, also an Austen like love story set in front of a neo feudalism future, which shows a lavish elite in a small, autarkic America exploiting and oppressing the the descendants of those people, who supposedly caused the nation s fall, by forcing them to handle nuclear waste That second expectation has been fulfilled to the dot Peterfreund s post apocalyptic structure is quite similar, although the upper class mindset is different The heroine s ancestors survived with their genes and brains intact, because they condemned genetic enhancements and prosthetic organs on principle, while the majority of their high tech loving society involuntarily reduced their own and their offspring s brains to something functioning on toddler level The conservative survivors felt that their reluctance to play God had been rewarded Consequently they shunned the non bio technological progress that had been made shortly before the so called Reduction as well including solar lamps and solar powered vehicles They embraced their new god given superiority and kept their mentally reduced subjects alive by feeding and clothing and controlling them in exchange for hard labor The recent increase of mentally healthy born Children of the Reduction , who call themselves Post Reductionists , demand being granted freedom of choice and equal rights and are not afraid to tinker with forbidden technology, shakes up the regressing system of wealthy, God fearing slave owners and crumbling, rusty machinery Although not much is said concerning where on our globe this small, secluded island is and how life looks like in Channel City or other places outside the large estates, I was very content with the world building I am aware that others might find fault, but I thought that the situation on the brink of a possible revolution was the perfect back drop for a forbidden romance.Romance Oh yes In a novel that is meant to be reminiscent of Jane Austen s work I expected romance Preferably some that swelters and slowly burns and involves misunderstandings, old wounds, clever bickering, heated discussions about morals, love, society and the burden of being part of a family, musings about having to do the right thing, and letters and haughtiness and involuntary touches and the angst to be too late or to have made the wrong decision A romance between a heroine I thoroughly adore and admire in spite of her little flaws and a swoon worthy guy, who has his pride or his aloofness, who struggles with his feelings, but who is ultimately the good guy That expectation was very well met.I think I tentatively wished for a reincarnation of Persuasion s cast Not only because Anne Elliot and Captain Frederick Wentworth are my favorite Austen couple, but also because the Musgrove family, specifically Charles, his mother and Anne s younger sister Mary are such a fabulous breeding ground for Austen s trademark wicked fun and for the emergence of squirm worthy encounters between Anne and Captain Wentworth In For Darkness Shows the Stars no clones are to be found But true to her Post Reductionist protagonists mind frames Peterfreund did not hesitate to mix and match, to experiment with Austen s best outcrop You will find a lot of Anne andthan a half of Captain Wentworth Elizabeth and Mary are conglomerated into still unmarried Tatiana, Baron North is at first as silly and vain and self centered as Sir Walter, but surprises us later with additional character traits The Admiral, his wife and Captain Benwick play a much greater role, while Lady Russel, Mrs Smith and the older Musgroves are absent Louisa and Henrietta work beautifully as one person, Mr Elliot has a new shell, Charles is still available and not embarrassing at all and Mrs Clay has been completely remodeled and relocated Due to the focus on the new dystopian setting previously unknown characters are introduced In this aspect my expectations have not exactly been met, but apart from craving a little dose of satire I did not suffer any want For I learned to my own surprise that I really loved to hunt for traces of the well loved characters in the newly created ones and I discovered that the chemistry and the relationships between Elliot and Kai, Elliot and her sister father, Elliot and her neighbors and tenants strongly resembled the ones of the original And that the repercussions of Elliot s decisions affected me as much as Anne s decisions and Anne s feelings of right and wrong did.I cannot say for sure, but when I look back at my recent reading habits the occasional, self prescribed re reading of all time favorites and the huge craving for something new, preferably fresh from the printing press I am convinced that I did not really wish for a in minute detail retelling of a story that I have read approximately eight times in the last 20 years and that in my opinion cannot be told in a better way than it already has been told In my opinion that would have been the equivalent of a Shakespeare play translated into sparse, modern language and acted out on a Battlestar Galactica set Diana Peterfreund uses the Persuasion storyline as an inspiration and rewards the reader now and then with scenes that make our inner detective snip our fingers in appreciation Ah That will turn into The Long Walk , probably ending with some touching, or This is probably the equivalent of the weekend in Lyme I can only say I loved that feeling To me rushing unexpectedly into these scenes felt like being surprised by old friends visiting My expectations concerning the plot have been exceeded, so to say, although I have to admit I guessed the Innovation s party s big secret much too early and am not completely satisfied with the ending view spoiler How can Elliot feel suddenly so at ease leaving the lives of hundreds of workers in the hands of Dee, who is trustworthy, but inexperienced in managing an estate, and who will be defenseless, if Elliot s father chooses to attack in an imaginative way hide spoiler 2 1 2 starsIn the realm of music, this post apocalyptic reboot of Jane Austen s Persuasion would be what s referred to as a cover song As a massive music fan, I ve developed two major criteria for what I think makes a successful cover song aspiring musicians take note a YA book blogger is giving you advice 1 The source material has to be pretty mediocre and possibly annoying It s begging to be redone Exhibit A Ryan Adams cover of Oasis Wonderwall sorry Oasis lovers but I grew up in the nineties I lived through the five year period when this song was played at least twice per hour, every hour Exhibit B Otis Redding Try A Little Tenderness I didn t even realize this was a cover That s how good his version is It s eclipsed all others.OR2 If the source material is brilliant, it must be re done in such a way that it is completely unrecognizable from the original Exhibit A Jeff Buckley s cover of Leonard Cohen s HallelujahExhibit B Jimi Hendrix cover of Bob Dylan s All Along The WatchtowerExhibit C Nirvana s cover of David Bowie s The Man Who Sold The WorldI ve been pretty vocal about my absolute love for Jane Austen s Persuasion, so obviously to me it s a work of brilliance For me to enjoy this book, it would have to employ strategy 2 it would have to be pretty innovative and different than its source material And the first half of this book appears to be exactly that I think Diana Peterfreund has a really interesting idea here This story takes place in a post apocalyptic England I think it s never explicitly stated where ambitious human tinkering with genetics has resulted in the majority of the human population becoming Reduced essentially mentally limited and unable to speak or care for themselves The lone survivors are the Luddites a group of people opposed to all genetic manipulation who hid out in caves while the rest of the world imploded Upon emerging from the caves, the Luddites discovered the Reduced and decided that it was their God given duty to care for these leftover people So of course, they decided to round them up and install them as slave labor on plantations and farms Naturally The twisted relationship between these two groups becomes evencharged when the Reduced start producing normal offspring, or Posts which is an abbreviation of post reductionist These children are born into a slave role but begin to chafe at the injustice of their situation Isn t that just deliciously dark I know it intrigued me There s so much potential there for a very complex world Plus, I think it s an interesting spin on the relationship between the nobility and the working class in Georgian England not to mention, it s obvious that a great deal of inspiration was taken from American slavery Unfortunately though, I think this is yet another case of an admittedly ambitious post apocalyptic setting being reduced to a simple backdrop for fraught young love Kai is a Post, Elliot is a Luddite They are in love, yet this crazy crazy world won t let them be together Woe, woe, woe times infinity The slavery itself feels a bit oversimplified and even sanitized in parts The life of a slave is hard and slaves are often abused Elliot mentions this several times but then always assures the reader that these things don t happen on her plantation even though in every other case her father is a merciless tyrant It s mentioned in one scene that the Reduced Posts work ten hour days and in another scene that they don t get paid, but Elliot never seems to consider these details wrong Several Posts are incredibly loyal to her, but they are never shown to have any conflict, any deeper feelings about staying on the plantation One of her Post friends is sent to a birthing house a terrible place where pregnant Reduced have to go but then seems to just smile and accept it, assuring Elliot that it s not so bad Even at the end, Elliot doesn t free them, offer to pay them a wage, or offer them any option other than working on her farm It s just glossed over like it s no big deal Slavery is never not a big deal My other major problem with this book is that I just couldn t ever stop comparing it to its source material This book is very similar to Persuasion in its basic storyline and in its characters, which was a major problem for me because it was so obviously less than the original I love Anne Elliot because she is mature, quiet, introspective, and she has understandable regret When Captain Wentworth reappears in her life, it is the most heartbreaking and awkward situation she has ever endured, but she gets through it stoically and with grace, even as she s shattering on the inside Captain Wentworth is an enigma he appears to have moved on, but has he We aren t allowed to know until the very end and his final epistolary reveal is one of the most beautiful, cathartic letters ever written EVER.Whereas, in this book Elliot is a young woman who had to refuse Kai She had to, or everyone on her plantation would starve She s allowed to have a righteous certainty in her decision that Anne never had Kai is vocal about his anger from the get go, turning Elliot into evenof the victim His true feelings are blatantly revealed in several scenes before the letter, thus rendering its cathartic potential completely inert And the letter itself is like a poorly paraphrased version of the original It would be better to just omit that famous letter rather than re write it in a completely unoriginal way All of these elements together make this book feel like a much less nuanced, much less mature, much less powerful version of the original.The ending feels hasty and clumsy, with conflicts magically resolving or being left to hang without a thought , villains disappearing off the page into thin air, and several characters making abrupt one eighties that feel convenient but not realistic In the world of cover songs, this book is neither original nor innovative Perfect Musical PairingCee Lo Green No One s Gonna Love YouThis book is like Cee Lo Green s recent version of Band of Horses No One s Gonna Love You Sure, it s not horrible I can listen to it But after a while all I can hear is the annoying back beat, the corny string section, and the fact that his robotic singing bleeds every ounce of emotion out of this rather desperate song Listening to this just makes me want to put on the muchbrilliant original.A note about the cover This cover has got to go Elliot is repeatedly described as having brown skin, almond shaped eyes, and long black hair She s clearly not a white person And there s a reason why everyone saw this cover and assumed this was Persuasion in space Also seen on The Readventurer. When we have the ability to save someone s life, and we decide they aren t worthy of being saved isn t that playing God as well Persuasion Persuasion PERSUASION.And this is a selling point in itself On top of that, Diana Peterfreund rendered a perfect Austenian atmosphere, and Elliot North s character is incredibly true to the original I was completely amazed and surprised even my wildest expectations didn t contemplate such consistency to the hypotext This book made me feel so strongly Sometimes I think that good books are actually a bit less rare than we compulsive readers think, and that we chance upon themoften than we realize, it s just that not all of them are right for us Books are like gloves they must fit your hand to a T Well, For Darkness Shows the Stars must be my perfect fit, because I felt, I felt, I felt I was angry and frustrated and nostalgic and lovesick It was beautiful, and something I hadn t experienced in quite a while I liked the world building too It s not particularly imaginative, but it had its original points It struck me as slightly too naive at times, though, and the lack of scientific in depth information made itself felt but that may be only because I have a thing for genetics and as a result I was dying to know the specifics of this genetic disaster that took place in an indeterminate past All in all, it presents some weak spots, but generally speaking, it works well I know many who have read the book don t agree with this, but Elliot s struggle felt real to me She is presented with the option to embrace a new reality that profoundly frightens her but also to which she feels an unmistakable pull, and I don t think her change of mind is sudden or convenient, on the contrary, it proceeds at a perfectly appropriate pace throughout the book We shouldn t forget the she had taken the first steps on her own and way before the narration started, after all Sometimes I wished Elliot and Kai interactedof course not to the point of exhausting the dramatic potential of their situation, which is huge seriously, huge , just a little bitBut again, the way things are dealt with is exquisitely Austenian, so, not complainingDear Elliot,I can wait in silence no longerTHAT LETTER You know I ve got a soft spot for long, sentimental, teary love declarations Maybe soft spot is kind of an understatement to give you a sense of how they make me feel, I liked even Rhys s in ACoMaF in spite of hating to pieces the whole book Mine is a severe case I want to quote the whole letter, I loved it so much, exactly like I love the one in the actual Persuasion My heart is a puddle of goo ad I m happy For Darkenss Shows the Stars is on my part not only recommended, but I would personally send a copy to all of you if only I could This novel is heart warming, well written, deliciously poignant I m incredibly grateful to the author for this jewel of a book.