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Wow What a treasure I always loved the Little House on the Prairie books growing up, and even read a few non fiction books about Laura Ingalls Wilder back then I guess I felt a kindred spirit in her then and this book makes me feel even of a kinship with her I loved the peek into her soul and her perspectives on basic values This is the kind of book that fills you up with warmth, and engenders within you a desire to be a little better each day Loved it [Free Ebook] ♾ Saving Graces: The Inspirational Writings of Laura Ingalls Wilder ⚇ The Tales Of Laura Ingalls Wilder Formed The Basis For The Little House On The Prairie Television Series Which Touched The Hearts Of Millions This Collection Of Her Inspirational Writings Reflects Faith And Wisdom Distilled From A Lifetime Of Experience Many of the included writings have been in other books of Laura s compiled writings The author of this particular book did a better job of organizing the writings than some of the other compilations I ve come across. I really like this book It s hard to describe it because it s not a poetry book, even though there is poetry in it It s not a novel, although there are some ficional pieces It s like someone s journal where they ve put in things that catches their eye or stirs their heart at the time Well worth getting if you can I don t know if its available any my copy was a gift. These essays are apparently from newspaper columns written by Wilder from 1916 to 1924 The amazing thing was how timeless the information is The advice is appropriate for today as it was for 100 years ago Her writings show an understanding of the Bible and psychology Psychology did not become a social science for study until almost thirty years after Wilder wrote her columns but her common sense columns made good use of psychology. Fascinating to get Laura s take on life, especially with a perspective of an older woman Much wisdom to glean from these little nuggets. This was an easy read that I enjoyed very much Written like small devotionals, each chapter gives you something to think about. Interesting compilation, though I would recommend the book that has all of Laura s Ruralist articles in it over this selection I of course have it because I have to own anything that mentions Laura Ingalls Wilder. Many of these essays were written approximately 100 years ago and, interestingly, the themes are quite relevant today Ms Wilder writes, In our own country there is a gathering into groups with mutterings and threats of violence 1919 , with some bloodshed and danger of , and there is still war and threat of war over most of the world A great deal is said and written about natural, national boundaries and learned discussions of racial antagonisms as causes of the restlessness and ill temper of the nations Or consider this passage We are so overwhelmed with things these days that our lives are all or less cluttered I believe it is this, rather than a shortness of time, that gives us that feeling or hurry and almost of helplessness Everyone is hurrying and usually just a little late Notice the faces of the people who rush past on the streets They nearly all have a strained, harassed look, and anyone you meet will tell you there is no time for anything any The book also includes an essay called Our Stewardship of the Earth, in which Ms Wilder talks of the criminality of destroying land We have only the use of it while we live and must pass it on to those who come after us I read Ms Wilder s Little House books when I was growing up I loved Farmer Boy, with its descriptions of food, but I thought the books presented an unrealistically happy version of life on the prairie Didn t Laura and Mary get tired of playing with pumpkins in the attic in Little House in the Big Woods when they had to stay inside all winter Who helped Ma when she had a baby Prairie life must have been incredibly difficult, and the world that Laura Ingalls Wilder and daughter Rose described seemed too whitewashed for me I have the same criticism of the essays in Saving Graces Although there is a great deal of wisdom in the pages, I respond better to the work of a writer like Anne Lamott, who doesn t shy away from discussing life s ugliness and pain Ms Wilder writes that we need the dark to appreciate the light, but doesn t demonstrate this in her own life Writers are supposed to show, not tell Each essay contains a Bible passage, which in some cases seems clumsily plunked into the body of the essay The Bible verses might have been helpful at the beginning or end of the essays not within them Other reviewers referred to the essays as devotionals, which may be the appropriate way to read this book.