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`Download Kindle Ä Fixing You ⚟ Fixing You Neck Pain Headaches Is An Easy To Use Self Help Guidebook To Fixing Just About Every Type Of Neck Pain This Is Because, No Matter What The Diagnosis, Painful Issues Of The Neck Have The Same Root Causes That Of Poor Neck Function And Poor Shoulder Function These Root Problems Can Be Easily Corrected Through The Exercises Found In This Book Visit FixingYou For Information Rick Olderman MSPT, CPT And Pilates Instructor Is A Physical Therapist With Over A Decade Of Experience Working With Difficult Chronic And Acute Injuries Rick S Typical Clients Are Those Who Have Been To A Variety Of Specialists And Health Care Practitioners With Little Or No Change In Their Pain Often These Clients Feel Significant If Not Complete Relief In Sessions After Using The Fixing You Approach How Does Rick Do This Through Assessing And Correcting Improper Biomechanics At The Root Of All Neck Pain Rick Reveals His Secrets In Fixing You Neck Pain Headaches To Guide You In Assessing Your Injuries Through Simple Tests And Then Give You Specific Exercises Correcting The Biomechanics Leading To Your Pain Readers Will Also Have FREE Access To Video Clips Of All Assessments And Exercises Found In Fixing You Neck Pain Headaches This Ensures That You Are Both Assessing And Correcting Your Injuries Properly No Other Book Has Ever Done So Much To Help You Beat Your Pain UPDATE See my full review below After than 6 weeks of doing the stretches, I can say with certainty that my neckpain is not fixed The stretches help relieve the pain for maybe an hour or two, but if you re looking at a computer and sitting at a desk all day, this book isn t going to fix your problem Especially because none of the stretches are okay to do at work I appreciate how it does relieve the pain and I will continue to do the stretches at least once every day, but I think the author s claims of curing the pain instantly are just marketing hot air I knocked my rating down from 4 stars to 2 stars I think Rick Olderman is really on to something here I ve had constant neck pain for almost 3 years now, and headaches and migraines for at least 5 years Although my pain didn t stem from a car accident or sports injury, I am confident that this book can help fix years of habitually bad posture and neck strain The fact that I haven t seen any of the stretches that are featured in this book is really exciting and a big sign of hope for me I ve seen chiropractors and have gotten massages, but I never felt like those practices were effecting the root cause of my pain Olderman says this in the conclusion, and it is a great summary of his approach to healing neck pain and headachesCorrecting your shoulder blade s resting and movement dynamics can be a key component of fixing stubborn neck pain, including pain caused accidents or injuries My experience has shown that correcting function eliminates neck pain and headaches in most patients even in the presence of structural problems, such as degenerated disks or bulging disks Olderman provides a series of stretch and strength training exercises to help build up the muscles that have been strained around the shoulder blade s I plan on completing at least 6 weeks of said exercises, and will post an update below As of 10 23 11, I have only rated this book 4 stars, as I have yet to do the exercises Rating will increase decrease after evaluation of the stretches and exercises after at least 6 weeks. This is the one book that really helped fix my neck pain With the exercises in this book, plus a twice weekly weight lifting routine, I was able to get rid of 90% of my neck pain and headaches.