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!Free Kindle ☩ Love Lessons ♰ On My Way To The Studio There Was An Air Raid I Ran Into The Brick Shelter In The Middle Of The Road There Were Poor Little Leonard And Agnes Sitting On Their Suitcases, Having Lost Their All Luckily Leonard Had Been Wearing His Best Trousers At The Time Madame Arcana Was There Too Wearing A Gold Brocade Toque And A Blanket It Was Bloody Cold And I Wanted To Pee Badly, But Couldn T Leonard Wouldn T Give Me His Seat As He Believes In The Equality Of The Sexes, So I Sat On The Floor August As A Teenage Catholic Virgin, Joan Wyndham Spent Her Days Trying To Remain Pure And Unsullied And Her Nights Trying To Stay Alive Huddled In The Air Raid Shelter, She Wrote Secretly And Obsessively About The Strange Yet Exhilarating Times She Was Living Through, Sure That This Was The Happiest Time Of My Life I ve always thought that if I were say, 17, and keeping a journal during apocalyptic times, it would probably have lengthy passages that bemoaned the fact that I got my period TWO DAYS EARLY and stained my best white jeans and oh, by the way, NYC was wiped off the map today Well, Joan Wyndham really did keep that journal, bless her Like this After Jo had gone, I looked at my flushed face in the glass, and tidied my hair, thinking what an awful tart I am There was a terrible love bite on my cheek, so I got a pin and made a few scratches across it, and told Mummy a cat had scratched me, but I don t think she believed me Later we listened to a very stirring speech by Churchill about blood, toil, sweat, and tears YOU SEE What s important when you re seventeen or, probably, eighty is what you did with the cute guy, not Churchill s undying oration Joan s diary is absolutely charming, written with a self deprecating wit and charm that belies her years Note This book is very hard to find If it s not in the library, I think you may have to order it onlineThanks, Jenny Incredibly funny but not for the prudish I wish that when I was 19 I was writing about my life with as much wit and energy as Joan Wyndham wrote about hers in 1939 Love Lessons is peripherally about the experience of living in London during the war the rationing and air raids and mostly about her experiences growing up, meeting men, concerns about birth control and it s all written so marvellously I picked up this book after reading a review at Jenny s Books, and she excerpted a passage that I will steal and put here The fact is, I prefer men to be slightly caddish and knock me around, and not to love me too much I like men who think they are God.Rupert, of course, has all the self assurance in the world never looks foolish or put out, is completely at ease with the universe and thinks himself a lord of it He belongs to that class of person that is adored by shopkeepers and servants Dear master Rupert, such a fine lad he s grown into and Rupert smiles his gentle smile that means nothing, and strides on in glorious self absorption, six feet of indolent golden manhood in a spotlessly white unbuttoned shirt, his trousers just a little too big for him There is a kind of aura about him that suggests green cricket fields and white flannels, though God knows he detests all sports and exercise He has that irresistible lazy charm that often goes with decadence and overbreeding just like my father. I reserved this book from the library after reading reviews that made me think I would be shown something of social history during WW2 It might be of interest to a young teenager who wants a bit of a thrill reading about pansies the book s phrase, not mine , lesbians, and pre marital sex from the viewpoint of a 17 year old convent educated girl, but it was of no interest to me I don t think I could bear to read further books of this author s memoirs. Good Lord This is like an entire book populated by Philip Boyes s friends from Strong Poison, only with A LOT talking about sex, and the Blitz instead of a murder trial I feel like a Victorian grandma confronted with Byron o0 A fabulous diary Funny, vivid, occasionally filthy, and an evocative depiction of a teenager s life during the early stages of World War Two The characters are described by Wyndham so completely that one can see them, smell them, hear them speak, and feel their presence It s easy to imagine darting from an artist s studio to a nearby cafe amid rubble strewn blitzed streets Can t wait to start on Love is Blue, which picks up the story a few months on. An interesting account. Why have I only just discovered this Brilliant 3.5 Background reading for essay about women and sex during World War Two entertaining