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Awesome I recently discovered restorative yoga where you completely relax and access you parasympathetic nervous system You use props like bolsters and blankets to lean against and let go completely I am taking a class but read this book to get the instructions for doing it on my own at home If you want to learn how to relax and unwind from working too much, jet lag, or just life, this is a must read My body is blissed out doing this kind of yoga Our society needs relaxation and this book is a good first step After reading it, do it. Must have resource for restorative yoga teachers and yoga teachers Touches on pre and post menopausal, chair yoga, menstruation yoga, and pregnancy yoga Very detailed, great resource, inspiring quotations in the margins Will keep in my library. @Download õ Relax and Renew: Restful Yoga for Stressful Times á Experience The Rest Of Your Life With Restorative Yoga, The Supported Poses And Breathing Practices That Will Help You Heal The Effects Of Chronic Stress In Relax And Renew, The First Book Exclusively Devoted To This Work, The Author Offers In Depth Guidance In The Basic Relaxation Pose Savasana , The Heart Of Restorative Practice In Addition, This Book Provides Yoga Sequences For Busy Days, Including A Fifteen Minute Practice, Yoga At Your Desk, And The Totally Invisible Relaxation Programs For Back Pain, Headaches, Insomnia, Jet Lag, And Breathing Problems A Special Section For Women During Menstruation, Pregnancy, And Menopause A Guide To Props And Resources For Finding A Yoga Teacher, Recommended Books, Magazines, Newsletters, Audio Programs, Yoga Vacations, And Amazing overview of restorative yoga practices, very thorough Good stuff. Excellent resource for learning about Restorative Yoga and how to develop a Restorative practice of your own. A great primer to restorative yoga very detailed information about getting into the poses and getting comfortable in them. The manual for restorative yoga by Judith Lasater widely recognized as the mother of the movement She gives great step by step instructions for getting in and out of the poses as well as troubleshooting for misalignment or discomfort She also breaks down how props can be used to best effect and suggests sequences I know I will refer to this book constantly Relax and Renew Restful Yoga for Stressful Times LASATER, Judith HansonKindle EditionLivros sobre Yoga existem aos montes Poucos, entretanto, dedicam se pr tica com nfase no Yoga Restaurativo consolidado a partir das mesmas t cnicas propostas por B K S Iyengar A obra inteiramente pr tica e, ao final de cada cap tulo, encontramos um resumo das posturas de cada s rie.Segundo a autora, o momento em que mais precisamos praticar justamente aquele em que n o temos tempo ou disposi o As poses do Yoga Restaurativo induzem ao relaxamento ativo , atuando gentilmente sobre o nosso corpo f sico posturas , nossa fisiologia horm nios e, portanto, sobre o nosso equil brio emocional.O relaxamento ativo proposto n o se trata apenas da postura em que colocamos nosso corpo, mas principalmente sobre o estado mental a ser alcan ado Para isso, s o sugeridas as t cnicas de aten o respira o, s sensa es do corpo e aos chacras Cada cap tulo apresenta uma s rie de poses com objetivo determinado A descri o dos equipamentos necess rios para a execu o vem acompanhada de instru es detalhadas sobre posturas inicial e final, orienta es sobre a respira o e visualiza es a serem aplicadas Ao final do livro, encontramos farto material bibliogr fico para aprofundar o assunto. I tend to work until I am drop dead exhausted I tend to worry until I can t sleep This book has taught me how to take care of myself and relax Excellent techniques for my asthma, neck pain, and sinus troubles. A great book to get a basic understanding of the role restorative yoga can play in a person s life A great book for anyone interested in lowering stress and improving health.