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To be honest, I had to quit reading a third of the way in, it was that bad And it wouldn t have been if the main character hadn t insisted on acting like winning the lottery was the worst thing that could happen How many in the world could use just a teeny bit extra to keep the rent paid, the lights on and food in their bellies and this annoying wench just complains and complains in a nauseatingly self righteous fashion The author using Christianity to back it up sickens me Want to be against the lottery That s fine, I get it But then shut up and do good things with it Instead the author picks scripture verses about money completely out of context and applies them to thisseriously Truly awful book and I can t see myself reading anything else by this author again. I really enjoyed this book The story follows Cassia who works in an office that is always collecting money from everyone for a baby shower, wedding shower, etc and Cassia puts money is the envelope one week thinking it is for some sort of shower however, it turns out it is to purchase Lottery Tickets and then they have the winning ticket As a Christian, this is a huge struggle for her as she would not support this sort of thing given that it is considered gambling Cassia then decides to give the money away but is going to wait on the Lord to tell her how he wants it directed Giving the money away turns out to be harder than she ever thought In the midst of this struggle there is also a love story developing She has 3 potential suitors Ken from back home who is very financially stable, Randy from work who adores her and then there is Adam who is her very dark but very attractive neighbor She and Adam become friends and she really trusts him and comes to enjoy spending time with him and confiding in him However, there is something he isn t telling her Can t tell you muchas I don t want to spoil this one The story does start off a little slow but once it picks up, it really grabs your attention @DOWNLOAD BOOK ⚣ Million Dollar Dilemma (Baer, Judy) ⚡ I M A PK Preacher S Kid Or If I Want To Get Fancy, A TO Theologian S Offspring I Grew Up Afraid Of My Own AllowanceSo When OverMillion Falls Into Her Lap, Cassia Carr Views Her Midas Touch As A Cross, Not A Blessing And Certainly Doesn T Anticipate The Difficulty Of Giving It All Away And It S Hard Enough To Gauge Romantic Feelings Without The Chaos Of A Major Windfall Her Globetrotting Neighbor, Adam Cavanaugh, Seems Interested But In Cassia Or Her Fortune When Adam Abruptly Disappears, Should Cassia Forget Him Or Follow Her Heart To An Unknown, Life Changing Destination 1.5 stars, mostly because I find Cassia to be one of the most annoying heroines I have ever read about She s incredibly immature and constantly feels sorry for herself Her thoughts are basically this oh poor me, I won the lottery and now have 20 million, could anything be worse To answer your question, Cassia, YES There are plenty of things worse than winning 20 million I wouldn t have minded if she had an issue with the money at first, but she never moved on from it Throughout the whole book, she bemoans that she won this money She s also extremely hypocritical She talks about how she hates the lottery because it involves getting money by ill gotten gains but what does she do when she gets the money Quits her job She talks about how horrible it is to have this money but doesn t seem to have any qualms about living off of it I think the author went a little overboard in making Cassia thrifty Rather than simply being frugal, she comes off as a cheapskate with no sense about money She has to buy a new car, but she says she wants the red one just because it s red She doesn t have to buy a Jag or a BMW but this girl literally buys a car without doing any type of research other than the color I also found Cassia to have a very holier than thou attitude and she really seems to look down on people, especially when she incessantly quotes Bible verses with no context whatsoever She is a snot to her sister too She actually asks if her sister has gained weight and tells her she needs to eat less Add to that a massive amount of anxiety about weird things and she was overall extremely unlikable I can t remember how old she is supposed to be but I believe she is in her mid to late twenties, but her thoughts and the way she reacted to things made me feel like I was reading a middle grade novel She acts like she is about 13 Also Cassia faints ALL THE TIME I ve read Victorian and gothic novels with female characters that faint with fear, but they have nothing on this girl She literally seems to lose consciousness at the drop of a hat The weirdest things make her pass out, and ugh They just make her seem so weak and helpless And then there s the fact that despite all these annoying traits, she still has 3 guys that want her How is this possible This was ultimately very unsatisfying because the main character was so obnoxious. The overall premise is good but there was just so much scripture brought into the story that it annoyed me I get that I m reading a Christian contemporary novel and I consider myself a religious and tolerant person, but I wasn t expecting to get constantly hit with it I also really didn t like how leading lady Cassia freaked out about how her lottery winnings were ill gotten gains and how irresponsibly she kept trying to give it all away There s such a thing as going too far in the opposite direction of greed and Cassia just felt ridiculous after that That said, the bare bones of the story has potential and there were interesting tidbits sprinkled throughout the story so it wasn t a total horror of a book, just too pushy with the Christian angle. When Cassia accidentally wins the lottery, what will she do with her earnings This is a bad, bad, BAD Christian RomCom Cassia is totally gorgeous, but of course she doesn t know that low self esteem Cassia is better than you because she always does EVERYTHING right, she has like the ENTIRE BIBLE MEMORIZED, and the one time in the book she sins , it is not that bad of a sin, really Plus the Romance involves the whole Good Little Girl literally saves the soul of the Bad Boy although he really isn t that bad and wins his heart trope Which I hate, by the way Is it bad that I liked one of the non romantic lead guys better than Gary Stu The only good thing about this book it was a fast read I dunno, I couldn t look away, it was so very bad. Just What I WantedI was down reading a book that left me feeling disheartened and looked up books that were Christian and made you laugh This author was one that was suggested I enjoyed the story that we all imagine of coming into a big windfall of money I enjoyed how Judy Baer threaded the will of God into each situation and how Cassia changed what she perceived as a downfall into something that helped the world It didn t hurt to see Adam find his place back in God s will and I love happy endings Judy showed us that God never stops looking for his children. Judy Baer is the best at chick lit Christian fiction She infuses humor, light heartedness, real issues, and faith all in one package I really wish she hadbooks out because I think I ve read all her chick lit books This book was about Cassia, a girl who is used to living frugally and likes living frugally She grew up as the granddaughter of a pastor who preached about it She was working late on a Friday and one of her co workers asked her to put 5 in the envelope on her desk Figuring it was for a baby shower or wedding gift, she did.Instead, that money went to buying a lottery ticket and the group ended up winning A girl who enjoyed living frugally ended up with 20 million dollars to her name The book follows her as she figures out how to deal with this money and what she wants to do with it. About this book I m a P.K., preacher s kid or if I want to get fancy, a T.O., theologian s offspring I grew up afraid of my own allowance.So when over 20 million falls into her lap, Cassia Carr views her Midas touch as a cross, not a blessing and certainly doesn t anticipate the difficulty of giving it all away And it s hard enough to gauge romantic feelings without the chaos of a major windfall Her globetrotting neighbor, Adam Cavanaugh, seems interested but in Cassia or her fortune When Adam abruptly disappears, should Cassia forget him or follow her heart to an unknown, life changing destination Series Yes, Steeple Hill Cafe Does not have to be read in order.Spiritual Content Ecclesiastes 5 12 in the beginning of the book Proverbs 11 24, Proverbs 15 3, Proverbs 12 24, Psalms 37 16 Luke 6 38 all in the first chapter This was the most as of 3 3 13 book I ve read for this blog that had the most scriptures A Fantastic Adam isn t as strong in his faith as before his mission trip.Negative Content Adam has flashbacks about the country he served in some in details Cassia CarrAdam Cavanaugh 312 pagesP.O.V switches between Cassia Adam Mostly Cassia it s her book after all Cassia doesn t want the money the came into in lap, she tries to give it awaybut that doesn t work well.I think I find a new favorite BFCG recommends this book by this author It does not mean I recommend all the books by this author By Lindsey This month September 2017 , was officially my initiation into the Christian YA genre Million Dollar Dilema was my initial choice, and I cannot thank Lindsey Books for Christian Girls enough for her recommendation of this book on her YouTube channel I absolutely LOVED it I ve often wondered how I would react should I ever become incredibly wealthy, but never once did I picture it from the perspective of Cassia I learned some tremendous spiritual lessons and truths from this book, and will likely never again view money as nonchalantly as I have in the past The story of Cassia s accidental lottery win was fast paced and held my attention through the entire book The writing was fresh and upbeat, and the inclusion of scripture was a HUGE plus for me Since finishing this book, I ve also purchased Judy Baer s first book in this series, The Whitney Chronicles I can hardly wait to read it I highly recommend her books for ANYONE who enjoys a good read, whether YA or adult Good stuff