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Still not a stellar read, but definitely getting better that last part with Doc Samson was actually pretty flawless It s biggest over flaw is still delivery The dialog is shit, the narration seeming to be pointless, the story wonders about to much just being a macho punch fest I keep putting it down and thinking that in a better writers hands and with different art choices this could have been incredible Hmm, this actually getting better, after the awfulness of Vol 3 While definitelyfun than the previous volumes, this one does the opposite of helping the overall situation Instead of working towards a solution to the big mystery, it just further complicates it Although I do enjoy some good red herrings thrown in Interestingly, the last chapter featuring Doc Samson at a psychoanalyst, is really good It was a total break from the bombastic, annoying main plotline to a subtle, character driven, thoughtful piece What the heck was Loeb thinking Or, my real question, why won t he do that The title of this book oversells it a bit While thereisa conflict with X force, it is minimal and it is not the main focus of the book.No progress is made towards the solving of the Who is the Red Hulk mystery, and a fewpieces of the puzzle are thrown in 1 The people responsible for creating the Red Hulk now find him expendable ostensibly because he went off the reservation 2 Red She Hulk makes her first appearance, goes up against and defeats albeit off panel Elektra Domino Readers interested in catching up with this missing part of the story will have to read the back up stories from Incredible Hulk 606 608, avilable in collected form in Hulk Fall of the Hulks Red Hulk which is itself collected in the Incredible Hulks Fall of the Hulks omnibus.The final part of this book is a character study of Leonard Samson,or less explaining why he s gone bad Oh and MODOK is somehow involved The Loeb penned Hulk series and the Red Hulk mystery that is the at the heart of it are mostly entertaining, and it only gets so in Hulk, Vol 5 Fall of the Hulks and in Hulk, Vol 6 World War Hulks However, there are a lot of tie in stories some better than others that can be read to help you get the most out of this storyline To that end, check out these two omnibus collections Incredible Hulks Fall of the Hulks and Incredible Hulks World War Hulks. Interesting to see the first teaming up of what would end up becoming the Thunderbolts team down the line with Red Hulk, Punisher, Deadpool, and Elektra.Dumb, but enjoyable. Domino accidently sees who Red Hulk is, so he is determined to stop her telling people He gets his own team, and so does Domino X Force.This is a fun, and clever storyline Some great character moments, and adds some depth to the Red Hulk character Though a lot of the book is mainly fights A good read. I have read Red Hulk stories that come after this, so I was pleasantly surprised that this volume featured the first appearance of Red She Hulk The title is a little misleading because there is very little of Red Hulk vs X Force It s in there, but only briefly, and then later in the book, after the initial fight is over, X Force inexplicably works with Red Hulk, having seemingly forgotten that he attacked them the night before I actually enjoyed this read quite a bit, but it isn t great It is just good.I often tease one of my close friends because he is a huge Deadpool fan The truth is, though, that this is probably the first time that I ve ever read a book with Deadpool in it What I know of the character never appealed to me before, but he ended up being slightly entertaining Also watch for guest appearances by Punisher, Electra, The Crimson Dynamo, Thundra, Domino, Doc Samson, Archangel, Warpath, and Wolverine.In case you were wondering, there are no appearances of the Green Hulk in this story. The Red Hulk has interesting possibilities but this book wasn t all that great Neither the writing nor the art was all that impressive And even though I ve read a later incarnation of the Thunderbolts with pretty much the same set of characters, in this book the character choice seemsrandom There were bits that were better Domino in general and the Samson story but in general there just wasn t enough good here And the ridiculously over muscled over breasted art got in the way. 3.5 starsIt s been said before, but this whole thing with the Red Hulk comes off as a little disjointed The story in volume 4 kept my interest, though It was fun, but not great Who is the Red Hulk and Who is the Red She Hulk It s kind of obvious Fun story linebut obvious If you weren t sure before, then this volume is a flashing neon sign.Still, it s enjoyable. ^FREE DOWNLOAD ☟ Hulk, Volume 4: Hulk vs. X-Force ⇣ It S THE Hulkbusters Vs X Force Who Are The Hulkbusters How About Red Hulk Deadpool The Punisher Elektra Thundra The Crimson Dynamo What Terrible Secret Could Bring This Group Together Only To Run Headlong Into The Deadliest Team Of X Men All This And Wait Until You See Red Hulk Vs Wolverine Collecting Hulk