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[Download E-pub] ☻ Bodycheck ♪ Somebody Wants Behn McAvoy Dead He S Sure Of This Because He Has Just Had To Drown An Assailant In His Fishing Hole But Who Would Want To Kill An Aging Hockey Player From A Minor League Team Perhaps It Is An Ex Con In Need Of Cash To Fund A New Scam Or A Self Adoring Teammate Who Can Parlay Behn S Demise Into An NHL Career Then There S His Ex Wife, Part Of A Bourbon Blurred NHL Stint That Behn Has Spent A Decade Trying To Forget Finding Out Who Is Calling The Shots Would Be Easier If Only The Shots Would Stop Coming I won this book from GoodReads as a FirstReads free giveaway I am very excited to read this novel a review upon completion. A wonderful yarn and well worth reading, on a rainy afternoon.