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Obscure and underwritten for beginners, uninteresting for non beginners Some of the first figure illustrations were wrong, abolishing any reader trust and confusing the heck out of me for a while Stopped after four chapters If you re looking for a great and accessible introduction to game theory, keep looking. . #Pdf ⚻ Game Theory: A Very Short Introduction Ë Games Are Everywhere Drivers Maneuvering In Heavy Traffic Are Playing A Driving Game Bargain Hunters Bidding On EBay Are Playing An Auctioning Game The Supermarket S Price For Corn Flakes Is Decided By Playing An Economic Game This Very Short Introduction Offers A Succinct Tour Of The Fascinating World Of Game Theory, A Ground Breaking Field That Analyzes How To Play Games In A Rational Way Ken Bin, A Renowned Game Theorist, Explains The Theory In A Way That Is Both Entertaining And Non Mathematical Yet Also Deeply Insightful, Revealing How Game Theory Can Shed Light On Everything From Social Gatherings, To Ethical Decision Making, To Successful Card Playing Strategies, To Calculating The Sex Ratio Among Bees With Mini Biographies Of Many Fascinating, And Occasionally Eccentric, Founders Of The Subject Including John Nash, Subject Of The Movie A Beautiful Mind This Book Offers A Concise Overview Of A Cutting Edge Field That Has Seen Spectacular Successes In Evolutionary Biology And Economics, And Is Beginning To Revolutionize Other Disciplines From Psychology To Political ScienceAbout The Series Oxford S Very Short Introductions Offers Concise And Original Introductions To A Wide Range Of Subjects From Islam To Sociology, Politics To Classics, And Literary Theory To History Not Simply A Textbook Of Definitions, Each Volume Provides Trenchant And Provocative Yet Always Balanced And Complete Discussions Of The Central Issues In A Given Topic Every Very Short Introduction Gives A Readable Evolution Of The Subject In Question, Demonstrating How It Has Developed And Influenced Society Whatever The Area Of Study, Whatever The Topic That Fascinates The Reader, The Series Has A Handy And Affordable Guide That Will Likely Prove Indispensable Game Theory 3 4 Selfish Gene Dawkins Selfish Gene a mediocre introduction to a very interesting subject the book doesn t really flow just gives example games without connecting the subjects well the big problem i had with the book is that the author is way too defensive about negative perceptions of game theory, and thus wastes a lot of space trying to remedy these misconceptions also, without math it was hard for me to internalize some of the game theoretical results.some of the interesting points discussion of auction mechanisms, with examples of US and British Telecom auctions I wish the author went into detail on these instead of just referencing them a discussion of fallacies presented as paradoxes, which are attributed to game theory, in particular those arising from the prisoner s dilemma game the evolutionary interpretation makes a lot of sense signalling as a way of communicating your type to the other player in order to push them towards a profitable equilibrium evolutionarily stable strategies how equilibria evolve within species. . I was disappointed by this introduction The author writes with considerable style and covers some aspects well, but I think that the core principles of game theory are not explained at all well and the examples and diagrams are explained particularly poorly Not surprisingly, the book is best when covering the author s speciality auctions I also feel that the author devotes too much time to arguing against the straw man of ethical objections to game theory analyses these could be dealt with as he does just once and not bothered with over and over again in different parts of the book. After enjoying a couple of Very Short Introduction VSI books, I was hoping to enjoy this However, it was disappointing I gave up half way because it kept dropping terms without introduction e.g., sub game.While I agree it is hard to be thorough in short introductory books, I think using terms without introducing them by examples or definition not for short introductory books is worst kind of mistake in books Now, to be fair, I might have enjoyed other VSI books as I was familiar with terms used in them as opposed to this book however, I doubt this was the case as the book does not state any prerequisite knowledge to grok its content. game theory isn t able to solve all the word s problems, because it only works when people play games rationallyKen Bil, Game Theory, A Very Short IntroductionKen Bin s Very Short Introduction VSI 173 to Game Theory is my second selection of Oxford s huge, gigantic VSI series quickly approaching 500 books It was probably closer to 3.5 stars, but mainly because of the structural problems with surveying Game Theory in less than 200 pages At less than 200 pages Bin is able to break down Game Theory into chapters on chance, time, conventions, reciprocity, information, auctions, evolutionary biology, bargaining and coalitions, puzzles and paradoxes For the beginner, the problem with this book will be how quickly the book expects the reader to pick up on some of the accepted standards of game theory thinking and explanations boxes, game trees, subgames, etc For the non beginner, the book sometimes skims over areas that the reader or perhaps, just this reader might want to wade deeper maths into This is the inherent tension in all the VSI It is the dance, the game of the series You have to be able to present your information in a package designed to be broad in scope, but small in application Bin does a good job, however I was very satisfied with the progression of the book, and loved getting a bit info on such game theory notables as Nash, Von Neumann, etc I was also excited by the whole chapter devoted to game theory and evolutionary biology It took me back to reading Robert Wright s Nonzero The Logic of Human Destiny and The Moral Animal Why We Are the Way We Are The New Science of Evolutionary Psychology, and The Evolution of God This book also was good in giving me a couple GT books to read in the future on cooperation. I will admit my head hurts after this book and no its not a bad thing I will start though by saying that to me mathematics is about numbers and not concepts my line of work and experience makes me see numbers not symbols or concepts so I will admit that I have had to work at this book But why read something that is hard work well for me the concept is fascinating game theory has been quoted, mis interpreted and yes even abused so many times it was about time to see what it was all about and the Very short introduction book is a great way of achieving that without reducing me to a gibbering wreck.The book tires to explain the various concepts that go to make up Game Theory without overloading the reader with loads of mathematics wherever possible illustrations are used giving real life examples to an idea or concept The book also gives a little bit of history of where the various theories came from both good and bad and shows a little illumination of where the theories have been used This has not been an easy book to read but for me who is notorious for asking too many questions at the best of times it helps answer the question about why Game Theory is seen as being so important and how what can often be seen as a high concept actually does have relevance and even power in our society today This book is not for everyone and I will admit I will have to return to it to understand it in the future but for maths I did find this accessible and interesting, I just need to stop now as my brain is full.