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( Read Kindle ) Ï Starting Today ⛄ Starting Today Contains Poems Written During And Responding To Barack Obama S First Days In Office The Poems Included In This Anthology, Except For Elizabeth Alexander S Inauguration Poem, Were All Written No Than A Day Before They Appeared On The Popular Blog Starting Today Poems For The First Days The Result Is A Work That Documents The Political And Personal Events Of Those Crucial Days Through A Variety Of Contemporary Poetic Voices, From The Ebullient To The Admiring, From The Pithy To The Loquacious Editors Rachel Zucker And Arielle Greenberg Explain In Their Enthusiastic Introduction In Those Jittery, Pre Inaugural Hours, It Became Clear To Us That Our Exhilaration Stemmed, In Part, From The Knowledge That We Were Not Alone In Our Enthusiasm We Knew Others Felt Called To Action Just As We Were That Same Afternoon We Compiled An E Mail List Of Poets Friends, Acquaintances, And Folks We Admire From Across The Country And Across Generations Could We Get One Hundred Poets To Commit To Writing A New Poem During The First One Hundred Carefully Watched Days Of The New Presidency And Could We Get Them To Respond Overnight, So That Our Project Would Coincide With Barack Obama Beginning His Job Yes, We Could Poets Wrote Back Immediately And With Gusto Difficult To Categorize But Easy To Enjoy, The Poems In Starting Today Offer Something For Every Type Of Poetry Reader, From The Novice To The Seasoned This Smart, Timely Collection Offers A Swirling Portrait Of The American Zeitgeist A Poetic Reportage That Demonstrates Spontaneity, Collaboration, Immediacy, And Accessibility This is a terrific little collection of poetry, all written during and reflecting upon, Obama s first 100 days in office The talent included in the book ranges from Marvin Bell to Mark Doty to Leslea Newman to inaugural poet Elizabeth Alexander to slam queen Patricia Smith It s a fascinating read, because it really captures both the deep sense of relief and cautious hope that seemed to run through the American public at that time There are a lot of poems about the connections between people and a shared sense of optimism Despite being a collection with a decidedly political theme, the quality of the poems is high and the amount of stump speechifying in verse is low Some of the poems are so good as to send tingles down your spine, to leave you with senses and images and phrases that will stay with you long after the book is closed Brenda Shaughnessy s Citizen Craig Arnold s Dear Steve Kevin Prufer s Behind the Barracks, After the War and Rachel Zucker s Dear Mr President, I Thought You Should Know are all standouts in a volume full of fine poems Which is not to say that every poem is a gem Banks are not the most poetic theme, and money abstract from the human connection and condition not all that compelling And some of the poems could have been a little less long, a little tighter, a bit focused I am looking at you, Mark Bibbins, and you, Jen Hofer But overall, it s a quality collection and well worth a read. what repeats is interesting