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Great read overall, and I would definitely recommend to any Rose Wilson fans Read Book ⚖ Terror Titans ⚔ Join TEEN TITANS Scribe Sean McKeever And Artist Joe Bennett , CHECKMATE For A Journey Into The Darkest, Coldest And Most Brutal Corners Of The Teen Super Hero Psyche They Stood Against The Teen Titans, And Now The Terror Titans Spin Off Into Their Own Miniseries Their Leader Clock King Hatches A Plan For His Team Of Teenage Legacy Villains, As Well As Their Deadly New Member The Teen Titans Own Ravager But If He S To Succeed, Clock King Must First Stabilize The Underground Metahuman Gladiator Arena Known As The Dark Side Club The Terror Titans acquit themselves better in this standalone spinoff, showcasing of Clock King and the Dark Side Club The characters are better defined, and the artwork is surprisingly crunchy. My feelings about this can pretty much be summed up as Ravager Yay I really do like her, and she s been the one shining point in the whole mess of Teen Titans lately although I ve heard that it s improved and I do mean to try and get back into it I wish this storyline had gone on longer not just so that there could be Ravager in it, although I m very much looking forward to her solo book but because the plot was only comprehensible given that I had not only already read Teen Titans On the Clock, which leads into this story, but also read the recap of it given in Teen Titans Changing of the Guard, and also because Miss Martian really could have been given much to say I did admire the subtlety of her work, but it s bizarrely subtle in a world of brightly clad teenaged superheroes and a much interesting take on her character than the shit she was given in Teen Titans. en una palabra mediocre, la historia se salva un poco por la aparicion de Statick pero el resto es una promesa sin cumplir I m normally not a fan of villain books, but this one was actually a lot of fun to read. I wrote this off when it first came out as a money grab for Titans fans, but it turns out to be a well written mini series that offers some good continuity for both Teen Titans and Final Crisis.Its heart is exactly what the title suggests it s a great look at the Terror Titans, really characterizing them in ways that the Teen Titans comic never did The real shame is that they were never used after this mini series And arch villain Clock King gets great addition too In addition, this series also closes up the whole fight club plot that ran through the Teen Titans and Birds of Prey prior to this series.Also, we get a lot of great Ravager, on leave from the Titans.Overall, a great mini series that needs to go right in any collection of Teen Titans v3 and probably in any Final Crisis collection as well. I can t say this one impressed me It was the only link to my favorite Teen Titans run that I hadn t read Maybe if I had read of the issues leading up to this one as a refresher I might have been in a better mindset I don t think that s it, though I think I just didn t care about the characters And when I don t care about the characters I don t tend to enjoy the book.