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In this addictive series of books, the last volume falls a bit short, owing to a long blow by blow of WWII that I m not sure I needed In comparison to other volumes, this book gives one the impression that there s nothing to life than war, which is rather disappointing. A breezy visual look of European history from 1815 to after World War II, as defined by the nation s borders The book s format has the left page text describes the right page map, whether that s battle maneuvers, ceded territories or growing cities McEvedy does a good job distilling the complex history down to a few paragraphs, and he s not afraid to poke fun at the statesmen of the era either Sometimes his commentary can be a little too dismissive, but this is a nice visual reference and a fun read on top of that. A run through of European history from 1815 to 2000 told through maps It makes some superficial conclusions, but they don t seem directly wrong And the speed of which we are going through the events is great.Of particular interest was the following The Netherlands had been divided into protestant Holland and catholic Spain now Belgium The south was inherited by Austria, annexed by France, placed under Holland, rebelled and established itself as Belgium in 1830 The French revolution of 1848 establishing the second republic bringing a fear of revolutionary wars through Europe Napoleons nephew Louis Napoleon became president The Crimean war of 1853 1856 as Russia also tried to take some of the Ottoman empire, but UK and France then attacked The heir of Schleswig Holstein was not the same heir to the Danish throne, which lead to the war with Prussia and Austria in 1864 that ultimately led to a war between these two Prussia won Italy was united in 1866 under Piedmont Sardinia, when Garibaldi conquered the south The Franco Prussian war of 1870 1871 united the German empire and added Lorraine Alsace Norway broke the union with Sweden in 1905 peacefully The first Balkan war of 1912 1913 pretty much ejected the Ottoman empire from Europe by the Serbs, Greeks and Bulgars WW1 has the Schlieffen plan where the germans were unable to surround the French by storming through Belgium and northern France, the german victory at Tannenberg in east, the failed offensive at Gallipoli defended by Mustapha Kemal later Ataturk , the offensives of Germans and British at respectively Verdun and Somme in 1916, the peace and new countries in Russia with the revolution in 1917, Ludendorff s last offensive in 1918 that was obstructed by the arrival of the Americans, the Wilson peace with much self determination of the people votes in several border regions Poland beat Russia in 1920 21, who afterwards recognised the independence of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania In 1838 Germany indulged Austria and by agreement with Chamberlain parts of Czechoslovakia with German minority WW2 has the blitz of Guderian, Hoepner and Kleist in Poland in 1939, the phoney war in the west until May 1940, failed operation Sealion, five weeks delay in 1941 of operation Barbarossa to help Italy in Greece and Egypt also had to conquer Yugoslavia , the huge pincer movements in Russia, sack of Guderian and Hoepner over disagreements of whether to withdraw for the winter 41 42, only 10 german divisions in Africa compared to 200 in Russia, allied landing on Sicily 10 July 43, Normandy landing 6 June 44, death of 5 6 mio Jews most from Poland and USSR, the attack of Model in the Ardennes 16 December 44 and total loss of appr 34 mio lives Yugoslavia and Tito was independent from USSR not rescued by Soviet and later not part of Cominform the Soviet Marshall plan Stalin s stroke in 1953, Kruschev outmaneuvered Malenkov, Molotov and Kaganovitch, and criticised Stalin, tranferred Crimea to Ukranian SSR, crushed the Hungarian rising in 56 and was forced to resign in 64 after the Cuban missile crisis to Leonid Brezhnev Gorbachev s less interventionistic policy was tested by election in Poland in 89, and by the end of the year only Bulgaria and Albania had communist regimes The failed coup in 91 against Gorbachev and Jeltsin, and the breaking of USSR establishing the SSRs as independent states In my late 20s, it dawned on me that part of my sketchy understanding of history which I was attempting to remedy was fueled by an even sketchy understanding of geography Why, in particular, did Galicia seem to be in both Spain and Poland because there are two of them Why was the same piece of territory sometime called Alsace and other time called Lorraine depends on who owned it France or Germany What was up with all of these Italian city states Or German duchies Why weren t these a single country the way I d been taught in school they merged over time Enter The Penguin Atlas series These four synoptic books covered in about 300 pages the literal groundwork I needed for an understanding of European history One map and one facing summary, turn the page, time passes, maps and summaries.One reviewer has complained that these books are Eurocentric Yes, that s in the title I don t get the complaint.I found this series enormously helpful and recommend it to anyone whose knowledge of historical geography is a little lacking. This is a review of all four Penguin Atlases ofHistory Four stars because of the engaging and informative chronological and topical charts, but not so much for McEvedy s left page analysis, which was at turns soporific and, if i recall, borderline chauvinistic.I imagine the interwebs can provide much in the way of an interactive flashy light show type map experience these days, but these books worked for me in the 90s. I found McEvedy s medieval Atlas to be the useful and entertaining something about the heavy and recent stakes in the 20th century doesn t gel perfectly with his glib style which is great from a distance The selling point continues to be whirlwind but not shallow tours of the subject matter and the beautiful use of fixed reference frame, simplified, evolving maps to tell the story McEvedy s maps help you quickly understand the content as it strings over time. 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