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What can I say I don t expect a ton from Francine Rivers The most interesting parts of her books are people s conversion stories That s where this one disappointed Everything happened too easily and all the resolutions to each problem that took HUNDREDS of pages going through each minor issue took only a handful of pages to resolve I didn t feel that any of the characters grew, they just shifted into these obvious molds The moral of this story is unfortunate as wellit seems that no matter what your husband does against you, you had a hand in it by not being the perfect wife The dialogue is also cheesy, especially from a religious standpoint Yes, I believe in some of what she s saying, but do I really thinking my marriage is a three way love triangle with God There is too much emphasis on falling in love with Jesus and not enough on what it actually means to be a Christian It seemed that her conversion just meant that she reads the Bible all day, and randomly exclaims But don t you see, Alex God is sovereign Not to overly complain, but the two stories that are supposed to be woven together don t actually have much to do with each other Yes, each woman was upset about moving But one was irrational, and the other one totally rational I think we were supposed to understand a lot of things from the quilt, which was never properly described until the end I felt like I was being told what the book was all about, instead of to use an old writing cliche being shown what was going on.Not her finest work, and I m not sure I ll be reading any. I just read this book for the second time I think it s a good portrayal of what can happen in a marriage when both parties are selfish However, there s got to be some way that people can talk about finding God in their lives without being completely cliche It s frustrating to be reading along and enjoying the book when suddenly, WHAM, there s a phrase that just makes you groan One of Rivers as well as many other inspirational fiction writers trademarks is using one phrase several times in one book for nit picky readers like me, that can be a death sentence The phrase raked his hand through his hair must have shown up at least 3 4 times The transitions between Sierra s story and Mary Katherine s journal are a little rocky at times I think if Mary Katherine had spelled baby as babee one time, I might have put down the book The book kept me interested Rivers is a good writer I d just like to see her solidify her writing a bit. Scarlet thread I dont know how she makes me fall in love with the characters so quickly Everything she writes is pure gold She is a rich white girl, he is an average hispanic boy Their parents dont approve but love is love an unstoppable love They get married and start a family and everything is perfect That is until that unstoppable love sees reality in the harsh world. I had high hopes for this book due to having enjoyed The Atonement Child and And the Shofar Blew, however, I was disappointed There are two stories which are meant to be running parallel and presumably woven together But, they don t actually fit with each other and could easily be extracted from the book and told independently The first story is about a gradually declining marriage leading to an affair and the other is told through the journal of a girl that used to live in the first couple s family home I lost interest in the second story about halfway through the book so skipped over the remaining journal entries I have read a number of books with two storylines and they really need to either be properly entwined so the reader has to read both or both as intriguing as each other These were not.This book was far too long I am aware that this is a Rivers trait and actually the books that I have previously enjoyed were also long but held my interest The main characters were both selfish particularly the husband The author is clearly making the point that it takes two to cause problems in a marriage and that blaming each other rather than working towards reconciliation is not the Christian response I agree with this to a certain degree However, I feel that she goes too far the husband uproots his family against the wishes of his wife to pursue his selfish dreams He forces them into a materially wealthy social group that she isn t ready for and begins spending and time at work, he ignores her requests to discuss things, his behaviour just gets worse and worse..I won t ruin the storyline but I think in this case the author has unfortunately made a case for women to allow themselves to be treated like doormats AND then to take all of the responsibility for the problems.The Christian message was also somewhat lost Some of the characters experience something of a conversion which seems to be about falling in love with Jesus rather than understanding the truth of the Gospel There is no clear repentance or turning away from sin although the characters do refer to changes due to their belief in God There is also a section about God being found through Catholicism as well as Protestantism it almost reads as if we can get to God any way we like as long as we are sincere It is not clear that the only way is through Jesus and His death on the cross.I didn t read the part about a character suggesting that someone who had died may have been saved without knowing jesus due to being sincere which I read in another reviewI would have objected to that as well.I don t recommend this as it is so long and full of arguing back and forth I wouldn t describe it as profitable or edifying In a way it reminded me of the Christian movie Fireproof which I do recommend But in both I don t think the heart issues will be as easily resolved in real life as they seem to be in fiction The only good point the book made really was that giving up on a marriage isn t the solution and that all things can be worked through with God s help.There is no bad language, very limited non graphic violence and some romantic scenes which are not graphic but may make some uncomfortable.Check out my Francine Rivers shelf After reading Redeeming Love, I couldn t wait to pick up another Francine Rivers book The Scarlet Thread highlights the life of two women, generations apart but of the same family Enduring differing but similar hardships, it is their ultimate reconciliation with their Savior that binds these two women together Per the title, the scarlet thread is represented in a quilt made by the earlier of the two women Interwoven throughout is a scarlet thread representing Jesus God and is throughout each of the differing patches In particular, I love how she points on at the end that the final patch is a stone wall with a red thread coming down, representative of Rahab, one of the woman in Jesus lineage a harlot and the rope instructed by the Israelites that she would need to hang from her window in order to be saved neither woman had been a prostitute in the book, in the typical understanding of a prostitute On the contrary, both of these women had been hurt by others and had also done some hurting themselves however, they had been prostitutes who sold their souls to other gods It is in the end that they return to Jesus and give their soul to Him, letting down their own scarlet threads, and the presence of the scarlet thread Jesus that is throughout their own lives They make a point at the end of the book we think that we are in control of our own lives, and that decisions are solely ours however, Jesus is there, using every situation and choice to bring us back to Him In that sense, everything does work for good, if we allow ourselves to return to Jesus.While this book wasn t as engaging and soul clenching as I found Redeeming Love, I can say that I was enraptured by the outcome of the book There is a way that Francine Rivers writes that tends to stir my emotions, and challenge me to take a deep look inward In particular, this story is a constant struggle the later woman finds herself in a place where by worldly standards it would be easier to blame her husband for his own infidelity and not take stock of her own decisions and choices however, in the end she is brought to the realization of how she herself had a hand in the outcomes, and she too must ask for forgiveness though her sin doesn t seem to be the same equivalent What a gentle reminder this was to me that sin is sin there is no varying degree of less bad or worse sin, only the degree of the consequence.Part of me wanted to argue throughout the book on behalf of both parties in some cases, I wanted to shout to the second woman Sierra to just be honest with her husband and let things go, and on the other hand, I wanted to shout on her behalf, how could someone betray her Perhaps this is because one of my personal fears is rejection and betrayal That was eye opening for me, and probably a great reason why I haven t put myself out there I wonder why this is, because I grew up in a home loved and what I considered accepted for who I was I suppose that this is something for later soul searching.Things that I found profound and want to remember about this book 1 The sins of the father are on the son This profound piece of scripture made me consider, what sins have I committed that will be on my children and my children s children What must I change IMMEDIATELY and repent from in order to absolve this from their future Also, what sins did my parents commit that might be on me now Perhaps knowing and understanding may help me to better deal with myself and my own actions 2 Weeds in a garden Gardens are a theme throughout there is a point where the apparent growth of weeds strikes a point if we allow the weeds to grow, they will choke the flowers of life What weeds have I allowed to overrun my garden because of sadness, fear, jealousy, vindication I think that their are some weeds I need to pull, but I can t do it on my own 3 Nothing ventured nothing gained 4 Sometimes people need forgiveness than we need to hold onto a grudge 5 So blind to my own pain that I can t see the pain of others Toward the end of the book, Sierra focuses on her own pain, and how at times she was blinded by her own pain and unable to see the pain of others Right now, I am so blinded by my pain, and I ve wasted precious time that I could have used to ease the suffering of others For me, I must now put myself aside I have had plenty of time to nurse my wounds, consider the cost, fixate on regrets and be selfish How can I allow God now to change my heart into one after His own 6 I think I need my own community Another character in the book, Aunt Martha, is reflected on by Mary the woman relative who made the quilt and wrote in a special journal outlining her life roots and her trip across the Oregon Trail She speaks to her character and how she is adored and revered in the community A woman of integrity, she is quick to lend a helping hand and slow to gossip or speak poorly of others Generous to a fault, this woman who had no children or husband of her own is who I wish to be one who is known for her character rather than her tongue, known for her calm rather than her irrationality, known for her quiet rather than her volume, known for her generosity rather than her stinginess and selfishness, known for her lack of fear replaced by the courage of the Lord, and known for her relationship with Christ as center not as strange Such a woman such a model I think in a sense I need my own community, which is frightening for I know what it impliesI have so much to learn and so far to go I think that I will try picking up my journal again and jotting my life down Who knows, maybe it will serve to support and encourage another young woman in the future In the meanwhile, I know that my heart was challenged by this book, and I intend to begin with immediate changes I am thankful to Francine Rivers for using her writing gifts to share these messages with young women like me Life isn t static, Sierra Thank God It s constantly in motion Sometimes we find ourselves caught up in currents and carried along where we don t want to go Then we find out later that God s hand was in it all along Marianna Clanton, The Scarlet Thread Oh, Lord Jesus, do what you did for my mother for me Please You know me better than I know myself Open the doors and windows and let the Holy Spirit move through me You are welcome in my house Come into me, into my foyer and my living room Wander at will through my parlor and kitchen Be with me in my bedroom and bathroom Go through every closet and every drawer, from the basement to the attic of my life I belong to you, Father Stay with me forever Jesus, please remove everything in me that doesn t glorify you Make me your vessel The Scarlet Thread I m seeing a disturbing trend among Christian fiction where husbands engage in extra marital affairs and it s always, ALWAYS ends up being the wife s fault ALWAYS Plus, the women ALWAYS end suffering and losing everything, pride, dignity, self esteem , and the husbands get off with no than a slap in the wrist And not only that, it s the wife who always ends up apologizing to the husband because it s their fault the husband had an affair Unbelievable I m all for love and forgiveness but really, where is the justice in all of this This is currently my third favorite view spoiler cheating spouse hide spoiler it is the men who dream of Oregon It is as though Heaven itself beckons them and we must all cross hell to get to it Set across different centures, The Scarlet Thread follows the lives of two women who are joined through an old, tatty journal as they each grapple with their husband s ambition.Twenty first century woman Sierra Madrid is less than thrilled when her husband Alex announces that he has accepted a job offer which means they must move hundreds of miles to Los Angeles She is so upset about the family being uprooted that she fails to see how God could have a hand in any of this, despite her mother s insistance that God has a plan for her life Suspicious of her husband s new work colleagues and superficial new friendships, Sierra begins to feel like an uneducated country bumpkin and, therefore, worthless in Alex s eyes In her loneliness, she turns to an old family journal wrapped in a scarlet embroidered quilt and finds her life becoming intertwined with her ancestor Mary Kathryn McMurray.Mary is a feisty young woman whose husband James insists on travelling to Oregan in a covered wagon in the 1840s Like Sierra, Mary is reluctant to uproot her family and move hundreds of miles away But she has promised to obey her husband and so with bad grace she packs up and prepares for the long, dangerous journey through Indian territory with her young family.The hardships for both Sierra and Mary are real, and there are many ups and downs for them They doubt themselves, their husbands, and God But eventually, they each come to recognise that God really does have a plan for their lives Mary s faith journey is carefully embroidered in scarlet thread onto a friendship quilt It s only when Sierra submits herself to God s plan for her life and learns to forgive and be reconciled with Alex that she understands what the scarlet embroidered quilt means.I loved this book Any wife will identify with some of the things Sierra and Mary go through with their husbands every marriage has its ups and downs The fact that it is set in two different times drew me like metal to a magnet I love this type of storyline Like all of Francine Rivers books, there is tragedy, drama, love, forgiveness, grace Wondering how Sierra and Mary will cope with each new incident that comes along kept me turning the pages, eager to read on Skillfully written, it brings history to life while showing us modern day women that we can learn from the past. I didn t end up reading the entire book Personal preference, but I was horrified when the husband up and announced they were leaving their home, moving somewhere glamorous , and putting their house of ten years up for sale With NO forewarning or previous communication THEN the husband immediately pitches the argument that he s given everything up for HER, maybe she should repay the favor Um, she s been raising your children and making a home for you for ten years I don t see how she OWED him The story gets better Immediately following a very choppy first 40 pages, they re walking into a beat up 2 bedroom and their older children a boy and a girl are sharing a room He proceeds to announce he s going out for an hour or two to talk business and left her ALONE THEN the guy predictably doesn t phone and walks in after midnight She s too forgiving, I would have packed up and left He then drags her to a dinner at his new bosses home, where his extremely cultured and intelligent wife proceeds to make her feel like an uneducated, backwoods moron and to top things off, her husband has eyes for her At this point, I predicted that he would leave her for another woman because she was so boring and dull and, he wanted fresh and interesting I skip ahead 300 pages What do I see Yes, he had left her for a woman named Elizabeth AWESOME Really, I m ranting and raving to my laughing husband at this point, but it gets BETTER remember, I skipped the 300 pages because it was an infuriating story line, and I ve already called it I tell my husband she s going to decide him being with another woman was ALL HER FAULT I determine because she didn t full on support his decision to move with no warning, and no conversation, she will take him back A few pages ahead aaaaannnnndddddd drum roll, please Yup She did What I failed to mention was that her precious mother supported HIM in the move and then died He left her to her own vices to heal the pain of the loss of her last remaining parent, which to me is atrociously evil THE MOST disappointing Francine Rivers novel, and I m so disgusted Women as subservient, quiet pawns in the game of men No, that is NOT how God intended our marriages to be Please don t let this solitary book be your lone representative of her work `DOWNLOAD EPUB ↸ The Scarlet Thread ★ This Best Selling Novel By Popular Author Francine Rivers Is Now Available In Mass Paper When Sierra Discovers Her Young Ancestor S Handcrafted Quilt And Reads Her Journal, She Finds That Their Lives Are Very Similar By Following Her Ancestor S Example, She Learns To Surrender To God S Sovereignty And Unconditional Love