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I am sorry but I never got into this story By the end I was just skimming. I quite liked it, maybe because the men were so tall 8 ft FTW Decent enough for erotica, thought it started slightly ridiculous, with Aurelia saying she was wanted for a crime she didn t commit I really heard the A team theme in the back of my head while reading that pI liked the angst thrown in at the end, and the lovin was quite hot indeed.All in all, yay for Smut In Space D [Read Pdf] ⚕ Stowaway ♨ Stowaway Talya Bosco Aurelia Is On The Run Stowing Away On An Interstellar Cargo Ship Seems The Perfect Solution Except For The Fact It S Crewed By Three Very Large, Scary And Extremely Sexy Men Ursine Traders Dov, Tarlo And Ardal Are A Bonded Family That Means They Share Everything When The Golden Haired Beauty Reveals Herself, They Fully Intend To Share Her Far From Being Repelled At Seeing The Three Men Love Each Other, Aurelia Finds The Physical Intimacy And Passion They Share Together And With Her An Aphrodisiac She Could Easily Become Addicted To But The Four Way Physical Sharing Turns Into Much And, As Strong Emotions Come Into Play, That Sharing Could Come At A Price None Are Willing To Pay I liked this short steamy and not to mention sexy short read LOVED them three alpha men This was a good read to get you out of a funky mood I loved the chemistry between the h and every H It was nice to see the author let the h interact separately with each of the H Unless they were all together, then I was in for a helluva ride Those steamy foursomes, threesomes, twosomes made me want to get in on that action Wasn t horrible, wasn t fantastic Just ok. A great sci fi menage. 3.5 stars Everything about this book was overly simple and shallow in a way that was suited to a short story Even 92 pages was too long for this one IMO. 2.5 3 starsThe bedroom scenes were all over and good, and the idea behind was good, but alas, it was too simplistic, I wanted , maybe show readers her past We learn about the aliens It was an erotica book with sci fi thrown in but it could have been a good sci fi book with erotica thrown in. A romance set on a space ship is the ultimate cabin scenario A couple or in this case a group of people that circumstances have placed in close quarters for a time, without any outside influence Of course they are going to get up to shenanigans And there will be some questions about how or if the relationship will adapt in the real world In space, it s even intriguing and it s one of my favorite set ups Though I didn t feel like the characters themselves were remarkable, overall I liked it.