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If there weren t enough trigger warnings coming out of the first book, then this book would turn those triggers into fully blaring fog horn red alerts.I really liked the story for this book I did guess the villains early, but I didn t expect how far they would go.I like Eugenie and this world, but two books about rape potential rape are a lot to push through I ll read the last two, but I m disappointed in how this series is turning out compared to how amazing Vampire Academy and Bloodlines were. SPOILERS So it started out a little slow, but the book got really good I REALLY enjoyed the first in the series and this one, after the first few chapters, really built upon the fun of the last one I like how this series is breaking the modern day magic kick ass woman user solving crimes by taking her into the Faery Land and developing stories INSIDE there and ultimately leaving the story there SPOILERS I never liked Kiyo, I really think he was a milk sop, so the ending of the book, when Dorian runs the other dude through was like totally worth the price of admission That one line was like, damn that guy is awesome My biggest fear at this point is that I can see how the author is setting up Dorian to go wrong in the next book, that his ambition will get out of control and Eugenie will leave him because of it and I m like DONT SEND HER BACK TO KIYO I LOVE DORIAN I will be very sad if she does that because it s kinda predictable What would be interesting is if he started to go bad and then redeemed himself somehow I really dig them together, but ending the second book with them together kinda signals it won t turn out well, sigh I can t wait until the next one @Download Book ß Thorn Queen ¾ Eugenie Markham Is A Shaman For Hire, Paid To Bind And Banish Creatures From The Otherworld But After Her Last Battle, She S Also Become Queen Of The Thorn Land It S Hardly An Envious Life, Not With Her Kingdom In Tatters, Her Love Life In Chaos, And Eugenie Eager To Avoid The Prophecy About Her Firstborn Destroying Mankind And Now Young Girls Are Disappearing From The Otherworld, And No One Except Eugenie Seems Willing To Find Out Why Eugenie Has Spilled Plenty Of Fey Blood In Her Time, But This Enemy Is Shrewd, Subtle, And Nursing A Very Personal Grudge And The Men In Her Life Aren T Making Things Any Easier Her Boyfriend Kiyo Is Preoccupied With His Pregnant Ex, And Sexy Fey King Dorian Always Poses A Dangerous Distraction With Or Without Their Help, Eugenie Must Venture Deep Into The Otherworld And Trust In An Unpredictable Power She Can Barely Control Reluctant Queen Or Not, Eugenie Has Sworn To Do Her Duty Even If It Means Facing The Darkest And Deadliest Side Of Her Nature Praise For Richelle Mead S Storm Born My Kind Of Book Great Characters, Dark Worlds, And Just The Right Touch Of Humor A Great Read Patricia Briggs, New York Times Bestselling Author 4 A buddy read with the UF masochists at BBB Well, this book went to a place I did not expect when I started it And I am not truly sure how I feel about it I only know that it got very emotional and a bit depressing, as well as rage inducing toward the end It began soon after the end of the last book Most of the first 40% was about Eug and Kiyo establishing a cadence in their relationship and we got to observe some passionate, aggressive and animalistic sex This would be perfectly fine, if it was not pretty much the only dimension to their relationship It seems like Kiyo is using Eug s house for dumping overflow animals from his vet clinic, and shows up only to get him some Also, Eug is obviously looking for some variety in bed, several times implying that they might need some foreplay Dude, listen to the lady Then, if in the morning they had some face time together, it was usually dominated by him lecturing her on not using or learning about her magic and forgetting her newly acquired kingdom and the people there who depend on her During the rest of the time he would go to work, but mostly, go and support his supposed ex girlfriend, the mother of his future child, since she is pregnant and needs all of his attention Gack Pretty much, he is showing his ass and it is coming off as a very selfish one at that A lot of page time was devoted to Eugenie finding her way to learning and connecting with her kingdom The Tucson, AZ like land, which has been what she grew up with, but which has become a blight on the lives of the locals, is a difficult kingdom to support and the folks there have to figure out how to survive I thought the issues were very well described and I felt true compassion for her subjects I hope she does not turn them all into Tequila AddictsWell , said Davros at last There must be something You ve placed a blight on the land, stripping us of our water and food Surely we ve done something to warrant your most righteous displeasure You need only let us know what it is, piped in someone else We will do anything you require to lift this curse from us Then there is Dorian Yes, I can not keep protesting he is charming, smart, and seems to care for her, but I just can not trust him He is sooo obsessed with power and taking over the world, every step he takes and every good deed he makes I question his motives and can not give my blessing for a possible romance, at least not yet However, he can help her claim her birthright and become a Queen in deed, not just in nameSo, as far as the love triangle goes, Kiyo with all his sexual energy and passionate tenancies, still feels like a booty call, while Dorian seems to be interested only in the power and prestige they can help each other to posses On top of that, Dorian is always easy to cut her off and go play with the next chick on the waiting list of fawning ladies Also, Eugenie has a tendency for going with whoever is getting her hot and bothered at the time, so her staying power is a bit questionable as well Thus, I think for a real and worthy lover, MR should offer Eugenie a whole new love interest, one who would appreciate her for who she is, not just what she offers and maybe keep her mind on him only The last 30% of the book took a turn, which made this a very difficult for me read I did not expect it and it was riveting, but a constant rage was running through my veins all the way to the end It made Eugenie face her divided loyalties to humans and Gentry, it made her face her own prejudices and see her own failings It was a very difficult lesson to learn and I wish she did not have to go through it, but some interesting consequences were derived from it One, I was angry and very disappointed with Kiyo, despite seeing his point of view and mostly understanding it Still, he fell short in how he treated Eug Very short Second, Dorian showed he is the better man in real adverse situations, although I foresee many horrible outcomes form his decisive and very well deserved actionsWhy does it matter to you if humans are over there anyway Because those humans might be harming gentry And And it s not right He snorted and returned to his trimming They re gentry, Eugenie They re not like us And from what I hear, you re not all that gentle with them anyway When they re in this world, yeah Any world, Eugenie They re literally not human Why do you care so much None of your business The harsh words were out before I could stop them Art paused again and this time turned to fully face me And it s none of your business where I go and what I do in either world My heart lurched in my chest It matters to them I think you re asking the wrong questions here You need to examine your motives and figure out why you re so eager to defend those who have no regard for us and why you re picking fights with your own kind Overall, this was very emotional, leaving me with a bitter taste at the end, but also with the NEED to find out how things proceed I am going to jump on the next volume as soon as next Wednesday arrives I would not recommend this for young readers, and maybe not younger then 16 I know even I had issues with some of the happenings in this book, it might be too dark for the young at heart I wish you all Happy Reading and let s enjoy the last days of the Olympic Games in Rio I really liked the way the MC developed in this story and came into her role in the Other world Mead writes with a tongue in cheek sense of humour which is very welcome Relationships evolve, develop, deteriorate too Looking forward to the rest of the series 4 Emotion filled StarsBuddy read with the UF club at Buddies Books BaublesYou know that book that is like a tug of war and while you are reading you are so upset with the characters but at the same time can t put it down for anything THIS IS THAT KIND OF BOOK FOR ME.First we have Eugenie I like her badass powers, I like her snark, I like her desire to help everyone, I like her sense of fairness and desire to help people in both worlds and her desire not to birth a son that would try and take over the human world But I m also frustrated with internal struggle with being human and fae I m frustrated with her current choice of boyfriend in the beginning of the book I hate how she is trying so hard to run from the responsibility of having a fae land and running it I also struggle with her internal strife over Kiyo having a baby with Maiwenn I get that this is a book where she is torn between two worlds and it is supposed to be difficult but she is infuriating sometimes because she has so many awesome powers and I just want her to accept and take charge of them.I m not even going to talk about her struggle between Dorian and Kiyo because for me she really crosses some lines and I m not sure how much I care because it went to Dorian s favor this time but if it was the other way around I d be pissed trianglesarecomplicated Still she is really flip floppy and I just want her to make a decision and stick with it, well as long as it is the decision I want her to make.Then there is Kiyo ARGGG.where to start I was okay with him in the first book but this is the book where I really start to despise him He is such a buzz killDon t practice your magic Eugenie I d make you give up your kingdom if you could, Eugenie You can t ever have a child, Eugenie Don t sleep with Dorian, Eugeniesee nag, nag, nagI cut him a glance You d make me, huh Encourage, he amended Unfortunately, it s a moot point The only way to lose a kingdom is if your power drops or well, if you re killed I m sure Volusian would love to help with that My minion walked near me, needing no horse to move swiftly Upon hearing his name, he said, I would perform the deed with great relish and much suffering on your part, mistress You can t put a price on that kind of loyalty,And in the midst of all of that Kiyo is the father of the Willow Queen s child and is busy with the impending birth of his baby so he pretty much shows up to hit it and then is gone again Plus there is the moment at the end that solidified for me that he doesn t really love Eugenie Let s just say that Kiyo is a fox and is supposed to have animal instincts and that is totally the case when shows up to have sex with Eugenie He is supposedly acting like she is his mate But then the big thing happens and he is the voice of peace and reason I call a RED FLAG on that play, because if he truly thought of her as his mate then he should have taken the action that Dorian did Instead he totally failed her in my opinion.Meanwhile Dorian is patiently waiting.well sort of The fae king makes no qualms about laying it out for Eugenie that he is all about her whether she is willing to have a child with him or notEugenie, you re a woman without equal, and no matter how much you annoy the hell out of me and no matter how much I try to get you out of my head and believe me, both occur regularly I can t stay away from you Even if you were barren, I d take you as my consort in an instant and spend the rest of my life with you childless, so long as it meant you d be by my side I would gladly bring you to my bed with no other thoughts than taking joy from your body It would be enoughHe shows her in a lot of ways that he is there for her Dorian took the time to try and help her with her kingdom and kept showing up to assist her even when she didn t know she was going to need assistance He did some other stuff that I hated but he gets a pass on since he is fae and can t just be pining and waiting for Eugenie to come around but overall he treated her like a man in love with her After the big thing happens Dorian did what I felt Kiyo should have done and I applauded him.The Plot There is this prophecy that the Storm King s grandson will take over the human world I really want to know the wording of the true undiluted prophecy but essentially a lot of the plot revolves around various men trying to knock Eugenie up with or without her consent Usually I don t like it when authors use the threat of rape as a baseline but because of the nature of the plot it works in this story Let s just say the big thing sucks.it isn t graphic but you know it happens and so I like to give warning because it is one of my hot buttons But it isn t just thrown into the story for gratuitous reasons There is a point and it adds to the overall story but the entire plot of this book is darker than the prior one you ve been warned.There are some comic relief moments with Volusian and Jasmine I might be starting to like that girl but overall this is a darker ride I was so frustrated with the characters but also so emotionally invested in the story that once I started it I couldn t stop Like I said a weird tug of war but now I must know how everything will go and how the story will end so onto book 3. It s always harder for me to review a book that I gave five stars to, and I think it s just easier for me to point out flaws than to pinpoint what makes a book amazing for me I ll give it a shot though.Eugenie is struggling with adapting to her new life of being the Thorn Queen while still trying to continue on as a shaman in the human world She focuses on something in one world while ultimately neglecting something in the other.When Eugenie became the Thorn Queen she transformed her lands into the spitting image of Tucson, not realizing that the people would have no idea how to cultivate the land After visiting Maiwenn, who s still pregnant with Kiyo s child, Eugenie comes across a village They fear her and ask her why she s punishing them with all the droughts and harsh conditions She had no idea that her people were even suffering, but with only have knowledge equivalent to medieval times, the people had no idea how to grow food in the desert.So Eugenie decides to help the people, and she uses her powers to find them water After visiting with them for a little while she s also told that young girls had been vanishing recently, taken by bandits This is also news to Eugenie, and she can t help but want to find the girls for them and stop the bandits This is very similar to the story in Storm Born, except for the fact that it s gentry girls being taken this time To say the least, a lot happens in this novel There are a lot of storylines going on but Mead manages to tie them all together skillfully Eugenie has also grown and matured immensely, and become compassionate when it comes to the gentry Before she barely thought of them as people and now they re her subjects, friends, lovers, and companions.We get a lot of character development for everyone else as well, but it s hard to say anything without spoiling something Dorian though, is a complete and utter BADASS But if you didn t see that coming after reading Storm Born then I don t know what book you were reading.It s hard to say exactly what makes this book so perfect for me In a way, it just feels epic. After only reading two books in this series I have a connection with the characters that just doesn t happen all that often I won t hesitate to buy the next book in the series, and anything else that Mead writes She has a fan for life.Here is my review of the next book, Iron Crowned. EDIT 11 4 2017 Wow, poor Eugenie And please just kill Kiyo already Still one of my most favourite series from Richelle Mead.jadadady I can t evenEDIT I loved the first book still remember when I read it during French class D So I don t really know why it took me so long to continue Even though the beginning was a bit slow it was awesome Always hated Kiyo since the first moment and after this, I hate him even He s the biggest hypocrite EVER On the other hand, Dorian is such a sweetheart Love him with every word And then Richelle Mead again managed to blew my mind I did not expect that Oh my God This book was awesome The minute I read the last page I jumped up and ran to my laptop to look up when the next book comes out Not until 2011, nooooooo I m already dying to read it Well, this book was recommended to me by my GR friend, Shannon She was hesitant, because our tastes don t always align, but I m glad she bit the bullet and rec ed it anyway I read Storm Born first, so I wouldn t be lost reading this one, and while I did enjoy it, I also didn t think it was that great I was nervous about reading this one, but it surpassed all of my expectations The beginning was a little slow for me A lot of time was devoted to Kiyo and their relationship I ve disliked him since the first book, so I was less than thrilled to have to read so much about him Also, all their relationship consists of is them having sex With so much page time devoted to their relationship it translates into a lot of page time devoted to them having sex Their sex wasn t particularly interesting either I m not against aggressive, animalistic sex, but Kiyo took it pretty far When your partner implies they find your orgasm giving skills lacking and wants foreplay you should probably pay attention I couldn t believe that Eugenie had to stop him and cuff him to make sure she got off first Poor girl No wonder she almost jumped out of her skin when Dorian grabbed her arm in the beginning She s probably dying for someone to dominate her and work her over.I loved getting information about Eugenie s kingdom As someone who lives near Tucson I was shocked when she morphed her land into it I thought she must have been high, but whatever works for her I m glad she got confronted with the real issues of how her choice affected her people They have to relearn how to grow crops and find water and they need to figure out how to get some A C in there I m glad the stuff like that wasn t skimmed over.Dorian impressed me a lot in this book I found him interesting in the first one, but also kind of flat This one really helped add depth for me He seems like a ruler who actually cares than a bored royal I loved the speech he gave Eugenie about being protecting her people or admitting to them that she couldn t He showed real passion and intensity there As much as he likes to don his bored royal mask, he is dead serious about what it means to be a king or queen.I was really glad that Dorian moved on after Eugenie dumped him in the last book I know him sleeping with other people will piss some readers off, but I loved it I don t want to see him pine from his kingdom, waiting for her to finally decide she s going to dump Kiyo and come to him She dumped him and was sleeping with someone else, it would have been dumb for him to wait around Although we did get a nice hint of his pining for her in his own unique way.Dorian endeared himself to me forever with one sword stroke at the end I was so glad that someone did that, damn the consequences I couldn t believe Kiyo laid that pile of crap on Eugenie to get her to back down Way to make the victim feel like shit about herself Thank goodness Dorian was there.Kiyo bothered me throughout this whole book His booty call tendency toward Eugenie was really distasteful I also can t believe he knew all the problems her kingdom was having and didn t mention it to her Why is he so down on her magic and queenship anyway He had no problem sleeping with his baby s mama Why is it only bad when Eugenie does it I also can t believe that Kiyo didn t have the decency to send Eugenie a message during or even after the birth happened He seems to have no consideration for anyone other than himself.I outright hated him when he talked Eugenie down from having her revenge That s not the thing you think about when you find out about that situation He should have been cheering her on or asking if he could do it for her Then, he had the balls to try to get her to apologize What the hell is wrong with him I m so glad things turned out that way I really hope he won t be a major part of the series any.I love Dorian to death now, but his world domination excitement at the end made me nervous for their future I can t wait to get the next book Thanks for the rec Shannon 4.5 Well, well, well, what do we have here.I admit, the last book made me curious but I can t say I had high hopes for this one Sometimes I absolutely love it when I m wrong This book had everything I could wish for The badass characters, the awesome world, the bloody murders, even the sarcastic, funny stuff I even cried at one point During this whole read, I kept praying for her to leave the fox and go to the dark side, with Dorian although I was absolutely sure that wouldn t happen, I mean, c mon, the heroin to actually do bad stuff and not be the good guy view spoiler So imagine my surprise when I saw the ending and that she actually ended up with Dorian, after he killer Leith in cold blood and he fuck ng deserved it hide spoiler