BOOK ☦ Marrying Miss Monkton ☩

Marked it read even though I didn t finish it. BOOK ☹ Marrying Miss Monkton ☧ Sir Charles Osbourne Has Made A Promise Against His Better Judgment He Will Rescue One Miss Maria Monkton And Deliver Her To Her Betrothed A Man Whose Reputation He Little Cares ForMaria Is Taken Aback When Charles Strides Toward Her With The Silent Sureness Of A Wolf Traveling Alone With Him Is Unsettling And Then It Hits Her Should She Marry A Man She Doesn T Know When She S Falling In Love With Her Rescuer A Man With No Mind For Marriage wonderful A classic setup, with appealing characters, good dialogue and an interesting story. RegencySir Charles made the promise to bring Miss Monkton safely home to her fiance He plans on telling her about her fiance s horrible reputation No innocent should be near the man However, he wasn t counting on Miss Monkton being so headstrong She islike to drive him crazy than listen to a word he says He most definitely doesn t need the distraction of being highly attracted to the little minx Miss Monkton agrees to travel with Sir Charles because that is what her fiance wants Her father chose him for her shortly before he passed away She trusts her father s judgement completely That was before meeting Sir Charles and discovering the fact that he makes her heart pound But still, she will make up her own mind and not let the stubborn man tell her what to do.Fun book.