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FREE EPUB Ñ The Mission Ý Wake Up And Do Something Kaden Norris S Life Is Shattered When His Older Brother His Best Friend And Hero Is Killed In Iraq All Kaden Has Left Of Kenny Is A Letter, Urging Him To Break Away From His Sheltered Life And To Go To San Francisco To Visit His Cousin, James Kaden Is Blown Away, As James Introduces Him To A Life Filled With Drugs, Sex, And Apathy He Goes From Extreme High To Extreme Low, Having No Idea What To Expect And When Kaden Uncovers Secrets About His Family That Have Been Kept From Him For Years, His Entire World Comes Crashing Down This May Not Be The Trip His Brother Had Envisioned For Him, But It S One Kaden Will Never Forget This was a pretty good book not my favorite yet not my least favorite either It is about a boy named Kaden who goes to San Fransisco to visit his cousin, who introduces him to a life unlike any other This book is about all of his adventures while in San Fransisco and about what he learns while he s there, although in somewhat strange ways He learns about what it means to really be happy and to do what he wants to do with his life before its too late I recommend this book to teenagers or young adults who are still trying to find themselves and figure out what is going to make them happy This book has a cliffhanger ending, which is probably what I didn t like about this book. The thing that I have found with Jason Myers is this When I finish reading a book of his, I am left with this painful desire to change my life drastically.Myers is a phenomenal writer There is no doubt about that He is right up there with Chuck Palahniuk who plays a part in this book I will predict that his books will make a long lasting impression in the Young Adult genre and will continue on to defining my generation.His writing is very edgy and extremely truthful Unlike many Young Adult books, he does not beat around the bush or sugarcoat anything What he writes feels real and it feels raw This raw, edgy, and uncensored writing makes my favorite authors who they are.Beyond his actual writing, though, the story was amazing Myers, once again, came up with something original and so detailed that I felt as if there was no way it could NOT be real It just had to be The characters were not perfect The story was not predictable Most importantly, however, this book like his others leaves a haunting impression upon you.I do not like summarizing books in reviews, just trust my word and read it.5 5 stars. DNF at page 270 out of 361This book reminds me of The Catcher in the Rye, but somehow even less profound After 270 pages, not much had happened besides Kaden wandering around San Francisco being stupid and reckless and thinking it made him rad I have honestly never heard the word rad used so often and so unironically before reading The Mission.My biggest problem with this book was that I didn t like any of the characters at all More than that, I just didn t care about them James Morgan, who could have been a very complex character, only waltzed into the story occasionally to add a bit of drama before becoming irrelevant again Caralie, the only character I liked even a little, was oversimplified and sexualized.Kaden s characterization was lazy and conflicting rather than complex He s described a being both a timid kid with self esteem issues and as a confident tough guy unafraid to dress like a rapper in rural Iowa All of Meyers descriptions of Kaden are scattered and contradictory He s described as poor enough to wear a coat he found in a parking lot on one page, and fifty pages later as well off He s afraid to kiss his girlfriend but has no issue hooking up with unknown girls.And every single woman in the book is described in terms of her body Even Kaden s mother It was honestly gross, and combined with a disturbing amount of slut shaming, is a huge reason I m not finishing this book.Maybe the end of this book is great and does something to negate the crappiness of the first 300 pages, but I really don t feel like slogging through another 100 pages of drunk, high assholes arguing with each other and acting like that s the best way to live to find out. One of the worst books I have ever read.