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~BOOK ♋ Voyages: From Tongan Villages to American Suburbs ♂ This Book Documents An Instance Of One Of The Most Momentous Social Phenomena Of The Late Twentieth Century The Mass Migration Of The World S Population From Agricultural Ex Colonies And Ex Protectorates To The Industrial World Cathy A Small Provides The Poignant Perspective Of One Extended Family And One Village In The Kingdom Of Tonga, An Independent Island Nation In The South Pacific That Has Lost One Third Of Its Population To Migration Since The Mid S Moving Between Tonga And California, Small Chronicles The Experiences Over A Generation Of The People Who Left The Village Of Olunga A Fictitious Name To Preserve Anonymity And The People Who Stayed She Follows Successive Branches Of One Family, Who Settled In California From The S To The S, Sketching A Striking Picture Of Tongan Culture In The United States She Then Returns To Olunga With Tongan Emigrants And Their US Born Children And Shows What Has Happened To Village Life And To Kin Relationships Thirty Years After Migration Began Throughout The Narrative, Small Examines Her Own Experience As An Anthropologist, Asking How The Migration Of Tongans Has Affected What She Sees And The Way She Writes Meh It s okay for an ethnography It won t keep you up reading into the night. I loved this book I received my degree in anthropology but sadly don t work in the field This book has been my nightly escape into an anthropological world and reminds me why I love the subject so much Amazing book. Cathy Small set out to write about women s groups and roles in Tonga, but in the end wrote about migration Specifically how migration has transformed live and economy in Tonga and also in host nations to immigrants Aside from the exploration of a remittance economy and its side effects, I found Cathy s address of the need for the ethnography to adapt to the current times and situations interesting. girl did not know what she was talking about. I read this for my human migration class I am taking for my anthropology degree, and I must say that I have had to read many ethnographies for my studies and this has been the best one yet I love how in depth Small goes into explaining all of the processes, and how she tells things chronologically within the chapter itself as she goes through the book I loved being able to meet and see the family of Atu and Malia, and witness the families transitions throughout the migration process Seeing the love and joy Small has for this family and this town is beautiful and I hope that I will one day be able to achieve that with my own studies and research.