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This book is of a 3 stars for me I think it s a really good book It s full of suspense and a lot of exiting things going on, we have the characters we know and love from Voyager with Christie Golden doing an amazing job with the writing of them and then we also have the fact that some things in my opinion felt a little bit over the top.To me this book felt a little like Star Trek meets a political action thriller with elements you might expect to have seen in perhaps AliasI loved that TV series, by the wayThere s the Borg threat that started to form in the previous book, and then there s Starfleet Intelligence with a secret spy and then we also have the former crew of Voyager sneaking around trying to save the day when everyone else is just blind to what really needs to be done It was an exiting premise, albeit maybe not the most common one within Trek.But I did like this, though It kept me in my seat trying to figure out what was going on And when I thought I had it, and that I knew who the woman we ve read small glimpses about since the first book was and what her agenda was, I found out I was only partly right in my assumptions I didn t quite see what was really coming, and I m not kidding when I say that the truth shocked me in such a way so that I was literally sitting with my mouth hanging open in utter disbelief. view spoiler And yes, I am talking about finding out that Covington the head of Starfleet Intelligence was not just positive to what the Borg stood for and helping them, but that she in fact was a Borg Queen hide spoiler We just finished bingeing on the ST Voyager series, so I had to read the 2 follow up books chroniclingthe events following their return to Earth They delivered great storylines well within the plot and character parameters of the series I m an old time, staunch fan of Star Trek, and if you are as well you ll enjoy these books. I found this book only marginally better than the first in the series, but still found the story rather unbelievable even for the Star Trek universe I wouldn t recommend it unless you re a die hard Voyager fan which I am , and even then I d give a warning. While Homecoming was an interesting, if rushed beginning to this story, I felt that The Farther Shore squandered a lot of the story s potential There are certainly a number of truly interesting ideas in this book, but none of them are taken in particularly satisfying directions A lot of the actions of both the main characters and the antagonists feel like they don t follow up on the promise that the story initially had.Full review Star Trek Voyager The Farther Shore by Christie Golden is the direct sequel to Homecoming, and together the two books form a duology They are like one longer book that was split in two, however, and neither of them stand alone This review contains spoilers for Homecoming, and probably some for The Farther Shore, too, but I will put those under a spoiler shield thingy unless they are very minor.This book made me pretty angry There were two main elements which led to this First, the prologue and a bunch of out take type scenes in Homecoming featured extensive violent and sexual child abuse over many years of the victim s life I had no idea where those scenes were going in the first book, so I largely filed them away in the will probably be relevant later draw In The Farther Shore their purpose was revealed the child abuse existed to motive the villain being a villain There are so many things wrong with this, I don t even know where to start Let s start with the obvious that most victims of domestic violence don t go on to pursue world domination Also, while domestic violence is endemic in our society, it really seems like the sort of thing the Star Trek future should have largely dealt with and mostly eliminated Certainly, I find it implausible that it continued for her entire childhood without the future having given her mother the tools to get herself and the child out of the situation But importantly, the whole being repeatedly raped as a child making someone a villain and turning into a literal monster is a very damaging trope I was very annoyed to find it a pivotal plot element.The other thing that really annoyed me was a bit of a spoiler, so it is under a spoiler shield view spoiler There was scene where revolting holograms kidnap a bunch of people, choosing mainly based on convenience regarding where they worked Then, to emphasise how much holograms have been treated as slaves a point, I might add, that is explored much better in the actual series , the people are beaten and threatened with rape We see things from the point of view of a male security guard and he surmises that, since the holograms have apparently gone mad and started whipping him, a woman that got carried off by angry holograms might get raped To be fair, we only see things from this one guard s point of view and by the end it seems likely that she probably wasn t raped or possibly wasn t real but it was such an extreme and misplaced way of punishing a few randomly chosen humans for the apparent crime of conforming to society s view on holograms that it pissed me off Rape as punishment is never OK Even less so in this context So that pissed me off hide spoiler You really know how to make someone look forward to the next book, Christie Thank you. I was pretty neutral about the first book and I was hoping that this one would improve Sadly it went in the wrong direction By the time I was done I was pretty disappointed in this entire series Many of the crew hardly get any scenes, instead Libby Webber and a kidnapped starfleet officer get time than they do Again the multiple plot lines result in a lack of cohesion B lanna s storyline is not really resolved and I found myself thinking what was the point of this again and why was it so urgent For the other two major plotlines, the doctor and the borg plague, there were major developments that just fell out of the sky view spoiler I find it hard to believe that the doctor s holographic technology was so quickly duplicated The way that wrapped up was almost laughable After all the duplication using holograms why didn t anyone think to double check that the man died and not his hologram To top that off, a starfleet officer ends up harboring him I don t think so Next the Borg plotline The Borg are like the ultimate enemy How could any human, even a really damaged one think that they are the answer to the world s problems And there are multiple starfleet officers involved in it, thinking that it s not a problem I didn t buy it On top of which, there has never been any indication that Borg debris is dangerous hide spoiler *Free E-pub ⇔ The Farther Shore (Star Trek: Voyager: Homecoming, #2) ↶ When An Unstoppable Borg Plague Breaks Out Upon Earth, Blame Quickly Falls On The Newly Returned Crew Of The Starship VoyageDid Kathryn Janeway And The Others Unknowingly Carry This Insidious Infection Back With Them Many In Starfleet Think So, And Seven Of Nine, In Particular, Falls Under A Cloud Of Suspicion Now, With A Little Help From The Starship Enterprise , Admiral Janeway Must Reunite Her Crew In A Desperate, Last Ditch Attempt To Discover The True Source Of The Contagion And Save Earth Itself From Total Assimilation Into A Voracious New Borg Collective But Time Is Running Out Has Voyager Come Home Only To Witness Humanity S End Such a let down from the first book I really enjoyed Homecoming , though it was far from perfect This one was so disappointing because it lost most of the fun of the first in the series I very rarely enjoy it when the bad guy s POV is given so much page time, and this is no exception This book also went from giving us the POVs of a few non Voyager crew, to far too many, all jumbled together in one messy, lazy attempt at writing The plot was unbelievably predictable so, even, than most franchise continuing Sci Fi books There was not a single thing that happened in this book that I did not see coming almost from the very beginning of chapter 1 I also despise it when an author takes over a well established franchise and characters, and then proceeds to undo or ignore things that she maybe didn t like from the TV show or previous novels I won t do spoilers here, but you get the distinct impression that there were certain aspects of the Series Finale that she was working hard to undermine If you agree to continue the story, you should actually do so in all aspects of all the characters if you run out of time, simply don t mention everything, but do not go out of your way to negate certain events from the well liked TV show. In the end there is just too much competition for space to allow all three story lines the Borg Virus, B Lanna s Challenge and the Holo Rebellion, to develop and resolve themselves satisfactorily like so many Berman era Trek episodes.I m still at a loss to understand why B Lanna s wholly unrelated story line playing Clan of the Cave Bear on Boreth with her Mommy Dearest is even included here let it be know I ve never been able to take TNG era Klingons and their angsty Stone Age cultural ethos the least bit serious. when those pages could have been better served expanding upon the Brenna Covington character and thus avoiding her fate as yet another two bit B movie Trek villain bent on world domination who is readily dispatched in a hasty action oriented climax.The Holo Rebellion presented the interesting story possibilities but is the least developed and most mishandled by Golden.In the author s favor, however, is her ability to realize the Voyager crew in print as they came to be known on television.