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There s all this build up and then, nothing. Sugar, sugar,sugar. ^EBOOK ☔ Within Striking Distance (Harlequin Nascar) ↟ Ever Since She Learned She Was Adopted, Becky Peters Has Dreamed Of Finding Her Birth Parents When A Prominent NASCAR Family Reveals Their Daughter Was Kidnapped At Birth, Becky Dares To Hopeto Believe Could She Be The Lost Grosso Private Investigator Jake McMaster Knows He S In Trouble The Moment Becky Walks Into His Office With Becky Stirring A Lot Than His Protective Instincts, Jake S Determined To Keep His Professional Distanceuntil She Becomes The Target Of Someone Just As Determined To Keep Certain Secrets Buried With Becky S Life On The Line, It S Up To Jake To Keep Her Safe And Give Her What She S Been Searching For A Family And A Place To Belong And A Love That S Within Striking Distance