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!Download Kindle õ Spotlight on Desire (Kimani Romance) ô For Jewel Blaine, The Spotlight And Her Fans Are All The Family She Ll Ever Need She Is The Star Of The Popular Daytime Soapie The Proud And The Passionate, After All After A High Profile Breakup, Jewel Has Come Up With Her Own Call Sheet No Romantic Entanglements With Cast Members, Producers And Especially Directors But When The Stage Lights Dim, Jewel Secretly Yearns For A Sexy Leading Man To Costar In Her Real LifeRugged, Handsome Taye Elliott Is New On Set At PP This Time Behind The Camera Trained As A Stuntman, But Always With An Eye On Directing, Taye Knows This Is His Big Break And He Needs PP S Leading Lady To Trust Him But Jewel Thinks He S Better Off Pretending To Break Legs Than Really Calling The Shots Taye S Never Shied Away From A Challenge And He S Certainly Not Going To Now He S Perfecting The Scene Of A Lifetime To Direct Jewel On Screen And Love Her Off Of It Anita Bunkley has captured me into the spotlight of desire from the first chapter Jewel Blaine is a soap star that meets the replacement director, Taye, who comes from a family history of medical surgeons which he dropped out of the medical field for acting and then directing The title best suits the storyline Amazingly, Taye is the underdog as a movie director and taking on a major project after the previous director dies on the set What startles me about Taye is that after his start as a stunt man that went wrong, he still remained in film now as a director and regardless of his career choice he stuck to his guns even against his father s wishes He keeps pressing and desired to pay his father back, who would not accept his checks Parents want the best for their kids, but we have to choose the path that is best for us Jewel, on the other hand, seems to play a romance soap opera character, she does not know how to act off the set when love is in her face. Anita does it again I really enjoyed reading the main two characters Jewel and Taye Jewel is a black actress in the Proud and Passionate soap opera, and Taye is the new director of the production Jewel is a woman that faces many challenges in her acting career and love life hard to put down her romantic character Caprice on and off the set As Taye, is struggling with his untamed spending luxuriously wife and filed divorce father wanting him to obtain a medical career instead he drops out for stunt devil career that tumbles down and becomes a film director and wants a sincere love with the lovely lady on the set What a passionate and finding true love on and off the set romantic book This was another story where I felt the chemistry and enjoyed the banter between the two main characters Jewel is a soap opera star, and Taye is a former stuntman turned director I did roll my eyes a couple of times, as they were found to just act off the wall sometimes good read.