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{Read E-pub} Ë T Is for Turkey ⚠ Little Ones Will Love Learning About Thanksgiving In Tanya Lee Stone S Newest Shaped Alphabet Book Join In As The Elementary School Puts On A Play That Tells The True Story Of The First Thanksgiving Rhyming Couplets That Flow Through The Alphabet Help Kids Celebrate Everything From Harvest To Pilgrims To Turkey I am always looking for great childrens books that go along with different seasons, holidays, and themes This is just a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving, while teaching about it, and going over the basics of the alphabet This would be fun for kids to make their own abc book of their favorite thanksgiving traditions. I liked the idea of teaching about Thanksgiving through letters of the alphabet And I liked that readers are told from the beginning that, Some myths we ll set straight Unfortunately the illustrations cartoony children dressed in stereotypical Thanksgiving outfits putting on a play didn t support this text. We bought T is for Turkey by Tanya Lee Stone at the end of the year last year I kept it away to read before Thanksgiving this year This book is in alphabet book form as it explains the true thanksgiving story A school puts on a play to tell the story The books helps kids celebrate everything from Harvest to Pilgrims to Turkey This book is so creative with the words on each page Also the illustrations by Gerald Kelley are so colorful and really tell the story of the play We loved the book and my kids learned a lot of Thanksgiving vocabulary words that they didn t know yet This book is perfect to teach the alphabet around Thanksgiving to younger kids But also help with vocabulary words for the older kids My kids really were entertained through this book This will for sure stay on our shelf. A bit frustrated with the inclusion of Mary Hale and Abraham Lincoln Lincoln a book that focuses primarily on the Pilgrims Thanksgiving confusing for kids to keep the people straight when two from a different time period were thrown in the middle of a discussion on the 1600s.