FREE PDF ⚉ The Pipe Organ (Tales from Grace Chapel Inn, #15) ☨

Not the best in the series but another good story about the small town of Acorn Hill and Grace Chapel the local church which needs the Pipe Organ either repaired or replaced and how the town all come together FREE PDF ⚉ The Pipe Organ (Tales from Grace Chapel Inn, #15) ♂ The Church Board Is Up In Arms Over Grace Chapel S Wheezing, Dilapidated, Old Pipe Organ In Order To Replace The Organ With An Electronic One, Louise Organizes A Fund Raiser That Involves The Whole Town, But She Can T Help But Hope And Pray For Some Way To Save The Old Organ By Repairing It However, Repairs Would Be Too Costly Will A Stranger At The Inn And A Friendship From Long Ago Bring Beautiful Music To Louise S Ears good edition to the grace chapel hill series.there were many stories going on in the town and that kept my interest I especially got something from the grief portions of the book, I loved the rabbi, being that the timing was appropriate for my life and how true that it s cycles of grief sometimes revisiting past points really good story YA GCI An enjoyable read, about the community coming together for a good cause, One of the themes in this story was how friendship and love has a way of coming full circle. Another good book in the series this one is not just about the organ but about community, friendship, and supporting one another. Another nice book in this series about three sisters who turn their old Victorian home into a BB after their father s death This book focuses mainly on Louise, the eldest sister She is a classically trained musician who teaches piano at the BB as well as playing the organ at the chapel next door to the house Since the father was the pastor of this chapel and the sisters grew up there, the organ holds a special sentimental place in her heart However, its age is showing in its sub par sound There is not enough money in the church fund to either repair or replace it So, Louise her Aunt Ethyl organize a fundraiser but will it be enough On the BB guest side, there is a couple that have stayed with them before when they have traveled through the area An unexpected connection is revealed that no one could have foreseen The other guest is also a repeat but this time as a widower He is seeking healing from his grief but doesn t know where to turn.Once again, these books describe wonderful characters that one can t help but love They show real struggles but also how walking in God s will is the best way to deal with the struggles. Love this series, but this one was a little old fashioned for me in some areas I did enjoy the historical aspect in regards to the Nutshell and the pipe organ I also loved how spunky this author made the character of Jane, 50 is the new 30 these days But, no matter what, I always enjoy revisiting Grace Chapel Inn.