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5 Stars Also reviewed at Lady Jayne s Reading Den WHO WOULDN T WANT TO BE LUCKY S LADYLe coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne conna t pointThe heart has its reasons that reason knows nothing of French ProverbI first read Lucky s Lady in 1994, during my late teens, and have re read it several times over the years Writing this review has spurred me to re read it, my last re read being about 8 years ago It was such fun revisiting this classic favourite of mine.For me, Lucky s Lady is my favourite Tami Hoag book and is a blend of steamy, sexy contemporary romance and suspense though stronger on the former, as this was her first full length novel after writing Category Romances for many years Tami Hoag s later books focussed and on the suspense elements and eventually went from Romantic Suspense to Crime Thriller I really missed her Romantic Suspense.In Lucky s Lady, psychologist, Serena Sheridan, is looking for her missing grandfather and she needs a guide to navigate the dangerous back country of the Louisiana swamp Enter, the dark and mysterious, smart mouth, ex military, Etienne Lucky Doucet, a tortured, artistic soul who calls the wild and treacherous swamp his home, to be her guide There is some great banter and sexual tension between Serena and Lucky, and here are some samples to whet your appetiteI m hiring you as a guide, she said through clenched teeth, her voice trembling with rage or desire or both Not for stud service Lucky mentally thanked her for breaking the spell He stepped back, cocking one hip and hooking his thumb in the waistband of his pants He gave her a devilish grin Why not, angel I d give you the ride of your life I m amazed, she said at last What He gave her a narrow look That I wouldn t sell you to white slavers A corner of her mouth lifted in a wry smile as she started toward the dock That you have a friend Serena lifted her chin in a defiant notch You have an amazingly high opinion of your own appeal, Mr Doucet Oh, no, ch re, I just call em like I see em Then I suggest you make an appointment with an optometrist at the earliest possible date A good pair of glasses could save untold scores of women the unpleasantness of your company Their gazes locked and warred hers cool, his burning with intensityBut Lucky s Lady is than just a sexy read It is emotional and romantic And there s a scene with Lucky and some baby raccoons that just melted my heart I learnt quite a few Cajun French words reading this, with the handy glossary of words and phrases at the back of this book Just remembering Lucky say mon couer my heart , vien come ahem and je t aime I love you sends shivers down my spine And there s a scene with a mirror that is forever burned in my memories fans self Tami Hoag does a fantastic job of painting, with her words, images of the hot, steamy and wild Louisiana bajou I had images just like the ones below, in my mind s eye, as I read I just love the setting Lucky and Serena traveling in his pirogue through the misty bajou. The wild bajou with its mysteries and lurking danger terrifies Serena. image error Finally a novel where the Louisiana bayou doesn t get in the way and the author doesn t use it as her soap box for environmental reform completely taking away from the real reason you re reading the story the romance The bayou is creepy, eerie, scary and brimming with all sorts of hidden things It s so quiet and haunting blending perfectly with the hero Lucky Doucet Lucky is one of those ex military, a little bit off his rocker alphas He s all lip, whiplash fast retorts and in yer face with the sexual innuendo, but underneath it all Lucky s a man with demons and you might be saying yeah I ve read all that before and maybe you have but this story is really good, fast paced and steamy, steamy, steamy Serena Sheridan returns to Louisiana to find out what happened to her grandfather She stays with her twin sister Shelby and her family at the family estate located near the bayou The first time she meets Lucky he s this brash, Cajun talking wild man who rubs her Miss Prim and Properness the wrong way from the get go Slowly the heat builds between them and though there isn t any emotional connection because Lucky says he doesn t want it the sex is pure carnality You can feel the steam coming off the sheets when those two give in to their attraction Underneath it all though is a fierce protectiveness that he d rather not feel towards Serena but can t help no matter how hard he tries.There s lots of arguing and go stick it flying off the handle scenes but it doesn t feel like they re being bratty Serena slowly lets loose and Lucky starts to let her in She has one TSTL moment la horror movie like the stupid girl who opens the door knowing full well she shouldn t but it doesn t quite turn out like you think it will There are some very creepazoid characters and borderline terrifying scenes all with the bayou as a backdrop which really mimics the action as the story unfolds You can almost feel the movement of the black murky water as Lucky pushpoles his pirogue silently through the swamp encountering some of the bad guys along the way Even though there is this back story it never really takes away from the love story.If you re looking for a hot contemporary that takes place in Cajun country, a smart ass alpha, a love hate story with a dollop of sexy French thrown in for good measure this book oughta wet your whistle First time reading this author but will definitely be checking out books by her Very enjoyable read about an alpha ass What s not to like Will try and do a longer review when the holidays are over. 5 stars Romantic SuspenseA hotter than sin, tortured, ex military alpha Cajun hero a strong, likable heroine eerie, sensual Louisiana bayou setting family intrigue nasty villains a b tchy, evil twin sister explosive sexual tension steamy romance chilling suspense an entertaining 5 star read What I liked about this book The relationship between the sexy as sin, dangerous Cajun bad boy Lucky Doucet who thought he had nothing left to give a woman and the upscale, oh so proper yet wildly passionate Serena Sheridan Loved the love hate thing they had going for a while, loved the passion they couldn t control, I even loved the struggle that Serena went through to get Lucky to open up and share than just his physical self Loved the loves scenes very hot , loved the Cajun love words that Lucky spoke to Serena especially loved the glossary at the end of the book, although I wish it was at the beginning because I only found it by accident Loved the ending as Lucky struggled to try to get over Serena but realized he couldn t, and decided to get busy living the rest of his life.What I wasn t too thrilled with The whole plot about saving Serena s ancestral home from the big bad developers who would end up ruining the ecosystem of the surrounding swampland was just meh for me Also, Serena s grandfather kind of irked me by dumping his problems on Serena and expecting her to handle everything I realize if he didn t do that there d be no reason for Serena to return home and then she wouldn t have met Lucky, but still that old man bugged me Also, I was surprised that Lucky s past involving her sister Shelby was never fully revealed to Serena I was waiting to see how she would react to that but it never happened.But if you re looking for a sexy, passionate romance with plenty of emotional struggles, and you love those Cajun bad boys, then this one s for you 4 1 2 stars. OMG That s all I have to say This book was amazing and took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions I loved Lucky and Serena, and ached for them and rooted for them.Lucky s name isn t really apt since he isn t really lucky and doesn t consider himself to be He was all set to be the first in his family to go to college when one girl used him and he joined the army The scars of that and the army he was sold out by his superior into captivity have not yet healed, so he drinks too much, is obnoxious and hides himself under all that when Serena Sheldon, twin sister of Shelby the girl who used him comes to him, all prim and proper in her city garb asking him to take her to his grandfather in the swamp.Their start isn t good Lucky is rude and uses a lot of sexual innuendo and Serena doesn t like him and his shenanigans in a bar don t help his cause Serena is a psychiatrist in Charleston, and stays far away from the swamp since it terrifies her she got lost in it.Telling what happens in the book isn t really enough Serena is great, she hasn t really known great passion despite being married, she prefers a safe cocoon but the events perpetrated by her sister and brother in law they want to sell the family heritage to a company with bad environmental rep and the manipulations of her grandfather who wants her to take over her birth right put her in the middle and in the path of Lucky.When she has to stay over at his place that is his haven she soon comes to see how wrong she is about him, he is not a poacher and no matter how much he tries to say that he minds his own business, she see how he cares for her grandfather, feeding orphaned raccoons, driving away poachers and even comforting her when she is drowning in her fears And when she sees his private art it ends up in them being intimate and no matter how much she tries to stop herself she falls for the real Lucky, who tells her not to love him.I felt bad for Serena as far as he sister was concerned, that is one evil woman but she still didn t hang on to her anger Lucky does realize he loves Serena but he knows that he is in no mental frame or even deserving of her I loved seeing these two coming together Lucky was one tortured sexy Cajun guy. Rally good, kinda reminded me of a poor man s version of Slow Heat in Heaven, by Sandra Brownwhich I adored beyond reason The setting was similar and some of the plot elements, but still quite different Anyways, this was very steamy, atmospheric and full of sexual tension If you like a bad Cajun boy that drips sin, then this is the book for you I loved how Lucky tried so hard to bank his feelings for Serena and how epically that failed The suspense was pretty obvious and a little disturbing, but predictable all the same The one thing I didn t understand was view spoiler how Lucky kept the details of his relationship with Shelby secret from Serena Especially the pregnancy That seems like an important piece of info to withhold hide spoiler Loved it The writing was exceptional Excellent wordsmithing and I m going to look for books by this author The romance in this romantic suspense was phenomenal Serena Sheridan and Lucky Doucet made this book because the romance between them had me turning the pages read it in one day The entire book was set in Louisiana Lucky lived in the bayou and was a tortured hero His strength and growth, tender moments, and how it all evolved rang my bells Serena s character was kind and decent She left the bayou, became a psychiatrist, but was thrown into a nasty battle for her 200 year old mansion when her twin sister had other plans for the family estate Bad guys were thrown into the mix to heat things up No spoilers, so that s all I ll say about that Another favorite for This Reader Loved it (KINDLE) ô Lucky's Lady ⛅ A Story Of A Psychologist Serena Sheridan, Who Has Come Back To The Small Louisiana Town Where She D Been Raised And Where Her Grandfather Has Suddenly Gone Missing Successful, Ambitious, Beautiful, Serena Always Found The Darker World Of The Bayous Far Less Predictable And Far Treacherous Than The Life She D ChosenAnd For Help, She Must Turn To A Man As Mysterious And Dangerous As The Backcountry Itself Lucky Doucet He S A Man With A Past Littered With Secrets Best Left Concealed The Perfect Guide To Lead Serena Into A World Of Dazzling Seduction, Sudden Violence, And Raw Natural Beauty From The Exotic French Quarter To The Most Remote Bayou, They Would Follow A Trail Of Corruption And Betrayal To A Showdown That Would Require They Trust Not Only Their Own Deepest Instincts For Survival But Each Other 4 1 2 starsMs Hoag grabbed my attention immediately I felt like I was in the steamy and dangerous bayou It is dark and mysterious, and full of secrets.Serena comes home to her family plantation for a usual visit to find her elderly grandfather has taken off to live in the swamp Her twin sister, who temporarily lives there at the house, does not seem to care at all Quickly you learn what a shallow and terrible person her twin Shelby is.Serena, terrified of the swamp, leaves immediately to try to find him and bring him home She ends up hiring a mysterious and sexy Cajun, Lucky, to guide her in his pirogue to grandfather s place in the swamp The sexual tension is so high you could feel it vibrating off of them Lucky holds many secrets and a painful past I knew Serena had no choice but to fall for him They both do not want to want the other, but we know how that goes in romance land it makes for a great book.They stumble into danger in the swamp, which includes an evil twin sister, murder plots, and also a subtle message about preserving the environment.There were just few things that felt unresolved to me that detracted star There was a past between Lucky and her sister, and I didn t seem like that was fully explained Overall, I highly recommend this one.