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READ PDF ê A Hero of Her Own ó From The Night He Heard Her Scream, Quinn Logan Sensed That Something Haunted Jewel Mayfair The Beautiful Psychologist Ran A Ranch For Troubled Kids, But Her Own Life Seemed Marked By Grievous Loss Quinn Had Also Known Sorrow Now He Wanted To Help Jewel Move Onbeginning With A Mutual Attraction That Was Impossible To IgnoreHer Days At Hopechest Ranch Were Filled With The Joy Of Helping Others But Jewel S Nights Were Plagued By Fearand Dreams That Seemed All Too Real Until The Handsome Vet Chased Away The Terror Could She Trust Quinn And The Passion He Offered Or Was She Falling In Love With A Man Out To Destroy Her Sanity And Her Life This book as a stand alone book was a good read however, as part of the Colton series, I find this and book 5 not nearly as great as the first 4 in the series If you were to look at the 6 book arc, the finale leaves a lot to be desired in terms of how connected the books were beyond the recurring characters I was quite disappointed in how it ended and how the villain was eventually revealed. I m going to nit pick, the writing was mediocre at best She relied way to heavily on previous books to tell her story The villains motive was cobbled together out of several past events that had little to do with him Even the author loses whose child he was, they share a father not a mother as she says later The wording was predictable as well as the events The vet was a good character, but the psychologist was an idiot Crawling under the covers and hiding from the storm only works when you are actually out of danger from being struck by lightening Even contrary to evidence she stays in denial, and when you re actually in danger that s being an idiot. I like the Colton series