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Now honestly tell me, what would this August be without a Tharp novel Even if this is not that August I really had a good time with one of his books back in Aug of 2014 With the rain, words, new music, mermaids, Chiara Bautista, and a girl whose name still is Moon Good times Sadly, Aurora wasn t there yet, she wasn t a part of that greenness But the following year, August of 2015, was all about her, even if it wasn t Spume from the Sea Anyway, those who haven t discovered Tim Tharp yet, I strongly urge them to do so, get to know him better, and He is one of the best novelists I know of his books are some of my favorites He makes genius simple and writes about the most real of characters, characters that are just people, his dialogues show sharpness and wit What s not to like I don t usually go for sports type novels, or where the protagonist is a jock, but I read this for this is than just that And, Tharp is funny So funny This is where the reading gets fun and addictive Remember, it is about the simple pleasures in life, and sometimes the pleasure is in the waiting Granted, for the first chapter or two I was bored but that s mostly because of the technical aspect of the game that I couldn t follow properly I am not into football American or any other kind After that, smooth sailing really However, those initial chapters did do a brilliant job of introducing our laid back, mild mannered hero to us, who is definitely a throwback to days where common decency was common and normal, definitely a charm of a bygone days However the overuse of the word Them made me weary after a while, though I guess that s how these characters would talk in those parts of the country, you know But you could tell our hero was a poet It felt like he wasn t that bright and yet he was What I liked was how all the people in this book were fleshed out, refusing to be stereotyped They all had something to say and, baby, it wasn t about football You should listen To This song.Do me a favor when you read this book, and how can you not, do make sure you don t have anything else to do Like be a constant gardener You may want to finish this in one go footnote listening to Baby by Warpaint. (((READ DOWNLOAD))) ⇹ Knights of the Hill Country ☠ In A Small Oklahoma Town, One Star Linebacker Must Decide What Kind Of Man He Wants To Be Both On And Off The FieldWelcome To Kennisaw Where Friday Night High School Football Ranks Right Up There With God And Country, And Sometimes Even Comes In First This Year, The Kennisaw Knights Are Going For Their Fifth Straight Undefeated Season, And If They Succeed, They Ll Be Than The Best High School Team In The Eastern Oklahoma Hill Country They Ll Be Legends But The Knights Legacy Is A Heavy Weight To Carry For Hampton, Linebacker And Star Of The Team On The Field, He S So In Control You D Think He Was Able To Stop Time But His Life Off The Field Is A Different Story His Father Walked Out On Him And His Mom Years Ago, And Now His Mom Has A New Boyfriend Every Week He S Drawn To A Smart, Quirky Girl At School The Type A Star Athlete Just Isn T Supposed To Associate With And Meanwhile, His Best Friend And Teammate Blaine The True Friend Who First Introduced Hampton To Football Back When He Had Nothing Else Is Becoming Uncomfortably Competitive, And He S Demanding Hampton S Loyalty Even As Hampton Thinks He S Going Too Far This Unforgettable Novel Is The Story Of A Boy Whose Choices Will Decide The Kind Of Man He Becomes, And Raises Powerful Questions About Sportsmanship, Loyalty, And The Deceptiveness Of Legends I usually don t like reading books with boys being the main characters because, let s be honest, in almost every book I ve read where the main character is male there s always mention of boobs and sex Quite frankly this annoys me, and I find it totally unnecessary The main character is obviously still a boy but I found that his thoughts on these things were much less frequent and less perverted than in other books that I ve read That s besides the point though I m not really a football person so I found myself a little confused at some of the football stuff But this book is so much than about football Even though Hampton is the star linebacker of his football team he doesn t ever let it get to his head He s a sweet guy who wishes that he knew as much about school or girls as he did about playing football Hampton has a lot brains than everyone gives him credit for, even himself At the end of the book he finally trusts his own thoughts instead of just mindlessly following what he thinks he should do He doesn t have any huge epiphany Throughout the book and his conversations with people you start to see Hampton understand himself and trust in his own judgement He figures that he might be than just the big, dumb, red headed football player that he always thought he was When I first finished the book I knew I liked it Though as the day progressed and I went back and thought about the book I started to realize how much I REALLY liked it Hampton is just such a sweet and real guy He s loyal to his best friend Blaine till the very end, even when he s doing the wrong thing I can t think of a perfectly flawed and great guy than Hampton This book surprised me It wasn t what I was expecting The writing was great and funny Hampton s thoughts sounded so real, it didn t feel like for even a second that he wasn t an actual person I can t think of any way to describe this book other than spiritual Not in a preaching God way You ll have to read the book to really understand what I mean Great story Very good book It really needs another book about Hamp in college. I think this is a really good book It seems honest and real All the characters are developed well and Hampton main character seems so genuine Of course, with having a real male character I found out things that I didn t really want to know Like how horny teenage guys might look at girls but it wasn t too bad, it was mostly just annoying Hampton has problems and a lot of them Family problems his mom ignores him , girl problems he likes a girl who is not the football player s girlfriend type , friendship problems his friend wants to do one stupid thing after another , and school problems he doesn t feel all that smart The one thing Hampton knows he is good at is football but he is not conceited because of it With all these problems you d think that Hampton would feel sorry for himself but he doesn t.I couldn t seem to hate any of the characters, not even Blain Hampton s best friend He is the kind of guy in high school who you would just love to hate because it s so easy He is cocky, egotistical, a jerk, etc But I can t hate him because he just seems to be falling apart While Blaine is falling apart Hampton is discovering who he is and what his worth really is I d really like to have a friend like Hampton. Personal Response The book Knights of the Hill Country is a really interesting book This is the first book I have read from Tim Tharp and I really enjoy it I plan to read books that Tim Tharp write because of how exciting this book is.Plot summary The book starts out with Hampton and how he is really good at football but doesn t have a good family life Hampton is eventually taken in by his best friend s family so he can have a better future The Kennisaw Knights football team is trying for their fifth undefeated season to tie the school record The beginning of the season is going well even though Blaine is hiding a leg injury Hampton really likes this girl Sara After Blaine found out he likes her, he gets mad because he thinks a Kennisaw Knight should only date popular girls and makes him go on a date with Misty Misty is one of the most popular girls in school They are undefeated all the way until the last game where they lost against Okalah 6 0 Blaine and an Okalah player have been hitting and spitting at each other the whole game until eventually, Blaine gets kicked out The next day Hampton and Blaine went to meet up with the Okalah player to apologize Hampton notices that Blaine brought a gun and he unloads it just in case he is going to use it When Blaine gets into a fight with the Okalah players, he tries shooting the gun There are no bullets in it, so then he tries swinging the gun like a baseball bat Hampton grabs it and throws it in the long grass Blaine and Hampton start fighting now but Hampton stops him and tells him it s not worth it Hampton tells Covey to take Misty and go home before he gets involved The book ends with Hampton and Sara hanging out by the water talking about their plans for the future.Characterization Hampton is really good at football Outside of playing football, he s awkward He doesn t have a very good family life Hampton might be going to the University of Oklahoma to play as a linebacker.Blaine is a kid who also loves football but always wants to argue when something doesn t go his way Blaine is best friends with Hampton and always will be He is very popular outside of football, unlike Hampton Blaine is a smart kid, but he thinks he is going to be made fun of if he acts smart.Setting The book took place in Kennisaw, Oklahoma where the team is trying to break the record of undefeated seasons There are references to Oklahoma with their love of football in the southern cities This book took place in the present time The time period is significant because all these problems that happen in this book can happen to today s teens too.Theme The theme of this book is choosing to become the kind of person they want to become They have the option of whether to let other people make choices for themselves Hampton is letting Blaine pick the girl he should date even though Hampton really likes this other girl He gets sucked into Blaine s mind about how unpopular he will be if he doesn t go for the popular girl.Recommendations I would recommend this book to freshman and up because some of these parts are difficult to understand I also recommend this to boys and girls because they both can relate to the story at different perspectives People who love sports would also really enjoy this book. Hampton an all star linebacker for his high school football team is looking to seek another undefeated season Hampton is so in control of the team everyone looks up to him But what Hampton has do to when his dad walked out on his mom is unbelievable. PERSONAL RESPONSE I thought this was a great book It is mainly about a star linebacker from a legendary high school team They are trying to set the record for five undefeated seasons Along with the best linebacker in the area, Hampton, and a very good running back, Blaine, they had many other athletes I feel like this book relates to me, because I am very passionate about football and winning and so is this team PLOT This story takes place just a few years ago in Kennisaw, Oklahoma The main character is Hampton along with his best friend Blaine They are going on their fifth undefeated season If they do it this year they will tie to have the most undefeated seasons in a row The team is very passionate about this, and they will do anything to win They do a great job all season, and they win every game until the last game They lose 6 0 in that game After that, Blaine goes a little crazy and wants to hurt Corey from the other team, because he is so upset about not getting any scholarships for football He tries to shoot Corey, but there was no shell in the gun Hampton stops Blaine from beating up Corey with his gun and Corey leaves CHARACTERIZATION Hampton is a star linebacker Oklahoma University might be offering him a scholarship for football and, they are one of the best schools for football He is very soft hearted and doesn t talk very much Blaine is Hampton s best friend Even though they are best friends, they don t have much in common besides loving football He is mean, cocky and is a leader He is a good talker and always wins arguments SETTING This book takes place a few years ago in Kennisaw, Oklahoma It is important to the story, because they are trying to beat the old record of undefeated seasons at their school Also, Hampton and Blaine are trying to get into the local Division one college, Oklahoma University RECOMMENDATION I would recommend this book to high school boys because that is the time of life it takes place in It is about a group of guys who play football Girls are also in the book, but aren t important to the plot. Personal Response I read the book Knights of the Hill Country by Tim Tharp I thought this book was very good, because I could relate my personal decisions to the main character s action I also felt like I was in his footsteps I would rate this book four out of five stars, because it left some questions unanswered Plot In the book Knights of the Hill Country, Hampton and Blaine were best friends that played football together The Kennisaw knights were going on their fifth undefeated season The team went to tie the most undefeated seasons in a row but lost the last game Blaine would always boss Hampton around, and Blaine always had to approve of his decisions Blaine got kicked out of the game, because he started to hit another player from the other team That night Blaine was very mad He went to the other town to find the kid he had the fight with during the game Blaine found him and confronted him about what happened during the football game When Blaine confronted him, Blaine took his gun and was going to shoot the other person Hampton took the shell out of the gun without Blaine noticing beforehand Blaine tried to shoot the person Characterization Hampton Green was the main character who was an excellent defense of linebacker He made big stops in the football games to help them win Hampton liked this girl named Sara She was a girl who wore baggy clothes and had messy hair Another character was Blaine s dad Blaine s dad treated Hampton like he was his own son, because Hampton s dad left him and his mom Hampton and Blaine tried to get into a division one school Setting The book took place in high school in a small town called Kennisaw, Oklahoma The book took place in 1990 to present time because of the style of cloth that they wore The setting was important, because they tried to beat their school record to going undefeated Recommendation I recommend this book to high school guys They might find this book interesting, because sports are incorporated in the book High school girls might like this book because of the guys in the book. Personal Response Knights of the Hill Country was a very good book It ushered me to believe that I knew what was going to happen next, but then it completely flipped it on me For example, Blaine Keller seemed to be this superstar athlete before his knee injury After the injury, he went from being a superstar athlete to being just a good one because of his knee kept giving out on him Hampton Green was an all around great player he was able to give his offense chances they normally wouldn t have if they just had good players.Plot Summary In the beginning of the book, I was introduced to Kennesaw, Oklahoma The town was the home of T Roy an NFL player for the Dallas Cowboys The Kennesaw Knights were on a winning streak of five seasons and every game the streak became longer There were a few players played for Kennesaw they were, Hampton Green and Blaine Keller, those two guys were than likely the best players on their team Football players in Kennesaw were treated like royalty They were able to walk around town like they were the top team in the nation They could start fights and not accumulate any trouble whatsoever The reader will find out how Hampton was an outstanding football player, but with the ladies or in the classroom he wasn t too great Blaine and his friends try to get Hampton a girlfriend, but Hampton had different ideas Hampton likes this girl named Sara Reynolds, she wasn t your average cheerleader type girl She liked to read, school, and her hair was crazy Blaine has other plans for Hampton he says, you need a great looking girlfriend, because that s what football players do The girl Blaine was talking about was Misty Koonce She was a senior from Kennesaw and she was a looker they said Blaine thought it was a great idea that they would go on a double date with him and Rachel, Blaine s girlfriend There was a problem there Hampton was with Sara studying and she asked him to go to the Wild West Days, which was like a fair That night was the same night Blaine picked for the double date Hampton didn t want to go, but Blaine forced him to say, no to Sara which was hard for him to do When they left for the date, Hampton was contemplating just not even going with just to go the Wild West Days instead to hang out with Sara, yet again Blaine talked him out of it The four arrived at a park and right away Blaine and Rachel disappeared, Hampton and Misty were sitting on swings and were talking about trophies and how she has never got one Misty thought of a bright idea of breaking into the school and stealing one of the trophies that were in the case Hampton didn t say, no They went to the school and Hampton took a smaller teamwork trophy When Hampton got back she looked at the trophy and threw the trophy down and said, a little one All four left the park and went to the Wild West Days Hampton started to get excited because this was where Sara would be with her parents The four walked up on a grassy knoll, sat down, and began looking around watching people and the events Hampton looked for Sara and didn t find her at all He began to look for Misty, but she s gone too Hampton ended up finding a wheelchair while looking for Misty A little ways up a hill, he saw Sara s parents and a spot open for Sara Hampton found Sara and offered to buy her a soda or something she politely declined Blaine walked up and told Hampton about the guys Misty was talking too They were the guys from Oklah, which was Kennesaw s rival Blaine really didn t like them, because they were the team that messed up his knee Blaine wandered over to the four guys from Oklah and started a fight right in the middle of the Wild West Days Hampton did not want to get into the fight, but he ended up being drug into it when Blaine yelled, I need some help here The six of them fought Blaine and Hampton were on the ground when a cop and one of the coach s pulled them apart After the fight, Hampton didn t even try and go talk to Sara He just left with Blaine and Rachel A couple days passed, and Hampton started talking to Sara again A little while after they started talking again, Hampton offered to take her for a hike up in a region by Kennesaw It was Friday night and the Knights were playing a team that wasn t very good The Knights had an idea that they wouldn t lose, because they were playing such a small school They were doing so well that the coach took out Hampton while Blaine stayed in to try to get rushing yards The Knights won the game by a landslide Then their focus turned to Oklah, Kennesaw knew it was a game they had to win Blaine knew the game was going to be super dirty from last year Who knows what kind of bullcrap they re going to pull this year, Blaine said to Hampton Hampton knew what Blaine thought the whole time Blaine was very upset about what Oklah did to his knee and he wanted to take his frustration out on them When Hampton got home he expected to see the norm, but this time was different Instead of his mother being drunk and obnoxious she was calm and sober There was a huge pile of chicken wings lying on the coffee table as well as some chocolate milk Hampton walked in and he was astounded, he hadn t seen his mother like this in years He had no idea what was wrong with his mom, he didn t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing that he wasn t in his room Tommy Don was sitting across from Hampton s mother, he was a well postured man, he played for Kennesaw back when T Roy played He was kicked off the team, and never looked back Hampton was introduced to Tommy Don by his mother, they ate wings and Hampton was happy with his night The next day Hampton talked to Blaine about what happened the night before and Blaine went crazy on Hampton for thinking Tommy Don was a good guy Blaine told him, Tommy Don was a traitor to the Knights and that he shouldn t be trusted Hampton believes Blaine, but it takes Hampton a while to confront Tommy Don Once Hampton confronted Tommy Don he learned that everything he thought T.Roy did, a black running back did instead The game vs Oklah was fast approaching and you could see it in the guys Its game night there were some nerves in the locker room Hampton worked his butt off on defense and Blaine tried to do his part on offense, but players from Oklah were getting into his head It s the fourth quarter, the Knights were down by a touchdown They were on the seven yard line the quarterback hands it off to Blaine he ran as fast as he could but got tackled at the one yard line, it was a six yard gain, but as Blaine gets up Covey Wallace spits right in his face Blaine punches Wallace right in the face as hard as he could After the punch, the game was over and the Knights had lost Hampton looked up into the stands and saw his mother, Tommy Don, and Sara all cheering for him and they walked onto the field after the game Blaine was all in a huff about everything that went on during the game Blaine took Hampton to Oklah to settle the score Blaine was drinking on the way up to Oklah, that s when he got the bright idea to bring a shotgun When they arrived Blaine grabbed the gun and tried to shoot Covey, but little did he know Hampton took out the shell before they got out They walked up to Covey and started talking about the game and what Blaine wanted to happen What Blaine wanted something called fifth and goal, he gets one shot at the winning score Covey didn t like this plan and he constantly refuses and that s why Blaine brought out a gun to make him do it Blaine started on his little plan, but he didn t realize he would have a traitor in his midst When Blaine pulled the trigger nothing happened Blaine tried to hit Covey over the head with the empty gun Covey backed up and Blaine missed Hampton grabbed the gun, threw it into the lake, and then grabbed Blaine to throw him down Hampton yelled for Covey to leave while he was being called a traitor by Blaine Hampton talked some sense into Blaine and they left without anyone getting shot The next day Hampton and Sara hiked before they both go off to college Characterization Blaine Keller was one of the main characters along with Hampton Green They were best friends since they were about four years old Hampton moved to Kennesaw, he met Blaine, Hampton and Blaine played football together ever since Blaine s Dad taught Hampton how to play football Blaine s junior year he was crushing records for running for the Knights at tailback Towards the end of the season, the Knights were playing the Oklah Outlaws, and one of the players made a dirty tackle that took out Blaine s knee Hampton was playing defense for the Knights when that happened, Hampton could tell Blaine wasn t the same runner They both always thought they would go to OU Oklahoma University together, the idea came to a screeching halt when Blaine was tackled that day Impacts of setting The setting of Knights of Hill Country was very important, because it was based in a larger school This was important because there are one way players like Hampton or Blaine, if it was a smaller school then you would see Blaine would play some defense or Hampton playing offense Knights of Hill Country takes place in a modern time, because Kennesaw has kids using phones and driving around expensive cars Kennesaw has a lot of memories in football from the five years winning streak to a player making it to the NFL Kennesaw was a larger town in Oklahoma, there are hills around the town where teens party and what not There were actually rich and poor sides in Kennesaw, which means Hampton was from the poorer side of Kennesaw and Blaine was from the rich side of the city.Recommendation I would recommend this book to 14 year old boys and girls, because it does have some strong language Also it was based in the high school setting the older kids would be able to connect to the book Knights of Hill Country just gives the reader a perspective of football rarely seen it s the life of a good team, normally it is a bad program turned around in the true underdog story In this book, the reader sees how much little mistakes can hurt a good team.