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~Download Kindle ♾ Little Imposter ♶ Shaun S Laughter Rang Out Just As Cara Reached The Door She Couldn T Help Overhearing What He Said To His Aunt You Re Not Implying That I M Attracted To Cara Hirst, He Said, Astonishment In His Voice My Dear Aunt, A Man Would Have To Be Desperate To Feel The Faintest Stirrings Of Desire For That Overgrown Schoolgirl Cara Felt Humiliated Despite All That Had Taken Place Between Them, This Was What Shaun Really Thought Of Her Never, She Vowed Would She Let Him Know Her Feelings For Him ZzzzzzThe romance fell flat, the h was as interesting as cottage cheese and the H was nondescript. Well, this one settles it Lilian Peake is on my NEVER AGAIN, NEVER NEVER AGAIN and NEVER UNTO INFINITY list In this, the second book that I have read from her, the hero continues to represent all the qualities of the quintessential jerk in a outstanding manner Why would any woman fall for this guy Is he THAT good looking Is he THAT rich Is sexual chemistry enough to overlook all the flaws that this guy has The heroine reminded me of a mesmerized sheep, the way she fell for the hero despite all his insults and domineering Well at least, there is one good thing about this I know better than to read this author s books again Life s too short, dang it. Heroine is poor and desperate to marry her boyfriend She finds a good job as a companion for an old lady She pretends she is single in order to get the job but when she meets the nephew of the old lady, a famous author, she falls hard for him and fears for his reaction when he finds out her deceit I loved the chemistry between Cara and Shaun I felt bad for her and I felt bad for Shaun cause it was obvious he was smitten with Cara and tortured by her scheming and lying Ending was cute as well