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Clever explanations and vibrant art make this one a good choice to explain concepts such as distance and height. Great way to introduce kids to comparative adjectives I really enjoyed the large fold out pages. #READ KINDLE ½ Big, Bigger, Biggest ⚟ SAMi S Newest Book Introduces Young Readers To Adjectives Like Big, Bigger, And Biggest Far, Farther, And Farthest High, Higher, And Highest Simple Illustrations And Minimal Text Are Well Suited To Children Starting To Use Adjectives To Compare Size, Distance, Length, And Quantity The Brightly Colored Fold Out Illustrations Make Each Concept Easy To Understand By Unfolding The Page, You Can See A Tall Building Get Even Taller, And Then Become The Tallest One In The Whole City My almost four year old LOVES this book We got it from the library a few days ago and she s already seeming to increase her knowledge of the use of er and est at the end of words She loves to talk to the biggest giant at the end The illustrations are wonderful. Simple bold and colorful pictures will help children learn suffixes of er and est Great for early literacy skills and prediction. Very cool illustrations and fold out flaps to illustrated tall, taller, tallest deep, deeper, deepest etc Fun Fold out flaps clearly show the difference between comparison words. Beautiful, bright colored illustrations that will draw in young children with fun flaps to open and close. TitleThe Big, Bigger, Biggest Book Author SAMiGenre Predictable bookTheme s Cooperation Opening line sentence Far, Farther, Farthest Brief Book Summary This book is teaching children about the suffix, er and est on adjectives and adverbs they are familiar with This book has an interactive layout with a double page spread Also allowing the readers to open pages inside pages, like a trifold panel Professional Recommendation Review 1 SAMi, The Big, Bigger, Biggest Book 24 pp Blue Apple 2008 ISBN 978 1 934706 39 8 3 PS Far farther farthest Fast faster fastest Each of nine adjective comparative superlative trios is the subject of a double page spread featuring a jumbo flap, a tri folded panel revealing one word at a time, that illustrates the units being compared Toddlers may be too delighted with the interactivity and cheerful, animal replete art to realize that they re learning an important language concept The Horn Book Guide Online Professional Recommendation Review 2 Publishers WeeklyUsing the most minimal text, this novelty book engagingly explores adjectives and adverbs in their absolute, comparative and superlative forms Each spread incorporates a gatefold flap at first, readers see only a single word, e.g., deep, which accompanies a scuba diver in an underwater setting This particular flap unfolds from the bottom of the page, once to show the diver swimming deeper and again to show him deepest A skyscraper grows tall, taller, tallest at the top of a page, a cat pursues a mouse heading fast for an initially concealed mousehole, etc The concept is inventive and SAMi s familiar bold colors and clever gatefolds will attract the eyes of very young readers, especially the spectacular last page, in which the biggest giant is four times the size of the book However, this is not a board book, and the toddlers who will appreciate it the most are also likely to maul it Ages 2 5 Dec Publishers weekly Response to Two Professional Reviews Both of the reviews agreed this book would be enjoyed by toddlers because of the trifold pages and the bold colors displayed They both used examples from the story to reiterate the repetition of the suffixes The two reviews make it clear how they thought the trifold on the page make the book even better for toddler aged children Evaluation of Literary Elements The tone of this story was perfect for children, it was fun and enthusiastic There were different settings in this book the illustrator would use different drawing to portray a different adjective or adverb This book was predictable because the author used the same suffixes throughout the book Consideration of Instructional Application I would use this in a toddler pre k classroom when incorporating suffixes This is also a great book for children to work on their fine motor skill and also book skills After this as a class we could put suffixes on different words. this is a great book to use when teaching your child about superlatives.the illustrations are adorable and child and adult friendly.we learned about distance, length, and size and when to usecertain words The pages were fun because they showed the various distance, length and size of the word.check it out