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Well on his way toward a doctorate at the University of Chicago in 1951, the author was invited to teach at a university in China and thus began a grueling 20 year life in a government controlled He and his wife describe his life as a rightest and then in a cow shed , as a nation wide effort was made toward discarding all the old ways and accepting the new life that had been created Recounted in great detail were the restrictions placed on everyone, the necessity to tell all about former capitalist thoughts or associations, life as a professor at a university where accusations were made that forced him and his family to live in the countryside like a peasant Reading of all the privations, I was surprised that he didn t manage somehow to leave the country He waited long years til he was finally exhonerated A sad, sad story. If you want to knowabout china and the hard knocks of communism, then read this book. If you have never read anything about the cultural revolution in China, this would be a good choice It s amazing that someone could endure the torture and imprisonment these people experienced In the end, their attitude perspectie on it is quite inspiring Because I have read other similar stories, I found it a little long and drawn out. It was an interesting historical biography about Communist China which is a topic I didn t know much about, so that part was fascintaing However, the author didn t pull me in at the beginning, so it took about 75 pages to get into it and his writing style wasn t that great The content was good though and I m glad I read it. REad this book in class My professor lived with this family for many years We had a conference call with Mr Wu He is an amazing man *READ KINDLE ✐ A Single Tear: A Family's Persecution, Love, and Endurance in Communist China ↛ In , Ningkun Wu Returned To China From The University Of Chicago To Teach English At The Behest Of The New Communist Government Two Years Later, He Wa S Arrested As An Ultra Rightest This Illuminating Narrative Tells Wu S Story Over The NextYears The Harrowing Tale Of A Class Enemy And A Remarkable Testament To A Family S Love And Perseverance